To the north north west two
Cumulonimbus incus growing
Kept capturing my eye
The anvil tops oddly positioned
So that the longer arms
Were towards each other
Just enough light lingered
To see the rising shapes
Triangulating horizon
I guessed about thirty miles
Two clouds anvil arms reaching
Together merging top and bottom
Dark updraft ice winds
Casting rune shadows
Foretelling lightening wind and rain.
Between huge dark framing clouds remained
An open portal to beyond
Empty of rain and ice and cloud
Though within each supporting
Column fierce heavenward drafts
Of crystalline hydrogen two oxygen raged
Building charged current opposites
The darkening sky door sill one
Earth below and the sky door lentil
Both the other
I reading shadow runes of rain
Watching all around road sky
No longer thinking perhaps
Dreading a little arriving
At home returning to tedium
Returning to the effort and
Work and pain of doing returning
While the Earth turns and our
Galaxy turns dark silhouetted
Trees came between the charcoal
Clouds the tarnished silver sky
Blackness emphasizing the
Square shape giving view of
Space behind first stars appearing
The not quite full moon concealed
By tall trees now behind me
The black shapes of the trees
To the north thinning as I neared a pasture
The black trees still black between
Shrinking for an instant
It was gone … everything paled
The after image burned in my soul
How could that Be
I slowed I needed to get off the road
I needed
I looked all around
There was no one the area deserted
Isolated the pasture empty
Not much shoulder to the road
At crawl speed I drove I didn’t
Want to look away from the sky
It was so quick what if I blink
Too quick to push the shutter
Button can’t look away
Breathing shallow will there
Be a sound a noise something
How could what could I stopped
Gears in park flashers on and
Two wheels still on road hoping
Log trucks did not need to pass
Stretching to see better
Peripherally checking the rear view
No one
Over come by wonder
And a third time
So fast
Less than an instant
Never have I seen something like this
I have been in awe of the sky blazing fire ball
Of a sparkling cave entirely covered in quartz crystals
Of triple rainbows of rainbows that went from
Horizon to horizon I’ve seen the sun set and
The sun rise I’ve seen St Elmo’s Fire I’ve seen alien ball
Lightening twice and colors I’ve seen
The deep blue of glaciers and the blinding white sun
The new green of leaves the red of gushing
Hot blood and the red fire of the setting sun
The yellow gold of October leaves and yellow of oranges
The colors of flowers in bloom of butterflies and birds
The iridescence of beetles and flies eyes
The colorful glow of the squids song and the gracefull jelly fish
Dance I have seen foxfire and will’o’the’whisp
I’ve seen wonders that don’t exist
I’ve seen Yukon glaciers heaven painted purple magenta
Orange snow and rocks minerals in black light
Rubies sapphires emeralds I have seen crystals
Permeated with gold become a color untold
I have seen human eyes with more sweet beauty than
I though possible to behold the stained glass
Of rose windows art windows and art glass
Natures colors and gems ground into pigments
Paintings of masters exquisite yarns tiny violets
Flowering trees swaying soft moss pastel river
Deltas Blue Ridge Mountains home of ancestors
With that soft blue distant haze I have seen
The terrible beauty of a forested mountain on fire
Dark night all around the rushing colors of whirlpools and landslides
Flooded rivers  heavy hurricanes colored winds howling
Multiple tornadoes deathly iridescent silver gray green graceful whirl
But this
This was
Or did I see an Ascension
Or a cosmic pathway open to another dimension
Or did I a mere silly human see
The most intense colors more bright than
The sun for that instant and they did not
White out the full white spectrum was broken into
Its component all colors
Color is too puny a word for these COLORS
More Bright and Intense than any COLORS I’ve
Ever ever seen or hope ever to see again
Miles wide plasma filaments of COLOR divided
Into the full spectrum and beyond arched
Down in an arch more shallow than a rainbow
More like a ray or a beam which
Seemed to spill on the ground just in front of the horizon
So that would be about eight or ten miles away and
Then the plasma COLOR beam and the spill and all the COLOR resonance
Was sucked back up
And gone no flickers no glows gone nothing
The two joined Cumulonimbus incus clouds
Where still there the window still there
But there was not another discharge
Apparently those three were massive enough to drain
The two super cells
The instant of a rainbow brighter than the sun
For this was a lightening phenomena
And it was actually for those three instants
COLOR more bright more intense than the sun
As if a giant acetylene torch had arched through
Heaven’s prism creating an instant plasma all COLOR
Filament of X, gamma, ELF, VLF, and even dark
Matter all needed to create the visible
And it all was there
That instant plasma COLOR lightening filament
Incorporating all of those elements did come to BE
For the fleeting moment that
Then it was gone
All rainbows pale fuchsias appear drab garnets
Dull the Mallards wings common the Cardinal
Dusty while all color is still gorgeous there
Are no distinct colors anywhere as intense and
brighter than the unshielded sun not here even
Is no more and was so quick and so far
Away it did not hurt me the people closer
To where it was could not see the COLOR
Only if your circumstances brought you
To be in the exact spot where I was
Blessed to be at that exact moment
Looking in the correct direction
And not blinking or hunting for a camera setting
Or traffic or cats in the road or been just a
Tiny moment later clearing the trees or
Sooner reaching the next thick stand
Of visually shielding woods

It just happened
I am grateful
Bear …03.18.2014
P.S. After a bit I went home.
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36 comments on “VII. GOD SMILED ___ I AM GRATEFUL

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Gives me God’s bumps my dear and makes me smile in my heart. Isn’t it wonderful that your mind is open enough to see God’s smiles, and wise enough to write it down, so those of us who read it can smile in our hearts. I am sending this to my son, who will understand what you saw, and I am sending you love, gratitude, and respect.


    • How thoughtful! Thank you again, Kind Cindy. And thank you for publishing your beautiful images of the namesake flower Iris, and reminding me of the Goddess of Rainbows.
      May all that you radiate outward be reflected back and amplified. Da!! Da!! Da!!


  2. Btw, I wonder if you were literally in a place seeing the ‘end’ of a rainbow.


    • Yes that miles wide plasma intense richly colored beyond any other colors I’ve ever seen lightening filaments was real really real. These colors were more like very rich stained glass colors rather than rainbow colors though it was full spectrum gradations. The prism that refracted this light was not the usual. It was not sunlight, but discharges from the joined Cumulonimbus incus. The three discharges did drain the super cells, there were no more visible light displays. All of the charge was released through plasma filaments rather than the usual “lightening bolts”

      There have been observed rainbows back lit or highlighted by lightening, this was not that. There have been invisible cloud to ground lightening strikes … this was more similar to that in its physics.

      In all of my imagining of Glory I never once considered such COLOR.

      One of the two US lightening study stations is only fifty or so miles from here. I am thinking of paying them a visit. All lightening strikes in the continental US are recorded, and even the whole world. This one can be identified. I have some ideas about the “how” of it.

      I don’t know “how” or ‘why” I was guided to be in that particular spot at that particular time. Maybe so I would spend six days exhausting myself trying to write a poem…:-)

      It was an actual event. A miraculous event.

      PS I have seen all sorts of rainbows, traveled to the ends, stood there, ends, under the middle, seen the whole thing, also observed rainbows in all sorts of mediums, through prisms of various grades and they are all shadows compared to the way the plasma filaments of God’s Smile resonated for three tiny instants.

      Depending on (a buncha factors) there may be magnetic anomalies on the ground there .. or not … as we have had heavy rains and some flooding.

      If that young police woman had not stopped me to Bless me, if the herons had not caused me to pause, if there had been more traffic, if anything, I would have missed God’s Smile. I am humbly grateful.

      If ancient people observed this I can see where myths and legends of Assumption comes from. Only a whole town could have been taken up with the apparent size of it. 🙂

      The rest of the poem(s) are true, too, including Mrs. Lucas. 🙂
      Namaste Mi Amiga Eva


      • Regarding your comment about ancient peoples—I think I know what you’re talking about. On a ferry ride from Italy to Greece during a rough sea the clouds suddenly broke open and an incredible wealth of sunlight streamed through to the water. I thought, “Now seeing that explains why the Greeks and Romans created the myths they did.”

        Please update me / us about whatever you learn from the US Lightening study station.

        I have a character in a story who likes to make the comment, “Timing is everything.” I think that certainly applies to your experience. Your clarity and mindful awareness of the entire sequence of things enhances all of your poetry regarding it. Quite wonderful, Bear. 🙂


  3. willowdot21 says:

    and we are grateful for you


  4. Great series of poems, Bear.


  5. I have read all of the series, Bears. It was amazing!

    It doesn’t requires an investigation , the investigation that would not produce evidence, except trust and believe, this is not just a dream that has happened just blink of eyes. It is a nsighting, an encounter intended only to someone who believes that God can smile . To show its GLORY.

    it is not just a fictional story or a continuation of “Close encounters of the third kind”. It was real , God is there . it is a sign of someone who believes in God. To be certain , and absolutely convinced that God is Omnipotent . and …. the heaven and the earth and the stars and all the contents of the universe is HIS,

    Such happening, typically , within the next 40 days , you will experience another great thing is going to happen to you…. That is the time when GOD needs to see you smile at HIM…. Only God knows.


    • I am going to pick up my daughter at the train station will be back in two hours. 🙂


    • Oh yes. It was real. If only one of the things that happened that day had been different, no one would have been in the place were it was possible to SEE for those tiny fractions of an instant …..


    • You are right. Some unexpected and especially touching messages of gratitude and love arrived today. Some things have come full cycle. So strong are these messages that I am overwhelmed.

      I have spoken a few times with the “Angel That Carries A Gun”. She really does have a smile like Whoopie Goldberg, only she is one half as old, and she really is an armed police woman.

      Google Image Result for

      Thank you for your prophesy. From what tradition, or mixture of traditions, did your idea and time frame arise?

      I am grateful..


      • This is a very strong tradition in our daily lives. influenced by a variety of beliefs, especially the beliefs of Islam. Strange events often occur in our lives, but not everyone gets a premonition of what will happen later. In prophecy, usually using a benchmark day and date when we experience strange event or phenomena correlate with a dream or a real thing or experienced in full awareness of how our body condition at the time. There are many sacred numbers that are used as a benchmark and determining the approximate time frame in the upcoming events. It is almost hard to explain, but it can be learned.
        The sacred numbers are; 1, 3, 7, 40, 100, 360, 1000, etc..

        I take for example: 40 in number of days = happiness, soul, good spirit, death, birth, fregnancy, etc.

        It is confusing, isn’t it?


        • Yesterday was the 36th day. It was an unusual day in other respects. After I posted, when I had been awake (yup you guessed— 40 hours), a third confusing message arrived …. not through the computer 🙂

          One from the North, one from the South, and later, one from the West.

          The 40th day is still 4 days away, counting today. 36 is within the 40 parameter. The message from the south cannot be dealt with until — the 40th day. At that time a new cycle will be set in motion.

          I thought you should know as you had the courage to actually give voice. When people have made intervention through prayer or prophecy or the conveying of blessings, I try to let them know what has resulted.

          Now I have some work to do of the sort that I am not able to do, but it needs doing anyway. 🙂

          Thank you.


          • I would not know the content of the messages you received unless you tell me. Look, it was only three messages, wasn’t it? like the sacred number I have mentioned above! 3 = luck, opportunity, current, on going, etc.

            when you have some work to do of the sort that you are not able to do, but other MAN CAN DO, that is your opportunity. YOU can do it also. be patient and attentive is the key. Good luck, Bears 🙂


          • Yes, three. I thought only two, but then the one more arrived . If there were more, I did not recognize them and they were certainly (!!!) not so obvious (to me) as these three, especially the first one.

            I cannot explain the messages as not all of the content is in the words used and the source is not only the physical authors. Each involves …. too much to say. Perhaps, circumstances permitting, when the meanings become more clear, I can explain, or maybe it will remain too complicated to make worldly sense. I dunno.

            The work I gotta do needs doing now. This is a little rest my body insisted I take. 🙂

            The real physical river is rising and it is raining now and more rain heavier rain is on the way and real physical floods are now and children and grandchildren, including toddlers arrive tomorrow morning. 🙂 🙂 So back to it. !!!

            I will get my work done. There is a disturbance in my 10th chakra that makes some things more difficult than they should be ….. and certain physical disorders make everything more difficult. You, sadly, understand,only too well, about our donkey body’s frailty.

            I did not understand: “when you have some work to do of the sort that you are not able to do, but other MAN CAN DO, that is your opportunity. YOU can do it also. be patient and attentive is the key” ????

            Thank you for your time and care in answering my questions. I wish you and you family well.

            May all that you radiate outwards be reflected back and multiplied. DA! DA! DA!



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