RENDEZVOUS — Music Themes

We are here, in this RENDEZVOUS, in the venue of our life on Earth.
TRIBUTE TO HOME — Injection — Hans Zimmer — Lisa Gerrard
4min. 48sec.

Pas de Deux – Rendez-vous
2min. 42 sec.

In what reality shall we RENDEZVOUS? When people meet in time, is everyone actually in the same place?
YULUNGA —  Into the Labyrinth — Dead Can Dance
6min. 55sec.

Yulunga = Spirit Dance — Australian Aborigine dialect
Not all RENDEZVOUS are as expected. The culmination of RENDEZVOUS created by deceit can be terrible.
BOAT TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS — Twelve Years A Slave — Hans Zimmer
5min. 15sec.

There are RENDEZVOUS which equal death and also the sum of life and purpose.
Go Forward — Whale Rider — Lisa Gerrard
5 min. 54sec.

But about that day and about that hour no one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, but The Father alone
Matthew 24:36
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Les êtres humains ne peuvent pas apporter ce rendez-vous.
البشر لا يمكن أن تجعل هذا التعيين
Humans can not bring about this RENDEZVOUS. The RENDEZVOUS must come into being of a volition greater than our small lives on this beautiful shared planet.
No one knows the hour nor the day nor the appointed time …
Maddie’s choice for our next Music Theme is: PURPOSE
Lisa:  Lisa shares her heart and life… Lisa,
Willow:  MUSICAL THEME : …   … a very nice musical RENDEZVOUS
Almost every living being and even what we commonly think of as things longs for a RENDEZVOUS  with  circumstances that allow for some transcendent experience.
3min. 31sec.

We are all constantly engaged in the RENDEZVOUS of the NOW, a constant of eternally intersecting instances evolving from  and with all, infinite in number, in size, in smallness, in intersections of all being.
ARRIVAL AND REUNION — Aion — Dead Can Dance
1min. 41sec.

When I was ten, I had a teacher who said,  “In English there are seven verbs of being. Learn them.”
Perhaps she meant, as my classmates seemed to think, that these seven words should be memorized, as a short list, for a small quiz. Or perhaps she was letting the class know that these words actually were verbs, so that it would be known where to place them in sentence diagrams.

But to my hearing, the command “Learn them” meant much more.
For me, this moment was a RENDEZVOUS with the idea of language as a vector of transcendence.

Wishing for a RENDEZVOUS with what never was.
SEPTEMBER — John Paul White
4min. 52sec.



23 comments on “RENDEZVOUS — Music Themes

  1. Oh the water via Whale Rider was soooo refreshing and invigorating to hear today, Bear.
    Purpose—now that’s perplexing indeed. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Lol, this eurovision is hilarious, homegrown talent meets international politics competition. It has gotten so bad they started allowing professionals to participate. Ah well, all good fun! 🙂
    Yulunga- the spirit chanting is quite good, this song resonates with me, I love the scenery.
    I haven’t seen the movie, Twelve Years A Slave, this soundtrack is quite crushing- like their destiny with doom.
    Very nice selections. The Civil Wars are cute, started checking out their discography.

    For our next theme, let’s go with PURPOSE.
    Well done Bear, thanks for sharing your treasures!


  3. Awesome videos, I really enjoyed these! Dead Can Dance are so unusual, I find their music very inspiring sometimes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. willowdot21 says:

    As ever Bear this is amazing so much to take in!


  6. […] Bear, Lisa, Willow and Maddie have great themes to check out too. Be sure to stop by. […]


  7. […] I thought I just  might  gatecrash  the Musical Theme  this week which  was chosen  by Bear  . The title of which today […]


  8. […] Bear chose the theme for this week and I have to admit it’s had me a stumped all week as to how I might approach it. This theme required massive teamwork with talks from Bear, emails from Maddie and even in depth conversations with Johnny. I knew Bear would take a full view earth approach as the matron and chooser of this theme. In the end I did my “go to” which is to check the etymology of the word: Rendez Vous, which means “present yourselves”. This highly irritated me because it felt like a command and I can see why people have lightened up a meeting place between two people at an appointed time to nothing more than a date or sexual. However my sweet friend BB’s voice rang through to me very clear in her poem Fade and so here I go… […]



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