Gray, damp, 
Is the sky
Behind dark trees.
Mildew is growing,
Blooming black,
The road is Sand, 
Deep and dry.
Plants hang limp
With thirst. 
Work is futile.  
I sit and rest,
While drinking tea.
I watch leaves  
Gently sway,
As the slowly drift,
Falling away,
Each one, 
Dancing alone,
On the ground,  
They gather. 
I sit and rest.
I drink tea. 
The sky is gray.   
The  forest is silver.
The air is damp.
The sand is 
Dry, and deep. 
I sit, resting.
I drink my tea. 
I am older 
Than I was 
A little while ago.
Leaves gently sway,

Agawela October 29, 2022


Last Sunset 2016


Last Sunset  of 2016



Night In January

My home is a house
Amongst forest trees.
This night the trees
Are silent.
They do not creak,
Nor sigh.
The owls are quiet.
The horse is quiet.
The Guineas are
Not complaining.
No one speaks.
I hear the stars singing
Of their eternal journeys.
The brightening moon
Illuminates clouds,
Sand and water
In silvery blues.
The trees cast
Golden shadows.
All else is mystery.
Behind my eyes
Is night.
I whisper of
What I feel.
Your voice answers
Telling me of
Your wants that
Are needs.
Behind my eyes
Is night.
Behind my eyes
Sleeps black darkness.
Golden shadows
Outline my
Cold blue hands.
The trees
Remain silent.
Bear … 01.19.2016