Weariness slows my heart.
The forest waits silently,
Gifting patient grace.

Bear 02.16.2019


Grandfather Owl Sleeps

Cold and dark are here.
Small animals curl together.
Grandfather Owl sleeps.
Bear 01.04.2019

Heavy, The Air

Heavy, the air.
Weary, the trees
Whisper their despair.
Invading miasma
Of crawling dreams,
Drifts, dense
With unremembered songs.
Heat oppressed,
Unseen Loa cry.
Intensely sweet
Their unheard wails
Are entwined,
In blue mist.
Eerie soup flows,
Thick with voiceless
Voices filling
Unrequited voids,
Empty of regard.
Leaves droop,
August 14, 2018
Bear ©Bearspswprint2018