THE RIDE — Music Themes (oops — supposed to be THE DRIVE)


JOHNNY chose the Music Theme THE RIDE for this week.  Oops, looks like Johnny said THE DRIVE, rather than the ride.  But I done did it this way.

LISA OF THE LIGHT has chosen CONFIDENCE as the next Music Theme.
Night Ride Across the Caucasus —  Loreena McKennitt
8min. 28sec.
Ride on Through the night Ride on
Ride on Through the night Ride on
There are visions, there are memories
There are echoes of thundering hooves
There are fires, there is laughter
There’s the sound of a thousand doves
In the velvet of the darkness
By the silhouette of silent trees
They are watching, they are waiting
They are witnessing life’s mysteries
Cascading stars on the slumbering hills
They are dancing as far as the sea
Riding o’er the land, you can feel its gentle hand
Leading on to its destiny
Take me with you on this journey
Where the boundaries of time are now tossed
In cathedrals of the forest
In the words of the tongues now lost
Find the answers, ask the questions
Find the roots of an ancient tree
Take me dancing, take me singing
I’ll ride on till the moon meets the sea
(chorus x2)
BolyongóHoldrejtek — The Moon and The Nightspirit
6min. 32sec.
Raphael Davant
Anyagba merülő,
egekre feltörő
Bolyongó, álmodó
ember és varázsló

Hamvak közt parázslik,
szén-éjben kialszik,
csillagban kinyílik,
ég-mélybe lehullik

Semmibe rohanó,
sötétből fényt gyúró
Bolyongó, álmodó
ember és varázsló

Hamvak közt parázslik,
szén-éjben kialszik,
csillagban kinyílik,
ég-mélybe lehullik
Go Forward — Whale Rider — Lisa Gerrard
5min. 53sec.

Māori Whale Riders | Whales  
Accordingto this legend, Paikea (the whale rider) assumed his name from this humpback whale which rescued him after his brother tried to drown him at sea. The whale later carried Paikea to the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, where he became the founder of the Ngāati Porou, a Māori tribe.”
Where am
I riding?
Take me?
Do I ride
Into imagination?
Do I ride
Into tomorrow?
Do I ride
Into your memory?
Do I ride
Away from
Am I the rider,
The ride
The journey,
And destination?
Does the ride
Have ending?
Bear … 04.29.2015
JOHNNY:  Johnny
LISA OF THE LIGHT:Music Theme – The Drive / The Ride
MADDIE: ♪The Drive – Music Theme

William Tell Overture — Rossini — William tell Overture Finale The Lone Ranger Meets Metal — 331Erock
3min. 16sec.
331Erock  It’s all just for fun.  Eric’s make up by Hayley Calderone.
Ghost Riders In The Sky — Frankie Laine
3min. 16sec.
Nemesis2900 video clips from Ghost Rider.



Maddie chose DEATH AND REBIRTH as the Music Theme for this week.
Johnny has chosen for the next music  theme: “All Guitar”, music centered around guitars.
SHE’S ALIVE … BEAUTIFUL … FINITE … HURTING … WORTH DYING FOR —  music by Armand Amar —  film footage from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s  HOME , also  Greenpeace and  compiled by  Bittu Sahgal at
4min. 58sec.
Bittu Sahgal

Can light be born from darkness? Is it possible that we not will not be reborn in our present form?  Will life always be born again? Can spirit live without the familiar home?  Will death and rebirth always follow, one after the other?  Are there beings  who consider what the universe would be like without themselves in it? Would Earth be peaceful without human beings? Would the cycles of birth, death, rebirth continue, both violent and peaceful, without humans? Are predators innocent in their hunger?  Are there other being who feel guilt for living? Is there rebirth in being food? Are bodies and spirits returned to their component parts, reverberating with creation, to be reformed in infinite oscillating cycles?
LIGHT — Thin Red Line — Hans Zimmer — additional music by Klaus Badelt & John Powell, conducted and compiled by Gavin Greenaway and orchestrated by Bruce Fowler & Yvonne S. Moriarty.
7min. 17sec.
MAGICAL MADDIE♪Death & Rebirth – Music Theme
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Music Theme – Death and Rebirth
JOHNNY WHO REMEMBERSMusic Theme – Death and Rebirth
Does love, in all it’s myriad aspects, change our perceptions of death and rebirth?
“Is it a mystery to live, or is it a mystery to die?”
SPANISH MARY –The New Basement Tapes — Rhiannon Giddens Live At Ricardo Montalban Theater — Lyrics by Bob Dylan
6min. 21sec.
Is it necessary to die in order to be reborn? Is it possible to be reborn within one lifetime? Is it possible to avoid death? Can death be postponed?  What reasons are there to postpone death?
DUEL WITH DEATH — Caótica Ana — Jocelyn Pook
2min. 34sec.
Can death be a comfort? Can death, itself, be an escape from intolerable circumstances? Can the thought of total annihilation be  soothing?  Is it more desirable to think of nothing, no after life, no rebirth, no enlightenment, no responsiblity, no existence, to be the void, without awareness forever? Is death complete and absolute, with nothing more?  Do sentient beings have a choice?
3min. 47sec.
What does it mean to be reborn? Do death and rebirth have the same meaning for everyone? Is there an endless cycle of death and life? Or does to be reborn mean to be spiritually cleansed? Is rebirth the same experience for everyone? Does rebirth happen in the same context for everyone?  Is spiritual purification possible for everyone? Does spiritual growth take place in one lifetime or many?  Have there been beings who have achieved perfect enlightenment, already? Have these Beings been reborn, over and over, by choice? Will they continue to be reborn yet again? Is it not possible for people to travel different life paths with different beliefs, and arrive at the same destination, merely having different descriptive words and rituals? Can anyone decide for another what is the best path to follow?
HALLELUJAH CHORUS — Georg Friedrich Händel, Messia —  Extra-Chor des Staatstheaters Wiesbaden –Projekt-Chor Johann-Strauss–Orchester — Johann-Strauss-Orchester Wiesbaden — Leitung: Herbert Siebert  http://www.johann-strauss-orchester-w…  — Weihnachtskonzert 19. Dezember 2010 — Wiesbaden, Kurhaus
4min. 05sec.
Have there been countless times of darkness with no life? Have these empty formless expanses already continued into the vastness beyond our awareness that ever will be and already existing before the conception of emptiness?
The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
The Creation
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
DAY ONE, DARK— Intersteller OST — Hans Zimmer
4min. 24sec.
Has there been already, in the time before our knowing, an infinity of rebirth through light and life from out of the void?
The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
3 ¶ And God said, Let there be light: 2 Cor. 4.6 and there was light.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
CHASE THE LIGHT – Amaria (Industry album) — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 24 sec.
Two Steps From Hell
Is it the Human Condition to never know anything for sure within the time of life on Earth? Must there always be an aspect of faith that we are even here together at all?

THE HUMAN CONDITION — Ամեն Հայր Սուրբ  — AMEN HAYR SOURP — Canticle of the Trinity – Songs From a World Apart –Lévon Minassian & Armand Amar — The Human Condition images created by Steve McCurry, video clip by Dijo Saochian
7min. 36sec.
Dijo Saochian

Is death always a tragedy? Can transcendent beauty be created from the death and suffering, to be enjoyed by others in this life? Are the arts an aspect of rebirth, every time work is created and enjoyed, over an over? Lies Renewed
REQUIEM — Mozart KV 626– Gregory Carreño — Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela
1hr. 17min. 12sec.
Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela
Simon Bolivar National Youth Choir of Venezuela
Samia Ibrahim, Soprano
Katiuska Rodriguez, Mezzo-Soprano
Robert Giron, Tenor
Alvaro Carrillo, Bass-Baritone
Gregory Carreño, Conductor
Sala Simón Bolívar, Centro de Acción Social por la Música

SPITE — Music Themes

Lisa says the theme for next week is TIME.

When I found that Johnny had chosen SPITE for the Music Theme for this week, my first thought was “Ouch!! That one pinches!!” And it does pinch me. I grew up with SPITE turning the very air to ground glass, and SPITE is hiding in the words I have to fight myself to not say. Oh they slip out sometimes. SPITEFUL words can be funny.  But it is SPITE, all the same, funny or no. It really is too easy to react to grievances  of one form or another with SPITE. One of the meanest most SPITEFUL things I do, when I have been hurt, is to use vocabulary which includes terms and words  for my reproach that I know are unfamiliar to the person with whom I am disappointed. This allows me to sooth my self-rightous, elitist superior wounded self. But it is a false victory.  It is merely lowly miserable SPITE.  If vocabulary spiced with obscure special interest is the only power I feel myself to have, I use  my words as an instructive lash. I am afforded a dark spiteful joy in my broken hearted grief.
Bear …01.04.2014
I know more
Words than you.
I can make a joke
And laugh and laugh
Especially if
My heart you broke.
I know more
Words than you.
But is it right
To win every debate
And win every fight,
Just because
I did the research and
I know I am right?
I know more
Words than you.

Does it show love
When I observe from above
I’m all alone
Here and blue,
But by golly
I command more
Words than you.
I can redundantly
Screech all complaints
With terms well
Beyond your
Vocabulary’s reach.
I can out argue you
But also,
There is no one
To talk with
And no one
To joke with
To share a good pun
Just for the fun.
I know plenty more
Obscure words
Than you.
And even if
I pronounce them all wrong,
You will never know.
You refuse to
Pay attention
To what I say
To stretch and reach and grow.
I have this small
Minor human flaw
But even if I do not speak them,
Nanny nanny boo boo
I know more
Words than you do.
Sadly, my secret elitist
Attitude is not endearing.
I correctly use language
As a harsh instructive lash.
Ain’t I just a spiteful bitch?
Those are some words even you might know.
When the adrenaline and cortisol flow
All the correct and reasonable,
Non-accusatory and fair
Sesquipedalian terms seem to glow.
I am determined I
Shall raise your erudition proficiency
To my own distinctive level.
As if you cared, at all,
That I know more,
Many more, confusing
Words than you.

One fall semester I had to take my five year old son with me to class. It was a two hour class twice a week. so I had to keep my little boy, up late, entertained, fed, and quiet while also engaging in class debate and asking questions that got the professor who was also a prosecutor, off into reminiscing about when he was a uniformed deputy (just for the fun of it).
Well, Willie ( his first name was Willie) had a bunch of his lawyer prosecutor buddies, including a couple of Feds to help him grade the finals. Yes I had my 5 year old with me, during the test, and when we got our papers back. Willie then read out all of the questions and quoted some of the more interesting answers, and some of his grading committee’s debates. In addition to the regular questions, he had included two bonus questions, each worth an additional 10%. On my paper one question was marked as wrong. When the discussion reached that point, I objected, on the grounds that I was right. Willie told me/the class that my answer was the one argued about the longest until they just took a majority vote. I wanted the impossible. I wanted 120% right. So I argued. And I was the only student to convince the state prosecutor to change a grade. The person who argued that it was wrong was a federal prosecutor. Fortunately Willie didn’t let his helpers know who the tests belonged to. When Willie told the class the Fed’s nickname, I knew exactly who he was. This particular federal prosecutor, and I, had hopped trains across Canada and hitchhiked the old Alaskan Highway through the Yukon to Alaska and back through Montana and all the way back to Florida, we camped out all the way. This particular Federal Prosecutor kept beer in his canteen instead of water. Aii Yii.
Willie said if I could counter all of ___’s argument points, I could have the question. I did. I earned 125% A++++ for the semester. I was the only student to go and listen to Willie argue a murder trial. So I got another 5% for the semester.  Never before or after did I get 125% average for a class. This is a true story illustrating my determination when I argue.
This is also why I have to be very careful, and bite my spiteful tongue.


People are able to take the worst situations and create beautiful works of art and awesome music and enjoy camaraderie in SPITE of hardship.
3min. 29sec.

<a href="/channel/UC80rOmBBIhtbXYEKMnz9vzg" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-ytid="UC80rOmBBIhtbXYEKMnz9vzg" data-name="" data-sessionlink="ei=DieAVMO9G4KtqQXkxYD4DQ">Alf</a>   Alf  uploaded the video and the following information and Lyrics.

Nehemiah Curtis “Skip” James (June 9,[1] 1902 — October 3, 1969[2]) was an American delta blues singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter. Born in Bentonia, Mississippi, he first learned to play guitar from another bluesman from the area, Henry Stuckey. His guitar playing is noted for its dark, minor sound, played in an open D-minor tuning with an intricate fingerpicking technique. James first recorded for Paramount Records in 1931, but these recordings sold poorly due to the Great Depression, and he drifted into obscurity. After a long absence from the public eye, James was “rediscovered” in 1964 by three blues enthusiasts, helping further the blues and folk music revival of the 1950s and early 60s. During this period, James appeared at several folk and blues festivals and gave live concerts around the county, also recording several albums for various record labels. He died in 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His songs have influenced several generations of musicians, being adapted by Kansas Joe McCoy, Robert Johnson, Cream, Deep Purple, Chris Thomas King, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Beck, Big Sugar, and Rory Block.


Hard time’s is here
An ev’rywhere you go
Times are harder
Than th’ever been befo’

Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm-hm

You know that people
They are driftin’ from do’ to do’
But they can’t find no heaven
I don’t care where they go

Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm-hm

People, if I ever can get up
Off a-this old hard killin’ flo’
Lord, I’ll never get down
This low no mo’

Um, hm-hm-hm
Hm, um-hm
Hm, hm-hm
Hm, hm-hm-hm

Well, you hear me singin’
This old lonesome song
People, you know these hard times
Can’t last us so long

Hm, hm-hm
Hmm, hmm
Hm, hm-hm
Hm, hm-hm, oh Lord

You know, you’ll say you had money
You better be sho’
But these hard times gon’ kill you
Just drive a lonely soul

Um, hm-hm
Umm, hmm
Umm, hm-hm
Hm, hm-hm-hm

Hmm, hm-hm-hm
Johnny     Johnny
Lisa    Lisa

Dragons — Music Themes

The Music Theme for this week is DRAGONS.
For next week Maddie has chosen   “Attitude of Gratitude”.
Hagalaz’ Runedance – On Wings Of Rapture
3min. 3sec.

Dragon fly! Dragon fly!
Through my eyes to the soul so old,
From where?
Dragon fly! Dragon fly!
Spirit so young, filled with dreams and hopes…
Never grow old!
Dragon fly! Dragon fly!
Broken Wings chained until the end
Beauty that will die
3min. 14sec.


The dragonblood tree earned its fearsome 
Name due to its crimson red sap, which is used as a dye and was used as a 
Violin varnish, an alchemical ignredient, and a folk remedy for various 
Ailments. (Image credit: Csilla Zelko)
Lord of the Rings:Return of the King. Eowyn protects Theoden from the Nazgul.
2 MIN. 22SEC.

Am I misguided if the DRAGONS that I slay are not the same DRAGONS that you want to be slayed?  Who is misguided? Must we slay our own personal DRAGONS, ourselves? Does the blood of DRAGONS have healing powers? If you slay your own DRAGONS, does that process provide healing? Can we help each other with the slaying of DRAGONS, or must we do it all alone. Must we give up if no one else understands which DRAGONS need to be slayed in order for healing to take place? Is accepting help part of healing? Is it the healing that is actually the reason for us all? Is it possible to live lives of love and service, even without being healed ourselves?
Everlasting — 2 Steps from Hell
2min. 50sec.

Csillag-Ős — The Moon And The Nightspirit with guest vocalists Catarina Raposo of Dwelling, Saskia Dommisse of Poets to their Beloved, and Alessandra Santovito of Hexperos
5min. 27sec.

CHASING DRAGONS — 2 Steps From Hell
1min. 27sec.

DRAGONS are not extinct:
Lisa:  Lisa
Johnny:  Johnny,
Maddie:  ♪Dragons – Music Themes
Peter,Paul & Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon
3min. 26sec.


WORK — Music Themes

Johnny chose the music theme WORK for this week.
Lisa has chosen THE FINE PRINT for next week.

Have you ever been in a WORK situation, so awful, so miserable, you felt as if you must have been cursed, so that all WORK became odious and bitter toil? How did you get there? How did you escape?
WYTCHES’ BREW — Omnia — Alive!
4min. 12sec.

“Double, double, TOIL and trouble…”
Even in now, in the Age of Aquarius, there are human beings in bondage. Slavery is wrong and the potential for evil in a system that allows slavery is as bad as it can get. Some misguided people even believe they are supposed to own other people. They are deluded.
LET MY PEOPLE GO — Paul Robeson

Dolly Parton wrote and sang 9 to 5 as part of the sound track for the movie 9 TO 5. She is singing about a WORK situation that has changed only superficially in the years since she wrote her song that seems fun, but is about a serious topic.
NINE TO FIVE — Dolly Parton
2min. 33sec.

The Communist Manifesto – Bourgeoisie and Proletariat  The rule of the Proletariat was supposed to be a WORKER’S paradise  It didn’t turn out that way.  Fortunately Russians are strong and resilient and know how to WORK or they could not have survived the harsh and beautiful land, itself, nor the Tsars, and Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, Georgy Malenkov, Nikita Khrushchev, and Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Konstantin Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev. The day after Gorbachev resigned the USSR dissolved. But the Russian people survived and thrive through hard WORK.
Песня о Волге Бурлаков – Красной Армии хор – Леонид Харитонов — Leonid Kharitonov & the Red Army Choir
4min. 13sec.

Most attitudes about WORK are learned in childhood.
Kibbutz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
עבודה היא לעוב
העובד לעבודה
שלום לעובד

ZUM GALI GALI — Pioneer Song of Israel
2min. 11sec.

Do some groups of people have more WORK than others? Is there WORK that is more difficult? What qualities make WORK worthwhile?Hutterite – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
HUTTERITE MILE — Sixteen Horsepower
4min. 37sec.

Everyone has WORK to accomplish in their lives. Each person’s WORK is unique. The words “…Ain’t nobody gonna carry your load…” apply to all of us. Dharma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .  Doc Watson probably did not think about Dharma WORK, as such, but he accomplished much in his chosen field.  He was loving and beloved though out his life. Doc Watson is one of my Dharma WORK heroes.
WALK ON BOY — Doc Watson And Richard Watson
3min.. 08sec.

“An eye infection caused Doc Watson to lose his vision before his first birthday. Despite this, he was taught by his parents to work hard and care for himself. ”
Doc Watson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Does WORK sometimes seem to be too difficult or painful? The Blues will help.
RAINSTORMS IN MY KNEES — Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
4min.  26sec.

Is the WORK required of Job, dʒoʊb, אִיּוֹב, ʾIyyôḇ, أيّوب, Ayyūb, a Prophet of the Gentiles, still required of us today?  Is the WORK required of Job’s family similar to ours?  What do you do next when your life’s WORK is taken and everything is gone?
MUDDY WATER — Seldom Scene
3min. 03sec.

Book of Job – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SPLINTERS — 16 Horsepower
5min. 19sec.


Gandy dancer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gandy Dancers used chants to facilitate work that required coordinated timing.

Berta Berta is a Parchman Prison WORK chant

BERTA BERTA — The Piano Lesson — August Wilson — Charlie Sanburg
4min. 42sec.


O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well

Go ‘head marry don’t you wait on me oh-ah
Go ‘head marry don’t you wait on me well now
Might not want you when I go free oh-ah
Might not want you when I go free well now

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well now

Raise them up higher, let them drop on down oh-ah
Raise them up higher, let them drop on down well now
Don’t know the difference when the sun go down oh-ah
Don’t know the difference when the sun go down well now

Berta in Meridian and she living at ease oh-ah
Berta in Meridian and she living at ease well now
I’m on old Parchman, got to work or leave oh-ah
I’m on old Parchman, got to work or leave well now

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well now

When you marry, don’t marry no farming man oh-ah
When you marry, don’t marry no farming man well now
Everyday Monday, hoe handle in your hand oh-ah
Everyday Monday, hoe handle in your hand well now

When you marry, marry a railroad man oh-ah
When you marry, marry a railroad man well now
Everyday Sunday, dollar in your hand oh-ah
Everyday Sunday, dollar in your hand well now

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well
JOHNNY:  Music Theme – Work | johnny ojanpera
LISA:  Music Theme – Work | Underground Energy
WILLOW:  WORK — Music Themes Day 6 Nano PoBlano | willowdot21
MADDIE:  ♪Work – Music …
Does WORK that needs doing seem to require the strength of a thousand strong men? One person, alone, is not enough to accomplish what is required?
If you do GOOD WORKS, and follow a righteous path with compassion, kindness, and love, you will, most likely, find that you have the strength you need.
Strength of a Thousand Men — Two Steps From Hell — Thomas Bergersen
6min. 39sec.


HUNGER — Njalkemme — Music Themes

It was my turn to choose the Music Theme for this week. The theme is HUNGER.

I decided to limit myself a few longings that cannot be satisfied by ordinary means. Two questions I posed to myself:

What of HUNGER cannot be eased or satisfied by ordinary means?

What longings so ache within as to become HUNGER?
Maddie has chosen MEDITATION for next week.  “I’ll go with Meditation as next week’s theme. Seems appropriate as I’ll be in meditation for 2 days at the Gyokusenji Monastery in Sendai, prayer for world peace practice. Much Love♥”
Who does not HUNGER for home, idealized in memory or through anticipation? Is a warm and secure sense of belonging, of being cared for and caring in return, that perhaps never existed, still HUNGERED for, as for sustenance when there is none?
MEHRNOUSH — Zaubersprueche — Faun
4MIN. 20SEC.

In einem dunklen Tal
lag jüngst ich träumend nieder,
da sah ich einen Strahl
von meiner Heimat wieder.

Auf morgenroter Au´
war Vaters Haus gelegen,
wie war der Himmel blau,
die Flur wie reich an Segen!

Wie war mein Heimatland
voll Gold und Rosenhelle!
Doch bald der Traum verschwandt,
Schmerz trat an seine Stelle.

Da irrt´ ich weit hinaus
ins öde Land voll Sehnen,
noch irr´ich, such´das Haus
und find´es nicht vor Tränen.
Who Hungers to fly with the eagles? To soar above the clouds, to be borne aloft, removed from small cares and troubles, free, flying on wings of light? Though we human beings cannot fly with feathers, we can fly with awareness and light.
FLY LIKE AN EAGLE — Gila  Antara
4min.  56sec.

Does the human spirit starve without illusion? Is the intense HUNGER for the ideal only a dream of illusions? Is hope an illusion? Can we act purely because it is right to do so, or is courage starved by the HUNGER for hope?
STARVATION — Illusions — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 27sec.

Is there a HUNGER for expression? Is it the HUNGER to have voice? Is the creative urge a means to express still other HUNGERS?
“…. I am the voice of your HUNGER and pain …”
I AM THE VOICE — Celtic Women — Alex Sharpe
3min. 13sec.

Does everyone HUNGER for love in the autumn, as the days wane and darkness lingers? Is love in autumn different from love in the other seasons of the year? Does each season of love have its own special expression? Is love never expressed, actually love? Or is it only HUNGER? IS all love expressed in the same manner?

Does everyone HUNGER for love through out all of the changing seasons of life? Are the fires of love a HUNGER that is banked in some seasons and burning in others?

In the autumn of life, is the HUNGER for lost loves and loves that never came to be, a Hunger that can never be soothed? In the autumn of life is it too late for a grand amour passionné? Does this HUNGER pass?

In the autumn of life there is an aching HUNGER for love that is just as intense in its anguishing loss as any youthful desires, yet unfulfilled.
AUTUMN LOVE –Thomas Bergersen
3min. 50sec.

I have been told that the HUNGER for power is the most insatiable of all addictive HUNGERS.
Not all entities that experience this HUNGER are human beings.
REALM OF POWER — 2 Steps From Hell
4min. 21sec.

EVA:   Hunger ~ It Comes In Many Packages
JOHNNY:   Music Theme – Hunger | johnny ojanpera
MADDIE:  ♪Hunger – Music Themes
When all is HUNGER, when there is nothing but HUNGER, no food, no warmth, no love, no hope, what is left? Only starvation, there is only the HUNGER. Have you ever been close to starvation, so that all was the HUNGER?
Njalkemme — Garmarna
5 min. 3sec.
Njalkemme (Samic or Soumi) = HUNGER
“Lastemååjegeh jeenjesh sjidteme Njaalkeme stuerebe enn åvtesne Moereh aajngesem steerieh, jaamah jïh gahtjah Almetje goh snöölhke mah tjelmehts sjidteme Njaalkemem lea dïhte maam manne damtam Njaalkeme bijre jarka Translation (English): Njaalkeme/Hunger — There are so many caterpillers Hunger, greater now than ever The trees hold their breath, die and fall Man is like a blinded wolf Hunger is all I feel Hunger everywhere” Translation offered by vereno1986 on You Tube.

RENDEZVOUS — Music Themes

We are here, in this RENDEZVOUS, in the venue of our life on Earth.
TRIBUTE TO HOME — Injection — Hans Zimmer — Lisa Gerrard
4min. 48sec.

Pas de Deux – Rendez-vous
2min. 42 sec.

In what reality shall we RENDEZVOUS? When people meet in time, is everyone actually in the same place?
YULUNGA —  Into the Labyrinth — Dead Can Dance
6min. 55sec.

Yulunga = Spirit Dance — Australian Aborigine dialect
Not all RENDEZVOUS are as expected. The culmination of RENDEZVOUS created by deceit can be terrible.
BOAT TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS — Twelve Years A Slave — Hans Zimmer
5min. 15sec.

There are RENDEZVOUS which equal death and also the sum of life and purpose.
Go Forward — Whale Rider — Lisa Gerrard
5 min. 54sec.

But about that day and about that hour no one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, but The Father alone
Matthew 24:36
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Les êtres humains ne peuvent pas apporter ce rendez-vous.
البشر لا يمكن أن تجعل هذا التعيين
Humans can not bring about this RENDEZVOUS. The RENDEZVOUS must come into being of a volition greater than our small lives on this beautiful shared planet.
No one knows the hour nor the day nor the appointed time …
Maddie’s choice for our next Music Theme is: PURPOSE
Lisa:  Lisa shares her heart and life… Lisa,
Willow:  MUSICAL THEME : …   … a very nice musical RENDEZVOUS
Almost every living being and even what we commonly think of as things longs for a RENDEZVOUS  with  circumstances that allow for some transcendent experience.
3min. 31sec.

We are all constantly engaged in the RENDEZVOUS of the NOW, a constant of eternally intersecting instances evolving from  and with all, infinite in number, in size, in smallness, in intersections of all being.
ARRIVAL AND REUNION — Aion — Dead Can Dance
1min. 41sec.

When I was ten, I had a teacher who said,  “In English there are seven verbs of being. Learn them.”
Perhaps she meant, as my classmates seemed to think, that these seven words should be memorized, as a short list, for a small quiz. Or perhaps she was letting the class know that these words actually were verbs, so that it would be known where to place them in sentence diagrams.

But to my hearing, the command “Learn them” meant much more.
For me, this moment was a RENDEZVOUS with the idea of language as a vector of transcendence.

Wishing for a RENDEZVOUS with what never was.
SEPTEMBER — John Paul White
4min. 52sec.


Kiss The Sky — Music Themes

Lisa chose KISS THE SKY as our music theme, this week.
KISS THE SKY — Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra  — Nino Mochella
This video clip can be found with lyrics on Lisa’s blog.   
TIME — Inception —  Hans Zimmer

A time-lapse of Planet Earth, created from real images produced by the geostationary Electro-L Weather Satellite and ISS (International Space Station). The images from Electro-L are the largest whole disk images of our planet, each image is 121 megapixels, and the resolution is 1 kilometer per pixel. They are taken every half hour, and have been interpolated (smoothed) to create this video. The images are taken in four different wavelengths of light, three visible, and one infrared. The infrared light is reflected by forests and vegetation, which appear orange in these images.
Beautiful collection of French and French origin music can be found on Maddie’s blog: Maddie
ICARUS — Skyworld — Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix
The Music Theme for next week is RENDEZVOUS
SUNRISE, SUNSET —  Fiddler On The Roof —  Music: Jerry Bock — Lyrics:  Sheldon Harnick — Conductor: John Williams —Performed by:   Chaim Topol  & Norma Crane



LET IT GO —Music Themes

Lisa chose the music theme LET IT GO for this week.
Lisa’s youngest daughter might recognize LET IT GO from FROZEN.  My granddaughter sings LET IT GO to me. She also sings all of the other songs from this animated Disney movie version of a Scandinavian “fairy tale”.  If she did not, I would not be aware of the song, or it’s lyrics. It seems I am over sixty years behind the times. “…The cold never bothered me, anyway …”

**Lisa and Johnny and all of their girls know this song. Hannah was the center ballerina in the winter program, all in white, dancing to this. The whole family sings all of the Frozen songs, in several different styles. **see comments

LET IT GO —  Frozen — Idina Menzel
3min. 38sec.

Photography by Steve McCurry with music from Armenia. Reminders That the biggest part of LET IT GO is learning TO LIVE WITH.
7min, 38sec.
Ամեն Հայր Սուրբ — երգերի համաշխարհային բացի — Lévon Minassian & Armand Amar
How do you LET IT GO, if it is not gone, and it is not going away?
10,000 YEARS — The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

“… If I could, you know I would
If I could, I would LET IT GO …”
BAD — U2
5min. 52sec.

The moment when it is imperative  to LET IT GO can be a wrenching, heart breaking decision.  LET IT GO being forced on one only to survive.
MUDDY WATER — The Seldom Scene
3min. 01sec.

When you LET GO of your ideas of who you are and what you are unable to do, you may find your wings unbound  and you will fly with the eagles.
GOASKINVIELLIA  — Mari Boine — Georg Buljo — Ole Jørn Myklebust — Svein Schultz — Gunnar Augland — Herman Rundberg
8min. 31sec..

Sami :
Goaskinviellja, goaskinviellja, go-as, go-as
goas bea-san duin-na fas gird-da sit
goas bea-san duin-na fas gird-da-sit
Guhkkin davin, Dàvggàid vualde, Oidnen mun, Oidnen mun
Oidnen du vieljaid girdimin
Oidnen sin halvvaid vuol`luoitimin
Gohcco jerrat, Gohcco jerrat, geat geat
Cotne du soajaid vie cavgadit
Cotne du soajaid vie cavgadit
If we were to LET GO of the darkness, would the light turn out to be what is expected? Would everyone perceive the same vision? Would this light with no darkness be only more Maya?
CHASE THE LIGHT —- AMARIA — Thomas Bergersen.
4min. 25 sec.

Shall we keep the best and LET THE REST GO? How do we know what to LET GO? What to not LET GO?
LET THE REST GO — Lisa Gerrard — Marcello De Francisci

Some things can not be ignored nor can we allow ourselves to LET them GO.
4min. 58sec.


Lisa:          Music Theme Thursday – Let It Go | Underground Energy
Maddie:    ♪”Let it …
Johnny:    Music Theme – Let It Go | johnny ojanpera
Willow:     Willow,
SEEK is the theme for next week.
What do you SEEK as you travel the world?  What are you looking for?  What do you think you will find? What have you found? Have you found what you sought? Do you still SEEK?
Sweet Dreams — Anne Lenox — Eurythmics –


DISTANCE — Music Theme

Lisa chose as our Music theme this week: DISTANCE
FARAWAY can be a mirage of distance  and faraway can also produce mirages.
Altan Urag – Mirage of Faraway

NEAR can be a sudden realization that what seemed far has always been near.
Nearer My God to Thee —Traditional Hymn by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)  arranged by James Horner — Titanic

Just after 2.00 a.m. as the Titanic began settling more quickly into the icy North Atlantic, popular  dance tunes  that had floated  across her decks suddenly stopped as Bandmaster Wallace Hartley tapped his bow against his violin. Hartley and his musicians, all wearing their lifebelts now, were standing back at the base of the second funnel, on the roof of the First Class Lounge, where they had been playing for the better part of an hour. There were a few moments of silence, then the solemn strains of the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee” began drifting across the water.
SOMEWHERE can be somewhere in time or it can be somewhere in place or it can be anywhere or maybe nowhere.
Somewhere My Love, Lara’s theme — Maurice Jarre — Dr. Zhivago — Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

MILES can separate people less than unreal expectations and shame and fear.
Five Hundred Miles ~ Hoyt Axton

CLOSE  can be a very small distance, and with courage, close can be  enough to keep death just far enough away for life to go on.
Stampede — David Hirschfelder —Australia

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