Uakti — “Shadowside” — Music Themes

The Music Theme SHADOWSIDE was chosen by Madeline for this week.
Shadowside – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Shadowside is a heavy metal band with female vocals from Brazil drawing from influences of Thrash and Hard Rock.”
Johnny’s has chosen the Music Theme for next week: “THE DRIVE”
As there is always something unsaid, some mystery, with each of the theme choices and with the music participants use to follow in the various themes, as well as the hidden and sometimes unknown stories behind the music itself and the musicians, I thought I would post only one selection this week. To represent that unknowable background of which we only see the polished surface.  I have selected another Brazilian group, Uakti, whose music carries the shadowy mystery of Amazonia .

Uakti “… is a mythical musician described by the Tucano people of the Alto Rio Negro region of the Amazon. According to the legend, the creature had holes in his body such that they would produce sound when he ran or the wind blew through him.[1] This music (was so beautiful the sounds) seduced the women of the tribe and so the other men burned and buried his body. The myth holds that out of Uakti’s remains grew the palm trees from which the Tukanos’ flutes are made. The women of the Tukano Indians are thus not allowed to play flutes.

The Brazilian instrumental group Uakti takes its name from this myth.”  Uakti (myth) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


 Tiquiê River / Japurá River — Uakti
13min 41sec.
Sesc em São Paulo

“O grupo instrumental mais original do país está de volta apresentando seu arsenal de instrumentos de sons mágicos no espetáculo “Uakti 4 Tempos”, que propõe uma síntese dos quatro últimos trabalhos do grupo. Com Artur Andrés (flautas); Paulo Santos (percussão); Décio Ramos (percussão); Josefina Cerqueira (percussão) e Regina Amaral (piano e teclado)”.Sesc em São Paulo
MARVELOUS MADELINE: ♪Shadowside – Music Theme
JOHNNY: Johnny
LISA OF THE LIGHT: Music Theme – Shadowside


Calcite and Blue Smoke

Agawela and her moon stone
Her life became
A mythical epic
Out of human proportion
Secretly living
Alone Traversing
She flies she walks
She dances running
On and on living
Seeking the Answer
That would release her
From her wandering
Vigilant searching
Blue Smoke for a Home
She carried in a sack
On her back filled
With books and rocks
Music and mysteries
Eating dreams and sky
She viewed the world
From mountain tops
The air so clear crisp
Crunched when chewed
Sweet and nourishing
Her teeth not yet worn
From grinding gravel
Preparing road beds
For those who
Require she lay
Four lanes to follow
Where there
No longer visible
Is access carried
Through nascent
Clouds a path
To stars dancing
Veiled revealed
Through Blue Smoke
All enchantment
Removed by love
Entrapping lies
Sequential time
Imprisoning light
And shadow her
Task to chew
Gravel singing
Stories transformed
By duty by love
A road bed
A pathway
Agawela opens her
Mouth to spit sand
A bottomless cave
Obscured by
Waves of Blue Smoke

Blessed ashes cover
A crystalline
Moon Stone
Marking Agawela’s memory
The way away
Calcite glows with
Night moon light
Bear … 02.20.2015
ⓒBearspawprint 2015

The Devil Is Beating His Wife

I raised my small arms
To the wondrous rain.

Billions of rounded
Prisms glistened with
Sparkling cooling
Rainbows of crystal
Faerie kisses soothing
My hot brow, wetting
My long hair that gave
Me an elfin shade from
The now smiling sun
Dancing in the falling
Late afternoon soft
Warm perfect
Barely splashing…

“Grandmother, Mother
Look! Oh see! Come out
Come out!”

“What now?
Oh. I see.”

“That is just the Devil
Beating his wife.”

Grandmother and Mother
Returned to their tasks,
Nodding to each other
In a rare moment
Of womanly agreement.

Mother echoed
Sidelong glance at
My wet self, standing
Just beyond the shelter
Of the roof.

“How can the Devil
Beat his wife?
The Devil doesn’t
Have a wife.
Who would marry
The Devil?”

Again Grandmother
And Mother shared
That strange look.
So strange because
They never agreed
About anything.

Mother looked at
Me, for once with
Compassion rather
Than contempt.

“Many are the
Foolish girls
Who have
Married devils
For nothing
But their charm.”

“Child, one day
You will see
These devils
Dancing ’round
Preening and
Crowing and
Making promises.
Lying and
Knowing of
Their devilish charm.”

“This rain is
The Rain of Woman’s
Silent Tears.”

“Too late do
Many women see
The Devil shed
His Cloak of Charm.
It’s useless to
Cry for what
Is already done,
When there is
Work to be done.”

“Go on now.
Play in the
Sorrow of Women.
Today it is glittering
Rounded prism of
Warm and soothing
Girlhood rain.”

” But know, Child,
When the sun is
Shining and a
Gentle rain
is falling,
Both at
The same time…”

“The Devil
Is Beating
His Wife.”

Bear … 07.08.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint