As A Lily … No Matter

Are the powers
Of evil
Evil represents
There is no deceit
In being.
Evil pretends
Saying that all
To its own
Selfish ends.
Misery of all.
So simple,
The anguish.
Compassionate pain,
All the same,
With love
Of union.
Through eternity,
All hypocrisy gone,
An illusion.
No matter.
No reasons,
No excuses,
Just because,
Where exists
Circumstances allowing.
Evil shines
As a lily,
Flowering glorious,
With no purpose.
Bear … 06.23.2016


7 comments on “As A Lily … No Matter

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Life is so hard sometimes.

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  2. Hmmmm?! I shall have to ponder this one Bear! 🙂 ❤

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    • Oh my Sweet and Beautiful, do not ponder over much. Despair and madness lie in wait. Cleave to goodness. Remain gentle and loving. Even hypocritical ideas of pretended goodness, for show, are better than than the honest deceit and horror of Evil. ❤

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      • But ya know dear Bear there is an allure to it or why would so many be drawn to evil. I expect that it was a bright, shiny, beautiful apple in Eden that deceived Adam and Eve. So from the get go the other side of good has been evil and we, everyone. must continually make a choice between the two. And no one would choose evil if it wasn’t a master at creating the illusion of beauty like the lily! Love you sweet Bear‼️❤️😘

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        • T’is so……

          Then when folk realize they’ve been tricked, the insult to ego is so painfully embarrassing, that the secretly wounded rush to justify their actions by deceiving themselves further, distancing, generating excuses, from those they have hurt purposefully or collaterally. Those deceived seek others who are also frantically trying to create a mob-think, with anger and arrogance, so that the momentum will carry them on. They create us and them. Within circles of beloved the hardening becomes intense heartache. In the greater world it becomes violence, justified by nothing more than ugly jokes.

          Part of the problem is there is not always a face-saving out. Sometimes people have to acknowledge, confess, repent, AND make restitution as best as can be done, without doing more harm to others or self.

          Much that is evil is also pure in its exquisite beauty.

          Most lilies are truly beautiful, neither good nor bad, they just are. I am grateful.



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