Transient Wishes

All of the stars
Have fallen,
Heavy with
Transient wishes.
Nacreous clouds
Illuminate the abyss,
Inverted upwards,
Bottomless, infinite.
Dreams undreamed
Are falling stars
Caught sparkling
On black wings.

Crows fly
Through iridescence,
Returning to heaven,
The brightest stars.
Bear… 09.17.2014

Toutes les étoiles
Sont tombés,
Trop lourd avec
Souhaits transitoires.
Nuages ​​nacrés
Éclairer l’abîme,
Vers le haut inversés,
Sans fond, infini.
Rêves pas rêvé
Sont des étoiles filantes
Capturé étincelante
Sur les ailes noires.

Corbeaux voler,
À travers irisation,
Convoyage Retour à les cieux,
Les étoiles les plus brillantes.
Bear… 09.17.2014

Alle Sterne
Gefallen sind,
Schwer mit
Transient Wünsche.
Nacreous Wolken
Beleuchten den Abgrund,
Invertiert nach oben,
Bodenlose, unendlich.
Träume ungeahnte
Sind gefallen Sternen
Gefangen glitzernden
Auf den schwarzen Flügeln.
Krähen fliegen,
Durch Perlmutt-Wolken
Rückkehr in den Himmel,
Die hellsten Sterne.
Bear… 09.17.2014

Rivers Flowing In Circles

All in it’s time,
Though time
Is all gone.
Day is finished,
Night has begun.
The rain
Does not stop.
Blue ice vines,
Twine through
Rivers flowing
In circles.

Tout dans son temps,
Bien que le temps
Est tous partis.
Journée est terminée,
Nuit a commencé.
La pluie
Ne s’arrête pas.
Vignes de glace bleue,
Ficelle par
Rivières qui coulent
Dans les cercles.

Alles in ist es Zeit,
Obwohl die Zeit
Ist alles weg.
Tag beendet ist,
Nacht hat begonnen.
Die regen
Nicht zu stoppen.
Blaue Eis reben,
Durch Verdrehen
Flüsse fließenden
Im Kreis.

Humans can not bring about this RENDEZVOUS. No one knows the hour nor the appointed time … Les êtres humains ne peuvent pas apporter ce rendez-vous … البشر لا يمكن أن تجعل هذا التعيين

But about that day and about that hour no one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, but The Father alone

Mathew 24:36
Aramaic Bible in Plain English


Les êtres humains ne peuvent pas apporter ce rendez-vous.
البشر لا يمكن أن تجعل هذا التعيين

Humans can not bring about this RENDEZVOUS.
No one knows the hour nor the appointed time …
Not with mayhem
Not with gore
Not with war
You can not make this happen.
Not with wishes
Not with prayer
Not with abnegation, no.
There is nothing we can do
Live our lives as best we can,
Manifest goodness by example.
Be kind.
And have some descent fun.
And treat our Earth
And homes, and the homes of others,
With care and respect.
These places are not ours.
They all belong to the future.
Everything is only ours to care for.
What will our works look like,
In the eyes of our grandchildren?
Oh yes. they will judge us.
What will they find?
Piles of garbage in odd places?
Trees grown around metal,
Bullets, nails and wire?
Sea creatures full of plastic
And glow in the dark cats?
Porpoises with multi heads,
Caged foxes with spotted fur?
Hormone rivers and
Dead horses?
Mutated wolves and
Four legged birds?
Corpses of babies
With their heads elsewhere?
Are there buttocks in your soup?
Is there evidence of barbarism
We thought we’d long outgrown?
Great grandchildren,
How to explain the permanent
The End Of The World (as we know it)?
This ongoing mess making nonsense?
What excuses are there
For sadistic,
Mindless, bad behavior,
With eternal consequences?
Ugly cruelty, with
Blood and guts all
Over Mama’s bombed
Out kitchen floor,
Is NOT going
To call any Messiahs.
Not one, not two, NONE, ZERO !!
Get over it.
Grow up.
You are calling for your own death.
A terrible death that is NOT martyrdom
It’s a waste. Murder is sin.
No matter what.
Provoking war is sin.
Not a plea for the Messiah.
You Bad Guys best watch out.
It is Human Beings who will
Descend on you.

It is the wailing ghosts
Of headless babies
Who will haunt your dreams,
And steal you sleep.

It is the ghosts of
Bloodless Mothers who
Will follow you through
Eternity until you find
A way to change your being
And make good on your debts.
There will be a Messiah
Sooner or later, or here won’t.
It is NOT up to you, or me.
You can plead and cry and
Chop and kill and wail and die.
No difference as to when.
Only difference
Is a mess, right here.
And you die a worthless death.
Turning yourself into a devil,
Is not good. You’ll miss out
On all that IS good, wonderful
And fun and beautiful.
So you bloody fool Jinn
Just STOP.
Bear …09.15.2014

Simply Stop

Who are
You answering
The Devil’s
Wailing call
Smirking in
Nasty ugly glee
Into gore
Are you Kali’s
Hunters synchophants
Trophy heads
Courageous dead
Refusing to speak
Remove eternal
Present turn
Brightest tomorrow
Into a monstrous death today
Devils play
With destruction
And bloody war
Damning our children
Into mutations of
Begging horror
Tomorrow’s hate
There is
No way
Except to
Know you
That tomorrow
Has already
Before us been
The universe
Is vast
Our foolish selves
Yet all
Is One
We are all
All the infinite One
Bear … o9.14.2014

Your Glance

I read the message
Revealed in
Your beautiful
Slippery eyes
When your glance
Crosses mine
Sliding past
Sliding away
Following your gaze
Over my shoulder
I look behind myself
To study the wall
The colors
The textures and light
What story is there in
The ancient stain glyphs

I wonder if you
Also dream scented dreams
Turning back
You have gone

I know the message
Revealed in
Your beautiful
Slippery eyes
Bear … 09.13.2014