SUANTRAI — Earthsongs — Secret Garden
Back to the years of Loo li lai lay …”
Loo li lai lay = a time of protective peaceful love and sweet comfort
Égi Táltos — Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold — The Moon and the Nightspirit
Égi Táltos = Celestial Steed

DOJANA — Dordeduh — Dardeduh
DOJANA = REBUKE  Dordeduh = Longing for the Spirit Dardeduh = Gift of/from the Spirit
FAIRY NIGHT SONGS — Gary Stadler — Celtic Lounge III
“… The Fairy Nightsongs Are Never The Same … ”

Schlaf Schönheit — NEBELHEX —- Andréa Nebel
“… is the little wolf hanging too … not all dreams come true.”
Schlaf Schönheit = Sleeping Beauty — NEBELHEXE = FOG WITCH

“… Behind the trees stares a voice …”

MYSTIC’S DREAM — Loreena McKennitt  —-  The Mask And The MIrror
“A voiceless song In an ageless light …”

DREAMTIME* — Dawn of Time — Makara
Makara = The Seven Sisters

This is the only sound clip of a Spirit Caller*  that I found.  The whirring noise is what I was looking for.  Similarly made instruments were used by Indigenous Peoples in what is now South Eastern United Sates of America. I have seen something similar used as a toy by children in the Appalachians and the Smokey Mountains…………… so close your eyes and listen.
MICK’S BAT CALL  — Crocodile Dundee II ♫  — Peter Best

Dreaming” is also used to refer to an individual’s or group’s set of beliefs or spirituality …”
“…People who study the formation of dreams and then analyze them are called dreamworkers…”
“A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming…”
Musically Dreaming Themists:
Kate (formerly known here as Collaborator):


32 comments on “CALLING DREAMS AND DREAMERS: Music Themes

    • I am away from the computer. This one is borrowed for an hour. My elderly parents, 90, 87, and aunt 83, had a crises. So I am on a mountain near Huntsville,
      Alabama indefinitely. Shall return, one day. Old folks can be more demanding than little kids, and they weigh more! But they do have good stories.


  1. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    Wow. This is an amazing collection. My wife loved it. She listens to Celtic music most of the time. I know I have said it before, but your music choices induce creativity. It pulls me into a surreal place. I am almost done with a picture that is greatly inspired by nature’s sounds. You get: ☆☆☆☆☆ and an extra ☆ for the musing music. 🙂


    • I hope the picture can be photographed or scanned so I (we) get to see, too


      • Johnny Ojanpera says:

        It’s almost complete and I will share. Welcome back. 🙂


        • I am away from the computer. This one is borrowed for an hour. My elderly parents, 90, 87, and aunt 83, had a crises (or two or three). So I am on a mountain near Huntsville, Alabama indefinitely. Elderly bodies have lots of troubles, but even though the bodies are quite demanding there are lots of good stories to go with…..I shall return, one day. I have some photographs taken from the airplane window. 🙂


  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Bear! Here is a little surprise! A while back you asked me about how I got to be here in Taiwan. I finally did the post to answer that question. 😀


  3. Dreamtime artworks are very interesting too. Hmm.
    It’s cold.
    Rabbits in the bushes looking for sunflower seeds perhaps.


  4. willowdot21 says:

    Brilliant , not a single one familiar to me!Each one a beautiful a truly new delight!!


    • I started to use Voca Me, but I had too many and I wanted the Spirit caller sound, so I put those, familiar to you, Libre angels in the side bar. There is a familiar dreamy sound. The words to the song are perfect for this:

      As secret as a dream you call
      As silent as the night for all you cry

      Lacrymosa dies illa
      Dolorosa Domine
      Voca Me

      You whisper in my silent sleep
      You answer to my call when lost I cry


  5. […] Johnny: Bear: Willow:   […]


  6. I think it would be really interesting to be able to see the dreams someone had while listening to some of these…


    • To be able to “…see the dreams someone had…” Like a movie, sort of like the videos? Or do you mean lucid dreaming?


      • Both! Though originally I was thinking more the video aspect.


        • ..then you do, already. There are more videos on you tube, including one with fairies for the Tenhi piece and probably others millions (Wow! hard for me to think like that…millions use WP too) that I have not seen. And I haven’t seen your’s yet, either. 🙂 Tomorrow, the 6th? Thank you for this time spent in replies. It is sometimes difficult with a Little One. Sweet Dreams.


          • I meant for someone’s actual dream to be recorded as they listened to some of the songs you used. I hope you and the other Themists will like tomorrow’s offering..


          • I know I will. Actually that sort of imaging IS being developed. But I don’t think stimuli as complicated as music are being used yet. I’m not so sure I like the direction that some research is going .. thought Rorschach tests, and such. But people can train themselves to remember, and /or be aware of their dreaming state, and even use some of this to influence their conscious activities … on purpose. As mothers we have used songs and music and stories to influence our children’s dreams. A form of guided meditation into a sleep and dreaming state. We recreate the land of Loo li lai lay as a cacoon around our sleeping loved ones.


          • My two cents : A device which records dreams plays an intergral role in the film Until the End of the World -which is quite an ambitious film–with an incredible soundtrack.

            Hi Bear, Deborah and Kate. I’m moving much slower than the freezing wind today–but I’m still moving. 🙂

            I guess it’s telling that the first of your selections I listened to was the Bat Call. Now I’m listening from the ‘top’ on down. 🙂
            Dojana drums are INTENSE. Wow. Still listening as I post this comment.

            Yes, I’m finally posted.

            Oh and Johnny’s internet is giving him problems so he may not post at all for this theme as he’s relying on his phone for internet at this time.


          • Sounds like a scary movie

            Dordeduh is the name of the Romanian group, Dardeduh the album, Dojana the piece. Also known for metal, folk metal, and this newer style/genre, some I like better than others. I’ve only listened to a small sampling.

            Bat Call 🙂

            There was a moderate solar flare. Should be some Aurora to compensate of satellite interference, but not at his, or my, latitude. Unless it is, as usual, something closer to home. But he did post before your (this) comment arrived. He wrote a nice little piece, too.

            It is 9:10 PM and a balmy, foggy 65F outside.


          • Until the End of the World is a very interesting film—not exactly an easy marketing movie–but it is a damn good piece of work. As even the wikipedia article notes the soundtrack is excellent and interesting because people were asked to write songs that they thought they might be writing in the future.
            Yeah, I caught up with Johnny. I read the email without paying attention to its posting time. My bad.
            Loreena’s song is delicious with it’s spicy blend of influences. Oh yeah.

            Solar flares— the Sun saying hello.

            Ahhh so Dordeduh is a Romanian group. Very cool, Bear. Whence comes your interest in the Eastern European music? Just chance or pursuit?

            The snow is like frozen powder.It does not melt or stick. It puffs when you walk in it or sweep it. With wind chill -30 to -40 expected here.Schools are already closing for tomorrow because of the temperatures.


          • Actual temp and wind chill … Centigrade or Fahrenheit? Either one, that is dangerous cold. See my wish for you in a previous reply.

            Perhaps the music is pursuing chance?


  7. Deborah says:

    Thanks, Bear! I felt like I could enter a dream state with your selections. The rhythms, the close harmonies, the variety of instruments and styles. Yet, all so gentle in their own ways. I especially liked Fairy Night Songs and The Mystic’s Dream. 🙂



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