Quoting a Bear’s Child


Not too long ago Dear Son IV

said to me  “I can’t brain today.

I has a dumb.”

Uh Oh.  I didn’t realize it runs

in families.


2 comments on “Quoting a Bear’s Child

  1. Love this! So human…so real…so down-to-earth….so family!


    • Really for real. I’ve been blessed with the four sweetest, most thoughtful, nicest, most fun and interesting sons possible. The three oldest 40, 37 (birthday in 3 days), 32 (birthday in almost 2 weeks) have wonderful clever, smart, beautiful interesting fun wives. (Knock on Wood). Dear Son IV is only 19 and commuting to college. I was also blessed to have gained custody of my Little Sister, who is now 53. I do get nostalgic for when they were all young(er). —- Yes Family —- XO Bear



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