One Tiny Instant of Creator’s Song

The cosmic vastness
Cannot be described
With all the words
Of all the languages
Nor is there
Any means
To describe the
Forever changing
And always the same
Boundaries of
Beginning and end
Such convoluted
Knowing of size
Too enormously
Intricately complicated
Infinite versions
Of infinite ideas
Expanding more
Quickly than
Humans can conceive
Or recognize
Cannot Be
Perceived through
Thinking or
Nor can any mathematics
Define the infinitely
Withdrawing forever
Smaller lesser
And lesser beyond
Recording beyond
Negative numbers
Variety beyond knowing

Of the resonating
Universe vast
Around and within us
Which is not all
Only one instant
Of an unknowably
Small instant is the
Creator now singing
Into being
What might
Eventually be
Possible for
Humans yet being
Sung into
To know
Should we not
Destroy ourselves
The creating
Into all being
Is only
An infinitely
Tiny moment of
Creator’s humming
The Creation Symphony
The intensity
Beyond imagination
Glorious beauty
Ever beyond
Our small
Though always
Beyond us
It is our
Honor that we try
Forever enmeshed
In a swirling gyre
We remain unaware
Of the fullness
Of Creator’s Gift
. .. . ..
GLORAFIN —Lisa Gerrard

Glorafin = GloryEnd — Latin

HANNAHANNAH — Tövisháti András

Hannahannah — The Mother of all Mothers, Creator’s Mother, Mother Before Time


11 comments on “One Tiny Instant of Creator’s Song

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Our minds are not large enough to understand the enormity of the creator’s gift!

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  2. Lisa says:

    How absolutely gorgeous and life giving. Thank you, Bear!♡♡♡

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    • All is, whether we recognize our tiny bit, or not. No thanks to me, I’m just here 😀

      You, constantly, do acknowledge y(our) relationship with creation, that we are merely part of everything, and therefore, everything is a part of us, we are, every one of us, emanations of the Creator. When you say “Thank you Jesus” you are saying the same thing, only in a short cut way. Your path leads you right straight into where you want to go, to that place of strength and grace, without having to think out every little detail, and all the twists and turns… you just know, because you know how to follow your path to the Creator of us all. Thank you, Lisa. Hugs to you.


      • Lisa says:

        Well, what if I said no thanks to me! I’m just here too. Thank you as well! Hugs back. ♡

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        • Yes!! Your right, as we are all a part of everything, then saying thank you to each other, with heart behind it, is the same, as saying Thank You directly to the Creator … only … not quite … thank you, Lisa …

          So. Is it significant what we are saying thank you for? Or to whom?


          • Lisa says:

            Yes. We should love each other.
            The only thing I think is that a line should be drawn if someone is trying to make a doormat out of us or suck us dry emotionally for selfish reasons. Then love becomes a matter of not enabling someone, ourselves first, then others.

            As far as the deity goes, I obviously believe that Jesus is the door to God, but I would never seek to change someone if they believed otherwise because
            1. I don’t know everything
            2. I am no one to make any judgements regarding God
            3. God wants my obedience not my help. He’s capable of taking care of himself.

            Also, the texts overlap. I’ve asked advice and opinions from many people who have studied many different religions. Other than someone wanting to chop of my head, for instance, or force me into their way of thinking, I wouldn’t let religion separate me from people.

            We are open operating systems and we understand things how we understand them. My husband is an athiest and he allows me to explain myself how I understand things without chastising me and I do the same for him.

            I guess what I’m saying is that I believe in free will choice.

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          • That is quite beautiful. Thank you.


          • Lisa says:

            Deep breath. I was waiting to see if my answer was ok. Holding my breath. Lol. ♡

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          • :-DXXX
            More Finns


          • Lisa says:

            Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😀

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