Gift For The Grandchildren

Straight edge
Coastal marshes
Steaming soup
Cooking garbage
Composted history
Gyres going nowhere
Dead currents stop
Lacking courage
Oceans becoming
Spinning magnets
Heavy darkness
Water mountains
Wash over
Alkali flats
World pirouette
Wobbles turning
Around and back
Wishfully sleeping
Methane dreams
Before the sky
And the burning
Sun still rose
Bear … 03.28.2015

Cement Winds

Moment follows
Moment among
Standing winds
Whirling ever
Tighter going
Right nor left
Vortex anchored
Self restrained
In rows
Homes roiling
Ordered chaos
Screams percussion
Funneled pain
Whirling in place
Pressure dropping
Sucking voided
Lives empty
Turning turning
No power
No substance
No guidance
No maps no signs
No streets no trails
No up nor down
Spinning within
Walls and laws
Nothing wild
All spirits
Free no reason
No work no death
No choice no love
No will no courage
Howling fear
Dust devils
Uselessly spinning
In place
Bear … 03.28.2015

One Billion Acts Of Peace — Youth Projects and Nobel Mentoring

Submit Your Act of Peace by March 31 for Chance to Win!

Submit. Vote. Change the World.

Join PeaceJam’s 2015 Awards by submitting your project today, vote for your favorites in April, and have a chance to be recognized by Nobel Peace Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel from Monaco in June for outstanding service in one of these five categories:

  • Best Youth Project
  • Leading Business Project
  • Best Non-Profit Project
  • Leading University Project
  • Up-and-Coming Peacemakers Award
Submit your project on the PeaceJam website (if experiencing technical difficulties, log your projects on the One Billion Acts of Peace) by March 31 for your chance to receive this honor! Social media voting for finalists begins April 20.

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