Not Now

As I forced
My way down
The do it
Later hall,
I found my
Self entering
A side room
Entirely filled
With procrastination,
So thick and
Murky and heavy
I felt as if
I were trying
To breathe molasses.
I decided to
Waite until
Time told me
That everything
Was hunky dory,
And someone
As expected,
Rescue me
In due course.
Bear… 08.08.2015


11 comments on “Not Now

  1. Hey Bear I get this and feel this way too sometimes. I think rescuing myself has been the key for me personally. Also realizing that I’m okay just like I am. With all my stuff all over the place! ❤ Big hugs to you!

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  2. quiall says:

    I would help!

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    • ❤ ❤ ❤
      PS I still cannot access your blog through links. This is a borrowed computer, and I'm unable to do google searches either. Please forgive me for not visiting. 😦 Also, I am helping some elders with a do it later hall and their own procrastination room. Sadly, they were upstairs cavorting in denial until almost too late. I received an email with one word, which was in the subject line … "help" . So here I am, wading through it … making small, but significant bits of progress.

      Your replies and cheer and willingness and your practical, matter of fact, wonderful great attitude DO help, immensely. Thank you Pam.

      God bless you, my lovely friend.

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