Dark Dance

Straddling fault lines,
We dance above the abyss.
There is no safety.
Bear 30January2020

Children’s Legacy

Shall we all
One day be
Chernobyl Wolves
Running wild
In a verdant
Wasteland of
Mutated glory
Agawela … 5January2020

Wailing Sand

I hear Wind
She gives
Voice to sand
Wailing mantra
Sparking current
Friction sowing
All ancestors
Weeping in
Blowing sand
Singing wild
Calls Huracan
Spiral song
New joy
Wind sings
Her prayer
An ecstasy
With gratitude
The pure
Self Offering
Washes tears
Prayer restored




Dear Ones,

I am told that some Indigenous medicine people think we, as a whole, are not in Tribulation. We are in a period of Transition.

I have found that change itself is not painful, it is the resistance to change that causes conflict. Especially if those others do not understand what is necessary and are fighting conscious evolution.

Doing without a bad habit is not what is painful, it is the clinging, even addiction, to the bad habit that hurts. Individuals, groups, even masses can be addicted to bad ideas and behaviors. Aggression is a bad behavior habit. The larger the portion of humanity who cling to the nasty old habits, the more difficult achieving global peace can, and will be.

However, there are many, including Elders who have suffered greatly in this life and have gazed into the Face of Evil, offer the hope that the basic goodness of humans will tip humanity towards an altruistic future.

It is the thought of myself, Agawela, that prophecies are merely warnings, not laws, about what most probably will come to be IF change is not expediently begun, enacted, and carried out.

Prophesies do not always reveal what change is required. That is part of the difficulty of clinging to old bad habits. All addictions, including wrong thinking, conceal TRUTH and the WAY TO PEACE.

If those whose desires are stronger towards their addiction for WAR dominate, then I, Agawela, say Tribulation and Apocalypse are the same.

Human disasters, that we make ourselves, can be averted, if the causes are dealt with in a timely manner. Those causes are not hidden.

I humbly thank those who are doing, and have done, what they can to preserve, protect, and generate goodness in this world.

I thank, also, those of you who hold the heroes of this world in your hearts.
It is your love, true and from the heart that creates balance against the ugliness. Without your love there would be no hope at all.

Thank you. I thank you all.
08.30.2017 ⓒBearspawprint2017

Gift For The Grandchildren

Straight edge
Coastal marshes
Steaming soup
Cooking garbage
Composted history
Gyres going nowhere
Dead currents stop
Lacking courage
Oceans becoming
Spinning magnets
Heavy darkness
Water mountains
Wash over
Alkali flats
World pirouette
Wobbles turning
Around and back
Wishfully sleeping
Methane dreams
Before the sky
And the burning
Sun still rose
Bear … 03.28.2015

Cement Winds

Moment follows
Moment among
Standing winds
Whirling ever
Tighter going
Right nor left
Vortex anchored
Self restrained
In rows
Homes roiling
Ordered chaos
Screams percussion
Funneled pain
Whirling in place
Pressure dropping
Sucking voided
Lives empty
Turning turning
No power
No substance
No guidance
No maps no signs
No streets no trails
No up nor down
Spinning within
Walls and laws
Nothing wild
All spirits
Free no reason
No work no death
No choice no love
No will no courage
Howling fear
Dust devils
Uselessly spinning
In place
Bear … 03.28.2015

BALANCE — Music Themes

The Music Theme for this week is BALANCE.
Magical Maddie has chosen DEATH AND REBIRTH for the next theme.

How to watch total solar eclipse on Friday
Astronomers to shed light on space discoveries to mark solar eclipse
A BALANCED life flows from the heart.
SHE CARRIES THE SKY —  Matriarch  Iroquois  Women’s Songs — Joanne Shenandoah — Rachel Wood — Kalunyaha wi
4min. 58sec.

The Vernal Equinox is that moment Balanced between sleeping and waking, between winter and spring, between chaos and creation.
Gaia — Faun
6min. 34sec.
Is a life lived BALANCED on the precipice only an illusion of achievement and security?
PRECIPICE — Battlestar Galactica Season 3 – OST —  Bear McCreary – Battlestar Galactica Orchestra
4min. 55sec.
Galactica Turk
13min.  36sec.
Leandro Da Silva
According to Hopi Dictionary: Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni, the Hopi word koyaanisqatsi (Hopi pronunciation: [kojɑːnisˈkɑtsi])[22] is defined as “life of moral corruption and turmoil” or “life out of BALANCE”. The prefix koyaanis– means “corrupted” or “chaotic”, and the word qatsi means “life” or “existence”, literally translating koyaanisqatsi as “chaotic life”.
Three Teachings:
“If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster.”
“Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky.”
“A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans.”
Hopi Mythology  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopi_mythology
THE BOOK OF THE HOPI  by Frank WatersOswald White Bear Frederick (Illustrator), Frederica H. Howell (Foreword)
Can BALANCE ever be restored to indigenous populations and lands over run by others?  Should religions, ideologies, dominance, slavery be imposed on others?
ESCAPE TO INDIA — Kundun — Philip Glass
3min. 02 sec.
theshrivasta さんのチャンネル
Is there a BALANCE between opposing estates in our shared universe? Would there be BALANCE in a universe composed only of light, or would that be balanced by a universe of darkness?  Can such a BALANCE exist beyond our human perceptions?
File:Yin and Yang.svg
According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass–energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy.
Dark Energy, Dark Matter – NASA Science – Science@NASA
Dark matter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DARK MATTER  OST — Andries de Haan
3min. 48sec.
    Andries de Haan
Mimas and Pandora   NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Mimas and Pandora NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Did darkness exist alone before there was light?  Has there always been a  BALANCED chaos of waiting?
DAY ONE DARK –Interstellar OST– Hans Zimmer
6min. 57sec.

Must we purposefully seek light? Or is it possible for humans to find,  within our human hearts, a BALANCE of darkness and light?
CHASE THE LIGHT – Amaria — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 24sec.
Two Steps From Hell
MAGICAL MADDIE:  ♪Balance – Music theme
WONDERFUL WILLOW:  music-theme-balance -willowdot


 The Music Theme for this week:  JEALOUSY AND COVETOUSNESS.
Magical Maddie has picked THEN AND NOW, MUSICAL COVERS for the next Music Theme.
JEALOUSY AND COVETOUSNESS do not have to do with fairness, who deserves what, legalities, social judgements, or any external thing.  JEALOUSY AND COVETOUSNESS are matters of the spirit.   Covetousness is a symptom of weakness and insecurity.  JEALOUSY AND COVETOUSNESS, together,   are a vulnerability that can be exploited by the powers of evil.  JEALOUSY AND COVETOUSNESS destroy the soul, confuse thinking, corrupt intent and allow the creation of havoc and chaos both within and without.  Jealousy, alone, powered by a weak spirit and insecurity, can also become an exploited vulnerability.  Jealousy must be tempered with generosity and responsibility for consequences.  Those who COVET what is not their own, should be aware that their own COVETOUSNESS is often what gives what they do not have its value.  If that which is desired is somehow obtained, it is often found, even power and relationships, to have had value only in imagination. What the COVETOUS desire is the feeling of acquisition.  In order to maintain the value, in their own eyes, what has been acquired must be jealously guarded so that the value is enhanced by yet more covetousness of others. A vicious cycle. How can this be avoided?
4min. 24sec.

Some deceive themselves by saying that covetousness is merely loneliness or appreciation of some interesting quality, or it is a  need, or that it is only a desire to share with others, when perceived by themselves to not have enough of the necessary goods or status or power or adulation or real estate, or feelings of love, available to share.  Some think it more pleasant to share someone else’s bounty, someone else’s hard work, someone else’s experiences, rather than one’s own. Perhaps it would be more pleasant to take the food, the life, the strength, the memories of some one else for one’s own, to redistribute or keep, as one pleases?  What happens when this attitude is carried over into governments and ideologies and resources? Groups of people are denigrated and dehumanized, lands confiscated and the people forced into dire poverty to be exploited as tools or weapons rather than acknowledging the innate humanity of everyone.
WHEN DA DAWGS COME OUT TO PLAY — Blood Diamond  — Bai Burea  feat. Masta Kent &Bullet Rhymes  —  James Newton Howard
3min. 23sec.

Sometimes we deceive ourselves and say our motives are to jealously care for those we love, or protect our property.  When in reality is that we are covetous of the admiration or love that are inspired in others by goodness or beauty or worthwhile achievement.  That sort of protecting is like trying to guard the rays of the sun and make them shine only in one direction.  Protection of property dehumanizes relationships reducing loved ones to chattel or things, which destroys the jealous guardian’s love, destroying the very qualities that make the illusory possessed desirable.  Love becomes a chore of securing perimeters, of creating screens and veils to hide what is supposedly possessed.   What happens when this attitude is carried over into governments and ideologies and resources? Wars happen.   What must we do?
NO MORE WAR —Playing For Change
5min. 09sec.

Like a hawk with a broken wing, when we need help, we must ask for it, loudly.  But  we only want help from those who truly have our mutual welfare and interests at heart., not sources we feel are trying to exploit our vulnerability.   We, like the hawk, have to guard our welfare with jealousy and respond instantly to cries for help, when those for whom we care, call… that is diligent awareness, not obsessive control of others.  Does the hawk covet your possessions?  No. The hawk flies free of such encumbrances.
World Of Rainbows — Carlos R. Nakai
3min. 47sec.

I wonder if domesticated urbanized humans, are a like penned domestic chickens.  Do trapped humans go a little crazy and attack themselves and each other?  Why are people constantly picking at perceived weakness, including  bodies, and children, loved ones and those called enemies?  Chickens will peck at a wound or open sore on another in the flock, until they kill the vulnerable member.  If the entire is flock is weakened and vulnerable will the chickens attemot to kill everyone? Must all the factory chickens be kept just out of reach of each other by external forces, as in egg factories?  What functions do housing, offices, warehouses, the cyber world perform in modern lives?  Are we brought into contact with each other or are we kept just far enough apart?  Are the majority of humans now being domesticated to live in a monstrous version of the egg factories?
I think we must jealously guard our physical and spiritual freedom with diligent awareness.  No one can afford to be indifferent.
Epica – Requiem For The Indifferent
8 min. 38sec..

Covetousness is often the root of other sins. Jealousy against covetousness, or jealousy practiced in such a way as to breed coventousness permeates much, if not all of human society.
BLACK SOUL CHOIR — 16 Horse Power — David Eugene Edwards
3min. 52sec.

The Ten Commandments Begin and end on the themes of JEALOUSY and COVETOUSNESS.  Commentary and Biblical links:  INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA  Topical Bible: Covetousness – Bible Hub  COVETOUSNESS William Evans
KINGDOM OF ICE — Wovenhand — David Eugene Edwards
3min.  24sec.


EXODUS  Chapter 20 Verses 3, 5, 6, and 17   KING JAMES VERSION
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
And eschewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s 
THIS LAND IS MINE —  Reference and original, including an explanation about each character in this video: http://blog.ninapaley.com/2012/10/01/…It tells the story of the wars in the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant, since the cavemen until today, all so musical and poetic. “This Land is Mine” is a video from Nina Paley, originally posted on Vimeo.
In the end of this video appear the text “Copying is an Act of Love, please copy and share. copyheart.org”. So, here it is. Lawrence Lagerlof   music and lyrics by Henry Mancini
3min. 32sec.

This land is mine
God gave this land to me
This brave and ancient land to me
People are doing this sort of thing to each other all over the world, at this very moment. Who gave what land to whom? Is there anyone whose ancestors were not victims or perpetrators or both? What about those of us living now? Are we victims? Perpetrators? Both? What have we bequeathed to our great-grandchildren? What have we done to the animals? What stories do we tell ourselves to justify our actions, or inactions? There are those who even with the disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima covet control and power over nature and each other with nuclear weapons and electricity generators. I read quotes and hear people say “Nuke ’em!!” How can we be so foolish?

Jealousy and covetousness are woven throughout the ancient Greek myths. Indeed, jealousy and covetousness permeate all of the pantheons of  religious myths. The story of Arachnea and Athena is only one example.
Arachne – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
THE GODDESS AND THE WEAVER —  Women of the Earth — Spiral Dance
Shakespeare uses the theme of jealousy as a vehicle to show how insecurity with one’s status, relationships can lead to a vulnerability to deception and in the end the destruction of self and that which is being zealously guarded out of weakness rather than trust and strength.
OTHELLO — Shakespeare — trailer
1min. 18sec.

9min. 07sec.

Marvin Gaye’s life story is an American tragedy. This song, I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE, is an example of how insecurity and jealousy were exploited by those who coveted Marvin Gaye’s gifts and work. Sadly, that he understood exactly what was happening seemed to make him even more vulnerable.
Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his own jealous father.  He was not covetous of his son’s work, but jealous of his own beliefs. He felt that his son was not following his own personal standards. His jealous attitude led him to commit a heinous sin. He murdered his own son the day before his forty-fifth birthday.
Divided Soul: The Life Of Marvin Gaye: David Ritz …
Marvin Gaye – Biography – IMDb
HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPE VINE — Marvin Gaye live at Montreux
6min. 19sec.

How many people deceive themselves, pretending that love and control are the same?
Jealously and covetousness are interwoven in  the tragic story of Roxanne.
Moulin Rouge – El Tango de Roxanne (version choreographic)
5min. 40 sec



LISA OF THE LIGHT:   https://undergroundenergy.wordpress.com/2015/02/1…

What does it feel like to be free of jealousy an covetousness?
Loreena McKennitt – Night Ride Across The Caucasus

Ride on Through the night
Ride on
Ride on Through the night
Ride on
There are visions,
There are memories
There are echoes of thundering hooves
There are fires,
There is laughter
There’s the sound of a thousand doves
Ride on
Through the night
Ride on
Ride on
Through the night
Ride on
In the velvet of the darkness
By the silhouette of silent trees
They are watching,
They are waiting
They are witnessing life’s mysteriesRide on
Through the night Ride on
Ride on
Through the night Ride on

Cascading stars on the slumbering hills
They are dancing as far as the sea
Riding o’er the land,
You can feel its gentle hand
Leading on to its destiny

Ride on Through the night
Ride on
Ride on
Through the night Ride on

Take me with you on this journey
Where the boundaries of time are now tossed
In cathedrals of the forest
In the words of the tongues now lost

Find the answers,
Ask the questions
Find the roots of an ancient tree
Take me dancing,
Take me singing
I’ll ride on till the moon meets the sea

Ride on
Through the night Ride on
Ride on
Through the night Ride on

Ride on
Through the night Ride on
Ride on
Through the night Ride on

Wretched Feast of Plenty

When  truth
From hypocrisy
And lies,
And betrayal is
Our only shield,
Our children’s
Will be
Then war
Shall be
The playground
Of  daemons
With no need
For illusion
Or disguise.
When veracity
Is a chaos which
Warms loveless
And tongues
Dance in
Forked trance,
Then tomorrow
Shall have no dawn,
Nor shall there
Be sorrow.
For infant
Unloved Death
Will find
In rotting
Gore, a
Feast of Plenty
Readily available
On the
Playground of war.
Bear … 01.16.2015

Δαιμονία Νύμφη δαίμονας