Just Under Mind

Detours through Gwa Gwa take one just under
Mind from Maya are confusing when you’re new
Dimensions and reflections seem mysterious
The sign posts most peculiar and very few
Though residents don’t live there they do come
And go swarms of hopping people looking fleas
Fatigue and pain and sorrow are unremembered illusion
For soothing comfort one never needs beg or say please
Cycling through lost polar time manic blinking
Away seasons and hours pain multiple insane
There is glory music to accompany curving space
The upward wonder crescendo that doesn’t wane
When I traveled most in Gwa Gwa’s realms
Of course I actually dwelled in my Mother’s home
But detours over Gwa Gwa horizons allowed
My soul to dance flying in dreams I could roam
I was much blessed to be able to stay awakened
Awareness securely anchored behind Hell’s threshold
While innocent childish spirit wandered Gwa Gwa free
I loved my human demon keepers bought bought and resold
Bear … 03.11.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint






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