The Gift Of Art

I was trying
To remember,
What do I like?
Do I have a favorite
Color which has
Not yet been seen?
Is there an unknown
Flavor that is
Especially pleasant?
Is there a beverage,
Untasted, which
Is my favorite?
What activities
Would I pursue
If I had my druthers?
I know that I dream
To live everywhere
That I have visited,
And I want to visit,
And live in,
The rest of this World.
It will require many
Lifetimes to live
That many possibilities.
I wanted to follow
All of the potentials.
But always the fateful
Coins told me:
Do not climb the
High mountain.
Do not cross the
Wide Ocean.
Be virtuous and
All will be well.
But I have climbed a few
High mountains, anyway.
And, I have even crossed
The Widest Ocean.
Everywhere I have been
Was the most beautiful
Place on Earth.
All of the people
Were the most
And kindest
People on Earth.
Except for a few, here
And there, el pimiento.
When I was very young,
In my fantasies,
I was a nomad artist,
Poet, novelist, musician,
Weaver, artisan,
And I danced with
The Moon, and the Stars,
And with Trees, and with
Rivers, and Waterfalls, and
In Oceans, and in Lakes,
And clear crystal Springs.
I danced all around
The Mountains, the Gorgeous
Dry Mountains, and Green Verdant Mountains,
And Snowy Sky Mountains,
And Rocky Mountains,
And I danced in Valleys, and
Homes, and Gardens, and Fields,
And all across the Earth,
And always I danced in
The Hearts of my Lovers.
And now,
As a much
Older Woman,
As Agawela,
I dream
The same.
I wish
To revisit
Where I have
Been already
Or live
Another life
This life
I have already
Lived. I wish
For more life.
How can there be
More life than life?
It is that
Fernweh again.
Away. Away.
I wish I were away.
And then away from
That place, too.
The Gift of Art,
Is that it is possible.
Bear …10.28.2014


7 comments on “The Gift Of Art

  1. Lisa says:

    This is so very beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Genie says:

    Deep and gorgeous poem. It takes one on the journey with you. A magic carpet ride.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You reminded me of Scheherazade, so I looked on You Tube, and here is the exact recording I had in 1969, even the picture that was on the sleeve. And a little farther back to age10. I was 3rd violin playing Sinbad in the proto Ocala Community Orchestra. The arts truly are a magic carpet. Thank you. Shall we Away?
      Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade (Svetlanov – USSR State Symphony Orch. – 1969)


      • Genie says:

        I listed to the entire video this morning and it’s such relaxing music; great performance.
        Do you still play the violin?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Rarely. No, that is not honest. No, I don’t play violin anymore … l..o..n..g … complicated story.

          I am grateful that there are recordings and composers and musicians to transport us on magic carpets into and through imagination, time, and everywhere we can allow ourselves to go, and even away from or through experiences we would rather not have.

          I am so glad you said “magic carpet”. ⭐ I’m also glad you are yourself, Genie with your own special magic, and not a Genie trapped in an oil lamp.

          Thank you for all that you have done.



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