The Vulture’s Song

By toiling
What is
When mountains
Are moved?
Crushed hopes
Debris filled
Tunnels and
Dream dust?
Waves rolling
Of despair?
Was this
Always here?
What songs
Do vultures
Bear … 04.26.2015

Argue With The Sun

West ⓒBearspawprint2015  03.31.2015

West ⓒBearspawprint2015

Harmonic quaking
Dance embraces
Tension twisting
Each impulse
Against another
Opposing strength
Tears illusion
Smooth muscles
Guiding mirror
Inverted reasoning
Backwards to
Make forward
Oscillating breath
Choked with
Coiled honey
Aspirating vernal
Droning wheeze
Pulse waves
Seven point
Eight three
Aura calling
Waves ululating
Synapse arced
Banging shut
Percussive hot
Plasma exciting
Voiced screams
Four hundred forty
Hertz bursts betrayal
Resonate frequency
Weeping is too small
Sub-acute vibrato
Intensely within
What music can
Argue with
The sun
Bear …04.02.2015



Humans can not bring about this RENDEZVOUS. No one knows the hour nor the appointed time … Les êtres humains ne peuvent pas apporter ce rendez-vous … البشر لا يمكن أن تجعل هذا التعيين

But about that day and about that hour no one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, but The Father alone

Mathew 24:36
Aramaic Bible in Plain English


Les êtres humains ne peuvent pas apporter ce rendez-vous.

البشر لا يمكن أن تجعل هذا التعيين

Humans can not bring about this RENDEZVOUS.
No one knows the hour nor the appointed time …
Not with mayhem
Not with gore
Not with war
You can not make this happen.
Not with wishes
Not with prayer
Not with abnegation, no.
There is nothing we can do
Live our lives as best we can,
Manifest goodness by example.
Be kind.
And have some descent fun.
And treat our Earth
And homes, and the homes of others,
With care and respect.
These places are not ours.
They all belong to the future.
Everything is only ours to care for.
What will our works look like,
In the eyes of our grandchildren?
Oh yes. they will judge us.
What will they find?
Piles of garbage in odd places?
Trees grown around metal,
Bullets, nails and wire?
Sea creatures full of plastic
And glow in the dark cats?
Porpoises with multi heads,
Caged foxes with spotted fur?
Hormone rivers and
Dead horses?
Mutated wolves and
Four legged birds?
Corpses of babies
With their heads elsewhere?
Are there buttocks in your soup?
Is there evidence of barbarism
We thought we’d long outgrown?
If we rendevous with
Great grandchildren,
How to explain the permanent
The End Of The World ?
This ongoing mess making chaos?
What excuses are there
For sadistic,
Mindless, bad behavior,
With eternal consequences?
Ugly cruelty, with
Blood and guts all
Over Mama’s bombed
Out kitchen floor,
Is NOT going
To call any Messiahs.
Not one, not two, NONE, ZERO !!
You cannot
Command God.


You are calling for your own death.
A terrible death that is NOT martyrdom
It’s a waste. Murder is sin.
No matter what.
Provoking war is sin.
Not a plea for the Messiah.
You devil’s minions,
It is Human Beings who will
Descend on you.
It is the wailing ghosts
Of headless babies
Who will haunt your dreams,
And steal you sleep.
It is the ghosts of
Bloodless Mothers who
Will follow you through
Eternity until you
Change your being
And make good
Your soul debt.
There will be a Messiah
Sooner or later,
Or there will not.
It is NOT up to you,
Or me.
You can plead and cry and
Chop and kill and wail and die.
No difference as to when.
Only difference
Is Hell, now.
And you die
Your death
As worthles.
Turning yourself into a devil,
Gains nothing.
All gone is the good,
The wonderful,
The fun and beautiful.
So. You jigging Jinn,
Turn away,
You dancing Devils,
Just STOP.

Bear …09.15.2014

dissonance the harmony of survival


always must 
there be a constant 
onslaught the other
from every side
everywhere inside
memory to  be
perimeter of
when one aspect
is repelled
another is taking
another front
or the same 
seeking blended
melded wrong
front and all
once only
regrouped same
more or different
constant everywhere
all the time
fighting passive
active overt
defense aggressive
disease disorder
dissonance the
harmony of survival
 fatigue overwhelming
until succumbing
surrender and die
in the end becoming
no other as one
Bear . . . 06.29.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


Moderate M 5 Earthquake Yellowstone

Magnitude 5 earthquake, Yellowstone Region, Wyoming

UTC Date / Time
Mar 30 12:34 PM
10 kmGEO: Longitude
-110.480GEO: Latitude


Post your experience and review further reports at


2.5 19km WSW of Three Forks, Montana 2014-03-28 01:45:19 UTC-03:00 8.3 km

3.1 14km NNW of Challis, Idaho2014-03-30 08:27:36 UTC-03:005.0 km

Rainy Day Walk

 A nice day for a walk
With much to see all around
I was quite happy for the rain
To keep the skeets down
Bear … 03.29.2014

ⓒ Bearspawprint

Water mist in air
Nice walking day for a Bear
Alert and aware
Bear … 03.29.2014

ⓒ Bearspawprint


skeets = mosquitoes.