There was a power outage today with a surge, just before. The surge rang all the land-line telephones, then all went dark, including my monitor. Oops. I was trying to download some pictures of the rain!
All was not lost, I retrieved my memory card and took  more photos. When the power was back on, I found that the original small batch of photos was intact.
Usually both of our dogs hide under my bed when it rains, especially if there is lightening. But only if I am in the same room. If I am elsewhere, they try to hide under my feet. This does not work, because I stand on my feet. It also jiggles my camera.  Even so, a few photos are not too bad.
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

North East Florida.

Raining  ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

Raining ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014




4 comments on “Rain

  1. Simon Banks says:

    In the days when my mother had three cats, there was once a sudden torrential thunderstorm where she lived in a house in a street on a steep hill. One cat ran upstairs and under the bed. One completely ignored all the noise. The third jumped up to stare out of the window at water cascading down the street.

    Interesting possible misprint: POWER OUTAGE…POWDER OUTRAGE.


  2. cindy knoke says:

    oh i wish we had some of your rain!! glad you saved your memory card!


    • Despite the rain, the water table is still low here, due to too many deficit years. The fire years. (knock on wood) and years of (dare I say it) too much tapping of the aquifer and using rivers to irrigate and quench the thirst of industries and urban areas. Also if the rain falls too fast, it all turns into run-off instead of soaking in. We need more female rains… the sort that is gentle and lasts a long time. When there are heavy down pours we need even MORE so that there is enough to flood a little and have a chance to saturate the soil. Sigh.

      Are you in a rain shadow? Or an actual drought? Your beautiful photos don’t look like drought. But maybe you are careful with backgrounds and crop. Will you have to change your plantings to more drought tolerant species? Is drier a permanent trend?

      Part of my early teen years I lived in Lakeview, Oregon …. just north of alkali Goose Lake, and part of those years in Mapleton, Oregon on the Siuslaw River … Near O% humidity to 100% …….U.S Forest Service .



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