The Gift Of Art

I was trying
To remember,
What do I like?
Do I have a favorite
Color which has
Not yet been seen?
Is there an unknown
Flavor that is
Especially pleasant?
Is there a beverage,
Untasted, which
Is my favorite?
What activities
Would I pursue
If I had my druthers?
I know that I dream
To live everywhere
That I have visited,
And I want to visit,
And live in,
The rest of this World.
It will require many
Lifetimes to live
That many possibilities.
I wanted to follow
All of the potentials.
But always the fateful
Coins told me:
Do not climb the
High mountain.
Do not cross the
Wide Ocean.
Be virtuous and
All will be well.
But I have climbed a few
High mountains, anyway.
And, I have even crossed
The Widest Ocean.
Everywhere I have been
Was the most beautiful
Place on Earth.
All of the people
Were the most
And kindest
People on Earth.
Except for a few, here
And there, el pimiento.
When I was very young,
In my fantasies,
I was a nomad artist,
Poet, novelist, musician,
Weaver, artisan,
And I danced with
The Moon, and the Stars,
And with Trees, and with
Rivers, and Waterfalls, and
In Oceans, and in Lakes,
And clear crystal Springs.
I danced all around
The Mountains, the Gorgeous
Dry Mountains, and Green Verdant Mountains,
And Snowy Sky Mountains,
And Rocky Mountains,
And I danced in Valleys, and
Homes, and Gardens, and Fields,
And all across the Earth,
And always I danced in
The Hearts of my Lovers.
And now,
As a much
Older Woman,
As Agawela,
I dream
The same.
I wish
To revisit
Where I have
Been already
Or live
Another life
This life
I have already
Lived. I wish
For more life.
How can there be
More life than life?
It is that
Fernweh again.
Away. Away.
I wish I were away.
And then away from
That place, too.
The Gift of Art,
Is that it is possible.
Bear …10.28.2014