The Un-Player

In the Olden Days
I owned a
record player
And records.
It came
To be,
That my
Record player
Wouldn’t play,
Due to a
Loose wire
Or something.
Three year old
Was delighted
When his Daddy,
With his
In physics,
And his
for being
Able to
Fix anything,
Said that
He would
Fix it,
And David
Could help.
David was
Not amused
When the
Record player
David was
I confess,
that I was
For almost
Five minutes.
Our Hero,
My husband,
His Daddy,
The Musician
The wire
To the
Wrong spot,
Or something.
He would not
Take the
Apart, again.
It was another
Four years
The Boys
And I
Were able
To hear
The new,
Record Player
Was sold,
Along with
Our house,
And, almost,
Else, to
Our move
To Japan.
Bear … 07.14.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint
This incident really happened, but was a long time ago, in another life-time. That old record player un-played, for ever after. Perhaps it was just a mistake, or perhaps it was done as a joke, or perhaps it was done to hear the backwards recordings that were reputed to be on some popular records. I don’t know, I suppose I will never know, for sure. I do still own a few records from that era, which was thirty, forty and fifty years ago. I don’t recall the final fate of the Un-player.

6 comments on “The Un-Player

  1. Robert says:

    A lovely trip down memory lane. I recall some pieces of classical music has to be recorded on multiple records 🙂


    • Recorded on multiple records then reduced to one record to get multiple tracks into two stereo tracks? If so, I hadn’t thought about that, but oldest son (the 3yr old) was a techie, even then, and would have been aware of recording techniques…. He is still tech savvy about everything, especially music. ..

      Or because they were too long, time wise? Does all of the 9th fit on front and back of one record?



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