I’ve been known by other names, but I am both Agawela and Bear, for now, and Bearspawprint is the sign that am leaving.

Bearspawprint is as a  shadow, a passing wind whispering words, a memory almost composed

Now and again I feel an urge to dance that youthful life dance, but really it is more nostalgia for the joy that comes when wonder flows and surges and requires expression.

I’ve been greatly blessed in this life.  I’ve been allowed to have adventures, see beautiful places, meet amazing people, hear incredible musicians, participate in joyous experiences, and care for children, experience love.  Once in while I am able to transcend my sorry mess of a self, and be free … and some of the rest of the time I can pretend.

Agawela … Bear
Updated … 04.10.2015

All ending is same
Only paths are different
All paths lead to One


206 comments on “BEARSPAWPRINT

  1. Hello , i hope everything it’s okay , your french bad boy …!!!


  2. I hope you go well as well as your family … !!!

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  3. I ran across this blog and I’m intrigued. Your writing is powerful and I look forward to reading more.

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  4. Dear Bear I hope that you are in a dry and everything is ok … !!!

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  5. ywwp says:

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    All the best.

    Your Well Wisher Program

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    A wonderful article with several great videos about the desert past!

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  7. […] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Check out  Bear’s  About  page  here  […]

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  8. willowdot21 says:

    Hi Bear I have nominated you for

    The rules:

    1 link your first post
    2 name the type of the post
    3 explain why this was your first post (reason for writing)
    4 nominate fellow bloggers to participate in the challenge

    I look forward to seeing your first post!

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  9. The sound of silence is not my favorite song, I prefer it, i saw the ligth and always the sun by The Stranglers. Always hope … !!!

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  10. How are you dearbear …? !!!

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  11. When science tells me I am dust, capable of nothing lasting, I will show her your poetry and laugh. Thank you, bearspawprint.

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  12. […] Dedicated to my friend, Bear […]

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    • Congratulations ⭐
      Thank you for the recognition, I see you placed me in some very fine company. Thank you.
      You honor me, however Bearspawprint is an “award free” blog.
      Thank you so much for understanding.

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  13. kurtnemes says:

    Angel from Mintgomery?

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