FORGOTTEN — Music Themes

Johnny  chose the music theme FORGOTTEN for this week.

Music can be a guide
That takes one
So far outside,
Expanding experience,
So that self
Is forgotten,
There is no memory
And all is One.
Music can take one
So far within,
That the personal
Merges with the music,
So that the
Curtain of illusion
Is forgotten,
All is illusion,
And all is one.

I have some personal music favorites which I use as transportation to the OTHER, to the FORGOTTEN, that I did not use, opting instead for performances new to me. Some of these I selected for their being appropriate to the theme, a few for that beautiful quality that transports the listener to a new realm, somewhere that maybe is not entirely new, somewhere visited by musicians and listeners now and again, somewhere only FORGOTTEN for a while …

Perhaps one of these pieces will be a guide to the FORGOTTEN for you?
.Lana Trotovsek – J.S.BACH: Fugue from Violin Sonata in G minor
.Lana Trotovsek, of Slovenia, has such close to perfect execution that I am able to forget about the work and time and effort that goes into learning and practice and just give myself over to listening….
.FORGOTTEN REALMS — Thomas Bergersen — Two Steps From Hell
.FORGOTTEN — Azam Ali — Loga Ramin Torkian
.FORGOTTEN WORLDS— Delerium — Lisa Gerrard — Klaus Schulze — Ocean of Innocence
. The Electro Suite –The Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST – Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six –
Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Steve Mazzaro and Andrew Kawczynski
.Music sometimes guides the listener almost too far inward into psyche all too realistic, through the music characterization, so that there is understanding, blurring the lines between what is manufactured and what is real. Perhaps it is more pleasant for some experience to be FORGOTTEN, to not know at all ……
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Eva:  is busy working on her manuscript … 600 pages and still it flows.   Eva sent this link and comment:  “Keiko Matsui ‘s Deep Blue is something I listen to a great deal while writing– I have her cd by the same title.”

Next week’s theme is  ESSENTIAL.


Waiting Voice

As you are
So empty
Fill your self
Difficult tasks
As you do not
Worn out
Have anything
No love
Nothing to do
Do that which
No one wants to do
Ugly broken
I know that
You will not
Mind to do these
But bothersome
Awkward dangerous
Time consuming
Wearying thankless
Patched together
You don’t mind
Because you
After all should
Space clouds cosmos
Be grateful
To breathe
I provide you
With something
All around beauty
Lost where
To do with your
Time Useless
Everywhere pain
I do not care
For your mystery
I too
Am waiting
For your
True voice
To stop this
Bear … 07.14.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

STOP THE VIOLENCE IN GAZA — Amnesty International

.  Israel/Gaza: All sides must protect civilians as conflict escalates
Israel/Gaza: Attacks on medical facilities and civilians add to war crime allegations
Prevent further war crimes after Israeli ground assault
Israel/Gaza: UN must impose arms embargo as civilian death toll rises


Stop the violence in Gaza

A mother weeps at the funeral of her 16 year old son in Gaza © EPA/MOHAMMED SABERCivilians are paying the price for Israel’s latest Gaza offensive with their homes and lives.

Call on the US and UK Governments to stop arms transfers to Israel, and help stop the violence in Gaza.

Take action

Our action to the US Government is part of a coordinated campaign by Amnesty activists around the world to halt arms supplies to Israel, Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups and call for a comprehensive UN arms embargo.


… Of the hundreds of Palestinians killed since Israeli air strikes began, the vast majority have been civilians – many of them children.

Indiscriminate attacks against civilians is prohibited under international law. Yet countries continue to supply weapons to Israel to facilitate potential war crimes.

Call on the US and UK Governments to stop arms transfers to Israel, and help stop the violence in Gaza.

The violence in Gaza has been devastating. Since 8 July over 550 have been killed (including at least 52 children), and more than 1,700 injured. Attacks against civilian homes have left over 10,000 homeless – and more than half of Gaza’s population are without water.

The situation is dire, and with the ground invasion now under way we expect the numbers of civilian casualties and the destruction of Gaza’s crippled infrastructure to increase. Disturbingly, reports are emerging that hospitals have been attacked.

We need to de-escalate the situation, and fast. Demand the US and UK Governments take a stand and stop supplying arms to Israel.

The US is by far the largest exporter of military equipment to Israel, giving over $3 billion in annual “Foreign Military Financing”.

As long as there is a substantial risk these arms will be used to commit the violations we’re seeing now, all arms supplies to Israel must stop. The same is true for those supplying Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups. The world cannot continue to fuel this conflict.

In hope,

Michael Hayworth
Crisis Response Coordinator
Amnesty International Australia

Please, Before You Decide…..

Khana graciously answered my questions, then gave me permission to use her replies as a blog post.

Everything has always seemed so simple to me, though not so easy to do. For all of my own decisions I ask, “What is best for the children and their children and their children?”.

Unfortunately not everyone agrees with what I think children need or what is good for children.

I think the opportunity for happiness, security of self worth, the means of having the best possible good health, and knowing of unconditional love from at least one person, are what is required for a child’s care.

When Khana described her “mixed family”, I was delighted!!

As for war and bickering and feuding:

Just stop. Think of the children, and that is all. Recently some similar things have passed back and forth in comments on another post…

Then Khana said it succinctly and beautifully. Khana lives in Israel.

Khana says:


Hello Bear, thank you for your concern.  We are all safe at present.
We are a mixed family, so our sympathy, our fears, radiate in all directions.
W live in hope of an end, in sha’Allah, to these terrible times.

So true Bear, in our case mixed family means Brits, Caribbeans, Arabs, Jews (religious; non-religious), Christians; Pagans.
That’s just family, if I started to list friends the list would be much longer, wider reaching.
Of course non of this will undo the past, but if everyone would start living in the present; looking to the future, maybe we could create a brighter future, if not for ourselves at least for our children; our children’s children.
After all it’s their heritage we are creating here.
Thank you again for your love, concern, it is very much appreciated.


I would be very happy for you to use my reply on your blog; please feel free to link back to me if you wish. You won’t be putting us in any danger I assure you. Many people here are very open minded, keen to have better communication, understanding. It is a minority of extremists, as always, that want to be constantly at each others throats.

Thank you, Khana, for all that you have done.


HIV/AIDS Researchers Onboard Downed MH17


18 July 2014 | People Events
Joep Lange and at least five others heading to Melbourne meeting were on board downed plane

I Weep The Memories Of Agawela

Is it
A process
Of will
That I am
I weep

Too grand
That should
Too fragile
Not be
A siren
Both of Maya

And warning
As love
Can not
Be aimed
Oh yes to

Argue is
As a
Sun beam
In all

It can
Be once
Was gone
It is
Just is
Or just is

Green growth
Over growth
Ultra violet
Not and

What is
In gracious
By contrast

Of such a
Of which

To be
Total hidden
Behind the

Veil required
For too
Much sun
Or fools
More beautiful

Than possible
Never in
Is path
To reality
Of missiles
Crashed planes

Gorgeous velvet
Of black
Smooth unknown
My sleep
Your love

Zoo of
My home
The desert
Garden of
No air
I live

Alone on
The other
Side of
The Moon
A Spirit
There is

An Eye
In unknown

Colony of
Or disease
This garden

Glory song
Or are they
The insects
Others here

And after
Who my
Or beings

Dine’ binary
Beyond mind
Nano fractals

Night contained
Morning moon
Sky that isn’t
All directions
All dimensions

My thought
So small
I weep
The memories
Of Agawela
Bear …07.17.2014
ⓒBearspawprint 2014
Agawela = Old Woman (Cherokee)

DISTANCE — Music Theme

Lisa chose as our Music theme this week: DISTANCE
FARAWAY can be a mirage of distance  and faraway can also produce mirages.
Altan Urag – Mirage of Faraway

NEAR can be a sudden realization that what seemed far has always been near.
Nearer My God to Thee —Traditional Hymn by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)  arranged by James Horner — Titanic

Just after 2.00 a.m. as the Titanic began settling more quickly into the icy North Atlantic, popular  dance tunes  that had floated  across her decks suddenly stopped as Bandmaster Wallace Hartley tapped his bow against his violin. Hartley and his musicians, all wearing their lifebelts now, were standing back at the base of the second funnel, on the roof of the First Class Lounge, where they had been playing for the better part of an hour. There were a few moments of silence, then the solemn strains of the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee” began drifting across the water.
SOMEWHERE can be somewhere in time or it can be somewhere in place or it can be anywhere or maybe nowhere.
Somewhere My Love, Lara’s theme — Maurice Jarre — Dr. Zhivago — Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

MILES can separate people less than unreal expectations and shame and fear.
Five Hundred Miles ~ Hoyt Axton

CLOSE  can be a very small distance, and with courage, close can be  enough to keep death just far enough away for life to go on.
Stampede — David Hirschfelder —Australia

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