Gaslighting ­čĺö Difficult Questions

Difficult Questions –“Asking for a friend” — doing some research for a story

1. Can persons who, in their personal relationships, habitually, and with great cleverness, and feigned reasonableness “gaslight” EVER sincerely apologize and express true remorse?

2. Can charming and accomplished persons, who habitually “gaslight” in personal relationships, EVER, be trustworthy in personal relationships?

3. Can persons who chronically “gaslight” EVER acknowledge to themselves, or anyone else, what they are doing?

4. Is it possible for persons, who are comfortable with “gaslighting”, to resolve, with TRUE INTENT, to change their behavior patterns?

5. Can persons who “gaslight” EVER even WANT to change behavior?

Is there ANYTHING within a personal relationship that can curtail “gaslighting” or mitigate the damage?

Are any of the following feasible?
a. Choose neutral circumstances and talk, in an educational way, about gaslighting and consequences.
b. Whenever one becomes aware that gaslighting and/or deception is happening, call out the gaslighter.
c. Negotiate.
e. Seek professional counseling.
f. Give up and part ways, as much as possible.


Is there anyway to make GASLIGHTING not be, at all, rewarding to the gaslighter?

Most sources available, via the internet, suggest that {f. Give up and part ways, as much as possible.} is the only healthy scenario.

Sharon Rudd
┬ęBearspawprint 2019


Donkey’s Bray 01.22.2014

Hopeless hopeless is the honest way
Work and work and nothing say
Forget the grand old horror fray
Know only that unwritten history must pay
What ere we say
What ere we pray
It seems it’s all games we play
Dance to the music donkey’s bray
Hee Haw Hee Haw
Wear a damned thorn crown
Deep into the absurd I drown
Hee Haw Hee Haw
Bitter the swallowed hidden frown
Hee Haw Hee Haw
Counterpoint the Crow’s Caw
Ca Caw Ca Caw Hee Haw Hee Haw
Lilith Mordred Siren’s call
All the same regardless dance or fall
Hee Haw Hee Haw
Deep in the absurd I drown
Wear a damned thorn crown
With Hell so gay
I’ll dance all day
Hee Haw Ca Caw Ca Caw
Hee Haw Ca Caw Ca Caw
Bear … 01.22.2014
Lilith Moon 2019


Heavy, The Air

Heavy, the air.
Weary, the trees
Whisper their despair.
Invading miasma
Of crawling dreams,
Drifts, dense
With unremembered songs.
Heat oppressed,
Unseen Loa cry.
Intensely sweet
Their unheard wails
Are entwined,
In blue mist.
Eerie soup flows,
Thick with voiceless
Voices filling
Unrequited voids,
Empty of regard.
Leaves droop,
August 14, 2018
Bear ┬ęBearspswprint2018

Friction Arcs

It was a beautiful day
The sun shining golden
Glorious horizon
As Grandmother Moon
Rises in fullness
There are gatherings
And parties and meet-ups
Quiet visits
And wild jamborees
Mortal bodies fail us
Pain prickles and stabs
Sorrow claims the stars
Despairing in solitude
Wailing in the darkness
Empty eons between
Wild flowers bloom
The sand drifts deeper
Blowing friction
Harmonics Dissonant
Lightening arcs
Cloud to nowhere
Within wavering time
There is no forgetfulness
Bear … 04.28.2018

Cannot Be

Crying out into
The void
Heartbreaking pain
Mere circumstances
Joy and grief
Achingly balanced
Hannannah embraces
Anguished screams
Touch all Mothers
We whisper with
The terrible beauty
Of burning stars and
Whirling planets
With tiny flowers and
Eternal lost songs
Ancestral Mothers
Who bore all Mothers
We are all the
Ephemeral nowhere
Which cannot be
Agawela ÔÇŽ 04.12.2018