The Work Of A Child

My fragile
So many
Years ago
To help
Me reach
More than
I was able
I’ve saved
The work
Of a child
A weathered
That even my
Youngest son
Has now
Grown tall
What I
He was
Once small
My little boy
Of six
Even then
To help
Me be stronger
And stretch
Than it
Seemed ever
I would be able
Bear … 03.21.2015

Child constructed ladder.  Hanging here for many years. ⓒBearspawprint2014

‘ Child constructed ladder. Hanging here for many years. ⓒBearspawprint2014

Recently some rearranging was done, and the ladder, that Roy made, when he was about six, was moved.  It seems my regard is all that was holding it together.  Fortunately, I took this photo last year.  If I had been warned of the changes to be made, I would have moved it myself, but I was too late.   The symbolic value I see was not visible to another.  I have other mementos of my boys growing, and some others have also been sadly lost. I wish it were possible to preserve some of childhood, but  only the feelings and what has been learned can be carried forward.

Bear … 03.21.2015