Still, so still,
Nothing moves.
But for the
Stars singing
Behind shimmering
Curtains of light,
Luminous veils
That envelop
With the illusion
Of awareness.
Beyond the silence
Hidden in darkness
The stars sing,
Resonating quiet.
I walk on a path
Of white sand.
August 19, 2018 Agawela
Bear ©Bearspawprint2018

Friction Arcs

It was a beautiful day
The sun shining golden
Glorious horizon
As Grandmother Moon
Rises in fullness
There are gatherings
And parties and meet-ups
Quiet visits
And wild jamborees
Mortal bodies fail us
Pain prickles and stabs
Sorrow claims the stars
Despairing in solitude
Wailing in the darkness
Empty eons between
Wild flowers bloom
The sand drifts deeper
Blowing friction
Harmonics Dissonant
Lightening arcs
Cloud to nowhere
Within wavering time
There is no forgetfulness
Bear … 04.28.2018


Poised between,
We live in
In a moment.
All breath
Is a choice.
Every choice,
A decision.
Every decision,
Agawela … 03.21.2017

Your Voice Apart

As the glass door shut
I heard you call my name
Trapping your voice
Apart from your intention
A voice said my name
There was no message

I turned to face the glass
And stood waving to your back
You turned away again
The world shifted askew
My heart fell to the ground
Your truck crested the hill
Bear … 10.05.2016