The Seventh Sky

There is a hole
That is the Seventh Sky
An empty space where
No visible stars shine
It is an open portal for
Love and hope all
Cosmic joy
To be endlessly reborn
And troublesome questions
About when and why
And pain and how die
Are left behind as
Nothing important
While all else sings
And dances
Glory be while passing
Through the vast empty
Space that is
The Seventh Sky
Bear … o8.31.2015

Rising Grandmother

Grandmother is rising
She transforms me
Into shadows amongst
Other shadows shifting
Owls call disturbing voles
Frogs sing of the recent rain
Dogs are barking at nothing
Barking at breezes and movement
Moonlight and shadows
Ephemeral as a life once lived
Now carried as a burden
Weariness lives in my hair
Though I cut most of it off
The weight of white shimmering
Is heavy heavy so heavy
I pretend to watch
Where are my feet lead me
I heard an old man say please
I saw in the moonlight
Arrogance and ignorance
Holding tight together
As Grandmother passed
They resolved into
Something else a widow-maker
Or perhaps nothing
The misty ancient please winks
Brightening passing clouds
Moisture drips slowly
From the points of pine needles
Bear … o8.29.2015

Grandmother’s Light

Grandmother Moon rises
Smiling behind
My small mountain
I look away towards
Your flickering valley
Arms spread
My puny shadow grows
Becoming a forest
Concealing the game trail
In the far distance
The Tennessee River
Shines blue moonlight
I move forward
Towards the west
Blind feet stepping
Into mysteries chosen
Path revealed as
Grandmother arcs
Across the Virgo night
No longer dark
Bear … o8.29.2015

No Poison Ivy

Underneath a
Golden sky,
Over hills
Of red clay,
A small girl
Ran and ran
Because it was
To so do.
She came to
A tall pine,
Fragrant with
She stopped
To listen
To the wind
In the branches,
She absorbed
A new sort
Of singing
Whilst climbing
And higher
And higher.
Soon the
Clouds thinned
And the atmosphere
This was
So interesting,
And the pine
Tree’s singing
So beautiful
And informative
That she climbed
Even higher.
After a while
She realized
She had passed
Through the moon
And was observing
Her galaxy
From a different,
And terribly lonesome,
When she
Turned to view
Her way home,
She found
That her feet,
And the ground,
On which she
Was now standing,
Completely eclipsed
All of her
The sky
Was black,
And dust
Was gray,
She was lost.
For the time
Being she would
Have to stay.
However, jumping
Was more
Fun without
Red clay boots.
Low gravity
Gave new meaning
To the term
Tons of fun.
The occasional
Over passing cow
Spilled giggles
Which sounded like
Helium laughter.
Also, there was
No poison ivy.
Bear… 08.25.2015