Endless Weeping

My tears flow,
An outpouring such that
I shall never stop weeping.
My tears do not
Undo anything
Which has been done.
My tears flow
As the tides of our
Lives wax and wane.
My tears do not
Wash away your
Anguish, nor my own.
My tears flow,
Returning, indifferent,
To the endless salt sea.
My tears do not,
Nor ever will, create
Love in your heart.
Bear … 01.28.2016


6 comments on “Endless Weeping

  1. “…Why have you forsaken me?” He said, Eli, Eli, lama sham bachthoni, to look on mankind killing him, while the Father just sat there, apparently. “Forsaken, almost human, He sank beneath Your Wisdom Like a stone”- Leonard Cohen. Wie habst du verlassen Mich?

    But Luther, unlike Mr. Huss, escaped.
    500,000 are now dead in Syria, 3 million were tortured and killed in Cambodia, etc.

    Why, Lord, Why, have you forsaken me?

    We could always put a stop to this. Jefferson swore, “on the Altar of God, eternal hostility
    To every form of tyranny.”

    It probably
    Helped console the loss of his wife,
    And he was given her half sister Sally.
    Chick was smokin’ hot, anyway!

    A little poem for you. We’ll soon be back this way. You and your sorrow and your work are very beautiful.

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  2. “My tears flow,
    Returning, indifferent,
    To the endless salt sea.”
    Wow what a great line, Bear! I’m sorry that it’s so but this description of what happens to our tears stellar! I, too, have contributed many a tear to that endless and indifferent salt sea. And it is its indifference to our tears that worsens the agony of our griefs. Blessings, N 🙂 ❤

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