Widow of Sorrow

Darkness occludes
My vision
Turning the
Golden weather
Of Blue skies
Murky dark
Words of bile
Spill forth
From the
Bitter poisoned
Polluted spirit
Gone sour
And cancer
The best company
The only company
My heart ugly
With self hatred
How have I
Allowed such
As my gaze
Follows the
Sun setting
Finally leaves
Blacken and fall
Gray covers
The world
Mist silver
Trees leafless
Moss hanging
In tatters
Thoughts words
Gossamer and
Sticky as
By all ears
Rejected by
My own mouth
My long mossy
Silvery hair
Tangled with
Sticks and
Hateful words
I the Widow
Of Sorrow
Am also
The Widow Maker
I have made
Of myself
A monster
Bear… 10.23.2014

14 comments on “Widow of Sorrow

  1. Lisa says:

    Who told you that?! I swear I have something to say to whoever told you that. 😉


  2. Kate Houck says:

    This is so intense. Your word choice is extraordinary.



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