Passing Between

I have gone
For a swim
In river mud
Bottomless and dark
No escape to the shore
More mud awaits
Itchy sour stinging
Mud coats limbs and face
Who am I
Strange swamp loa
Searching for truth
In a world of murk
Day and night
Unaware of the dawn
Drawing apart from
The Heart
Day and night
Unaware of twilight
Turning away from
The time of transition
How to pass over
From what never was
I swim in the
Twilight mud
Drowning in my
Own wanting of
The impossible
The bottomless mud
And I understand
There is no understanding
There is only heart
And the need
Rippling eternally
There is only heart
I watch the day
Turn away from the night
I sink deeper into
The mystery of change
As the sky turns red
Eats The Heart
Ties off catfish lines
My wailing cries
Render me unheard
Wild in my wanting
My anguish carries
Me beyond myself
Unnoticed unseen
I blow
Breath living
Through the darkness
Water reflecting
The last of the sunset
Ripples outward
Red and gold
Forever defined
By the unknown


2 comments on “Passing Between

  1. simon7banks says:

    Powerful and evocative – and I like the ending.

    Liked by 1 person


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