Starlight Warmth

There has come to be a time, 
When I can choose, to make yesterday
A time when I felt no pain,
A time when I was never young.
Young could become a fantasy,
Of youth, fleeting
For a moment of joy, or
Agony, that is no longer.
To let it all go,
The good goes with the bad,
There is nothing left
Of the inextricably entwined.
But I shall sky dance in the ocean,
Breathing in darkness and starlight,
And I shall sweat heavy tears of despair
In the eternal sun-hot misery now.
I choose to keep it all,
The wild joys and freedom of youth,
The bitter yellow betrayals,
The glories of life and love.
I want to swim in all of remembrance,
Before forgetfulness takes me away.
Darkness is mystery and the yet to be,
Starlight includes the all.
I am my own sun-hot frozen despair.
I am the starlight warmth of hope.
I am all of my own deaths and lives.
We are all that was and will be.
Bear… 05.24.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014