As A Lily … No Matter

Are the powers
Of evil
Evil represents
There is no deceit
In being.
Evil pretends
Saying that all
To its own
Selfish ends.
Misery of all.
So simple,
The anguish.
Compassionate pain,
All the same,
With love
Of union.
Through eternity,
All hypocrisy gone,
An illusion.
No matter.
No reasons,
No excuses,
Just because,
Where exists
Circumstances allowing.
Evil shines
As a lily,
Flowering glorious,
With no purpose.
Bear … 06.23.2016

Endless Weeping

My tears flow,
An outpouring such that
I shall never stop weeping.
My tears do not
Undo anything
Which has been done.
My tears flow
As the tides of our
Lives wax and wane.
My tears do not
Wash away your
Anguish, nor my own.
My tears flow,
Returning, indifferent,
To the endless salt sea.
My tears do not,
Nor ever will, create
Love in your heart.
Bear … 01.28.2016

Passing Between

I have gone
For a swim
In river mud
Bottomless and dark
No escape to the shore
More mud awaits
Itchy sour stinging
Mud coats limbs and face
Who am I
Strange swamp loa
Searching for truth
In a world of murk
Day and night
Unaware of the dawn
Drawing apart from
The Heart
Day and night
Unaware of twilight
Turning away from
The time of transition
How to pass over
From what never was
I swim in the
Twilight mud
Drowning in my
Own wanting of
The impossible
The bottomless mud
And I understand
There is no understanding
There is only heart
And the need
Rippling eternally
There is only heart
I watch the day
Turn away from the night
I sink deeper into
The mystery of change
As the sky turns red
Eats The Heart
Ties off catfish lines
My wailing cries
Render me unheard
Wild in my wanting
My anguish carries
Me beyond myself
Unnoticed unseen
I blow
Breath living
Through the darkness
Water reflecting
The last of the sunset
Ripples outward
Red and gold
Forever defined
By the unknown


Movement hidden
Furtive shadows
Sliding when
Your eyes
Shift away
Some secret
Words shared
With those
Looking for
Me from
The corners
Of their
Skittering eyes
Strange wonder
Trying to
Read in
My face
Your memo
Posted private
Behind your
Hand though
I live
Alone outside
Of your
Loop I
Am able
To read
Looks askance
Hear echoes
Turn greetings
Harshly cold
Bear … 05.22.2015

9. Conversations With Bump Onna Log

BUMP ONNA LOG:  Look at that beggar with the sign that says “Homeless Veteran. Will work for food.”   They make a lot of money like that. Those lazy bums could pull themselves up by the bootstraps, but they don’t want to work.  Everybody should be like me.
Bear … 05.21.2015




Pulled Up

I have
Been advised
That boot
Strap pulling
Up would
Be my
If only
I would
Also put
Real effort
Into smiles
And winks
And wiggles
Perhaps I
Can use
The bootlaces
Wrapped twice
Around to
Pull myself
Up I
Will have
No use
For laceless
Boots when
I am
Pulled up
To the
Proper stratum
Will you
Find it
For me
To do the
Pulling up
From your
Front hoe
The excessive
Burden of
Worthless flesh
Won’t stress
Your overworked
Aching back
Tied off on
The tractor
Coy bow
Under chin
Will you
Be compensated
For your
Bother if
A message
About your
Infinite generosity
Your compassion
Is written
In big letters
Thus protecting
Your stalwart
You did
The best
You could
May I borrow
Your block
And tackle
I could
Jump from
The come
Along lever
I know
You don’t
Like for
Me to
Intrude in
Your space
Or plans
But it’s
Just once
And I
Have nowhere
I won’t
Ever ask
I might
Have to
Tie my
Boot straps
To the
Tie-off rope
I shall
Do all
Set up
And arranging
But no
Matter what
I am sorry
You will
Be stuck
With some
Clean up
But it
Is just
This one
Time finally
Pulled up
By my
And you
Can gossip
With whomever
You like
After all
You have
You deserve
To be allowed
The final
False witness
Bear … 05.21.2015