Middle of the week
A day of this and that
And odds and ends
Mundane hard on the back
Stuff to be done
Always confusing
To observant wise dogs
Wondering at silly people
Though they do appreciate
The return of bedding
Home made and much mended
Freshened and sand free
In the morning chill I
Did my little doings
Testing the lingering damp
And decided to be inside
Hand writing letters and
Work on the WAR themed
Music blog posting soon due
I thought I had
More time have a cuppa
Rest and write and
Maybe even eat
But my husband said lets
Go now he wanted to stop
At a new tractor supply
Store looking for
Machine parts to shop
No cuppa no restfull
Writing beloved elders
I grabbed my bag my
Camera and note-book
Brushing unruly hair as
A passenger tag-along
Strands and brush
Tangling in the seat belt
Noticing breezes warming
Clouds flying across the
Sky Mars blowing gales
On high by zephyrs gentle
Here for heavy gravity bound
Transporting machines we
Creatures under swaying trees
Morning dawned
Cold wet miserable and gray
But as hours had gone by
Sun and wind disbursed gloom away
Now beauty was more revealed
With opened window
Exchanging unfair trade
My small concerns for
Air and trees and sky
Clouds flowers growth
Unworthy acceptance
Capturing the glory
Given to the world for free
Of course that opened window
Returned my appearance to
Observer embarrassing
Crazy Swamp Lady
Wild woman hair-do
I am not visually recessive
There are those
Who wish that
I didn’t look like I am me
But Oh Glory Glory Beauty Day!!!
In my secret heart there was
A struggle as I grappled
With expectations and
Foolish issues of my place
Conscious ego demanding
Recognition while True I
Watched the glory sky
Heaven light unfolding
The Beauty Day’s transcedant
Wonder displacing
My ego’s incessant hurt yammer
To my husband helping doctors
We went arriving a bit early
On the way before to the
Tractor store detour
Where crazy wild stayed
Outside to take photos of
The sky while windy Martius
Blew old rain away revealing
 Blue Florida sky

In my head the double
Harmony the counterpointed
Refrain resentment and awe
Irritation pain and bother
Under the carrying tune
Love concern and caring
With the heart beating percussion
Chorused refrain no reciprocation
No reciprocation
Follow the melody with
A different tune
Let me transcend
My hidden need
Please oh please let me
Expand what is True I
Let my heart be of the sky
Bear … 03.15.2014

ⓒ Bearspawprint


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10 comments on “III. GOD SMILED

  1. I can ‘see’ you with your camera photographing the clouds at play.
    You — Like a Sound Below- in deeds.



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