Egg Nog Riot of Christmas, 1826, at West Point



December 25, 1826, at West Point was not a typical Christmas morning. Cadets stumbled from their barracks, clothes torn or astrew. Many were barefoot, cursing, still drunk from the night before. Behind the cadets, West Point’s North Barracks stood in a state of near ruin. Windows had been smashed, along with the building’s furniture. Banisters had been ripped from stairways, thrown down with other rubble. Shards of shattered plates, dishes an cups lined the ground. Looking at the mix of hungover and drunk cadets, the officer of the day dismissed the corps. It had been a long night for everyone. There had been, after all, a riot–caused by egg nog.

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2 comments on “Egg Nog Riot of Christmas, 1826, at West Point

  1. Hi Bear.
    Are you egg-nogging with a vengence?
    Oh we have ICE here today.Just enough to make things dicey for all things car.
    West Pointers in 1826—smirk smirk.



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