Moonlight Nap

I started
To sleep
Under the moon;
All was comfy,
And I
Dozed off.
After a while,
The skeets said,
“Give it up.”
Enough comfy
Moonlight nap.
Only prickly
With the moonlight,
I have a few
And many
Red bites.
I walked
In the moonlight.
T’was not dark
At all,
But the shadows
Were bright
And moving.
The dogs barked
At the shadow
As much
As the scents,
But there
Were scents,
As well.
And sweet
That bloom
In moonlight.
Lots of eyes
Reflected the flash …
There was
Company in the woods.
I was not
Really alone,
At all.
We are never,
Each other.
Help apart
By shifting
Chimeras lurking
In shifting
Truth dancing
In moonlight
The skeets
with their
Screaming whines
“Give it up.”
Were lost
Long ago.
Agawela …04.21-22.2016

8 comments on “Moonlight Nap

  1. rezinate says:

    Try as I may I’ve never found a way to accept mosquitoes as part of the
    creation and remain convinced they are not – as to the moon hard to beat
    laying on your back looking up at it and nodding off as pine boughs gently
    sway above – the land a pillow for your head and the smell of the earth
    a blanket to wrap yourself in.
    Mosquitoes arent much of a problem here – if they were I’d be in a perpetual
    state of war with them and not taking any prisoners.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The worst mosquitoes I encountered found me one August night on riverbank in Canada where I camped one night. Before it was full dark I had gotten into the mud UNDER my ground cloth. Those little vampires would have sucked me dry!


      • rezinate says:

        A reputed deterrent is a couple of tablespoons of vinegar a day,
        might take a few days as a regimen but heard people swear by it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you for the good suggestion. Also LOTS of garlic. Both do alter scent and the vinegar alters PH. Too acidic – some folk get mouth sores. 😦 The skeets-by-the-river-bank trip was 45 years ago.


          • rezinate says:

            Then you have the comfort of knowing your particular antagonists
            at that time have passed on to their reward – such as it may be.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Probably reborn as future government officials. 😉 Still subject to being slapped down. Well figuratively, anyway. Even with the annoyance of skeets, walking at night is lovely. A breeze or mist or even heavy fog or clothing keeps bugs away, and to sleep, a smokey fire, or netting, works. In some places fires are not permitted, but ’tis OK here. Also we, at the moment do not have all of the mosquito vector diseases. Yet. Some that did not exist here 20 years ago, but not everything. Whew. So many parts of the world have terrible problems with vector born disease. 😦 quite a few WordPress bloggers have chronic malaria, for example. It is said that Toussaint Louverture, just before he was to be executed turned himself into a mosquito and so escaped. They also used the skeets to military advantage.


  2. Those dang skeets ruin so many things.



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