8 comments on “Bear With Sun

  1. Robin Claire says:

    Do you draw these yourself?! Wow! Beautiful!


  2. merayer says:

    Reblogged this on an eternal whim and commented:
    Stunning work. So thankful to have stumbled upon this today!


  3. willowdot21 says:

    I do I love it , what an amazing mother you are !!


    • what appears gray or charcoal is actually silver and what appears flat yellow is a golden color with gold metal flecks.
      As you can tell there is no one to discuss anything with. So I am running off at the type. Thank you for letting me “talk”. I’m “out of my comfort zone” posting even these faulty images. Somehow they are even more personal than words. —- Bear


  4. willowdot21 says:

    I absolutely love this!! did you paint it yourself it is so vibrant. 🙂 xx 😉


    • Thank you. This a birthday gift for Dear Son II who will be 38 on July 7. Dear Son IV photographed and posted it in an email to me so I could put it here. Never took a photo of anything I made, before. And in this case, it isn’t quite finished in the photo. Oh well. But it does put me in mind of the hot summer full of heat and growth and motion when he was born….though I don’t suppose he’ll realize that personal part…..he won’t see that I wrote it on the back, concealed by the frame. I’m glad that you, another Mother, like it. — Bear Mama



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