DISTANCE — Music Theme

Lisa chose as our Music theme this week: DISTANCE
FARAWAY can be a mirage of distance  and faraway can also produce mirages.
Altan Urag – Mirage of Faraway

NEAR can be a sudden realization that what seemed far has always been near.
Nearer My God to Thee —Traditional Hymn by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)  arranged by James Horner — Titanic

Just after 2.00 a.m. as the Titanic began settling more quickly into the icy North Atlantic, popular  dance tunes  that had floated  across her decks suddenly stopped as Bandmaster Wallace Hartley tapped his bow against his violin. Hartley and his musicians, all wearing their lifebelts now, were standing back at the base of the second funnel, on the roof of the First Class Lounge, where they had been playing for the better part of an hour. There were a few moments of silence, then the solemn strains of the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee” began drifting across the water.
SOMEWHERE can be somewhere in time or it can be somewhere in place or it can be anywhere or maybe nowhere.
Somewhere My Love, Lara’s theme — Maurice Jarre — Dr. Zhivago — Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

MILES can separate people less than unreal expectations and shame and fear.
Five Hundred Miles ~ Hoyt Axton

CLOSE  can be a very small distance, and with courage, close can be  enough to keep death just far enough away for life to go on.
Stampede — David Hirschfelder —Australia

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2 comments on “DISTANCE — Music Theme

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