Night Shadow

Thunder rolls 
I fade 
Into shadow 
Away in
Night rain 
In the scent 
Of exotic
White Flowers
Rolling thunder
Carries me 
I am heavy
An echo 
Growing distant
My whispers
Are rumbling 
Waves resonating 
Into flowing 
Night shadow
Agawela  27May2022

Silence of Thorns

No longer 
May I live 
Near human 
People so politely  
Uncaring civilized 
In ignorance I scream 
And cry wailing 
Too much and 
No mirrored image 
Bereft of the Veil 
Some days all nights 
Continuously calling 
Screaming despair 
While writing 
While sewing 
While making love 
While mending
While wandering silent 
Creating reasons
Of disillusioned 
Thinking unacceptable 
While cooking sleeping
Other beings cringe 
Shrinking from 
My broken primal 
Screaming wailing 
Cries follow me 
My own meteor tail 
Of illuminated grief
What will never be  
Yet waves flow 
Rippling eternal
Illusion adorns my
Body as garments
Woven from despair 
Sorrowing siren calls
I may never find the 
Echoing perimeter 
Of pain heartache 
Buzzing louder 
Harmonic pulses
Louder scream song
Enduring in the shouted 
Silence continuously I wail 
Anguish impenetrable
This barrier of Banshee 
Screeching thorns  
The Silence of Thorns
Agawela  13March2022