An angel touched and warned me
So I was cued inside to be
Watchful and waiting
Though I wasn’t conscious
Of what I would be sighting
When I tried to tell the story
The Angels voice came first
It was a strange encounter
This Angel carried a gun
In a large entrance lobby
Using the command voice learned
At academy a police woman spoke
To me across the empty space
Ma’am Ma’am Excuse me Ma’am
I looked about to see
If there was anyone else but me
She spoke with such authority
As she strode across the entrée
Yes I asked as a question looking
At her eyes she stopped and looked
Back at me with a hint of surprise
Then a smile like well like
Whoopie Goldberg’s spread
Clear across her face
The beatific young woman
Spoke her Angel message while
Looking right into my soul
Her heart spoke to mine
With a message sweetly divine
You are especially bless-ed
She beamed that glorious grin
With wonder I agreed then I
Said And I think you are much blessed too
Yes Ma’am she radiated joy and nodded
Yes Ma’am I am I surely surely am
You will have a bless-ed evening
She shook her head slightly
Looking right in me she said
Her words again
You are especially bless-ed
God is with you as you go
Smiling gently back at her
Thank you and you also
Warm encounters
And stranger’s blessings
Are not unusual at all
But this one was special
This angel with a Taser and a gun
Quiet shoes big belt badge and uniform
She had accosted me only to share
The blessings God had
Placed within her care
Her physic intuition knew of
Something unknown special
Something that
I would be allowed to see
The look of curious wonder
As if I were a source of joy
Enhanced her Angel Blessings
Little sparks and lights
Tiny stars like fairy dust
Shimmered for an instant
Then we turned to our business
Our auras shrinking back
She returned to her station
Watching as I left
Gratitude for countless joys
Knowing of beauty beyond what I see
Love children heart merging people
Stars clouds deserts and mountains
So many places I have been allowed
I have swum in rivers and lakes and
Oceans gulfs and streams
Warm volcanic springs
Beauty places all flowing
Through my grateful thoughts
I looked with gratitude
At the sky
I watched two herons fly over
Heading away from the setting sun
They passed in front of
The rising soon to be full
Brightly beautiful moon
Then I drove towards home
The direction from
Which this strangely unfolding
Journey had begun
Bear 03.16.2014

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8 comments on “V. GOD SMILED

  1. Lisa says:

    “The direction from
    Which this strangely unfolding
    Journey had begun”

    I have “my” Journey’s wake as well 🙂


  2. Epiphany–no easy thing to describe.


  3. Deborah says:

    Wishing you continued blessings and joy on your journey!


    • I have figured out the physics of what I saw…but not yet a description …. I can’t even ascribe music …. even with all the hyper-alertness driving home, I was caught completely, totally, entirely by surprise …


      • Deborah says:

        I think that there are experiences that we never can find the words for. They change us, and we will never be the same, but the “details” can never be totally understood by others unless they’ve experienced a similar occurrence.

        In fact, other than writing a few details for ourselves to keep the memory as alive as possible, it may be that to try to get to a level of trying to convey it to another, some of the magic dissipates. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s how it feels to me. You may succeed in getting others to see and understand what happened, but I haven’t been. I suspect it isn’t our inability to describe as much as the fact that without having the experience, the people we try to explain to aren’t always in a position to “get it,” in spite of our best efforts.

        I wonder sometimes if this isn’t why some people back away from us and want us to be less visible, because they can’t understand the experiences that drive us; therefore, our “enthusiasm” makes them uncomfortable. If they’ve missed this kind of experience, for whatever reason, those who have seem just a little too “odd.”

        But one of the most wonderful things about these experiences is that all it takes is one or two people who understand, and you can just ride the experience wherever it takes you. I can’t wait to see where you go!


        • 🙂 We will all end up I the same “place” sooner or later. All paths do lead to One. Lotsa detours and fits and starts … but oh well.

          Someone asked me to write all of this in the medium of poetry… so I’m trying. It is now 5:00 AM, here. Guten Morgen Deborah



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