Crows In A Tree + One Craney Crow On the Ground + Some Flowers That Maddie Likes To Eat + Yellow Petals

Craney Crows is the genus Uncle Remus assigned Herons and Egrets.

My batteries went dead as the Craney Crow flew into sight on her magnificent wings. The crows all swirled around, then settled again, all of the birds politely waited while I changed batteries.

I saw the crows flying around while at the gas pumps, so as soon as the gas tank was full I moved out of the way and went behind the gas station to see what I could see.  I saw a small holding pond. I saw a few moss covered trees full of crows and a flock of different lighter colored birds that started to settle, but were encourage to move on, tree service being strictly first come first serve.  I saw a few buzzards migrating.  There was a Masonic Lodge with a barren yard surrounded  by chain link fence.  Then the Great White Heron came flying into my vision.  I lifted my camera, the flying bird, the blue sky, the sun behind me ,,,, and beep beep beep batteries low beep beep beep and the camera turned itself off. .
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A Tree With Black Crows And A White Craney Crow  ⓒBearspawprint2014

A Tree With Black Crows And A White Craney Crow ⓒBearspawprint2014

I also saw these little yellow flowers which Maddie likes to eat. Maddie’s comments and reference links can be can be found here in the comments section:

The little flowers that Maddie likes to eat ...ⓒBearspawprint2014

The little flowers that Maddie likes to eat …ⓒBearspawprint2014

Little bright Flowers
Sun yellow autumn petals
Winter soon is here
Bear … 12.17.2014


9 comments on “Crows In A Tree + One Craney Crow On the Ground + Some Flowers That Maddie Likes To Eat + Yellow Petals

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    This is an amazing photo, how did you pan up like that? The birds are lovely!
    Yes, thanks for the updated picture, I am familiar with these yellow beauties. I call them bitter dandelions, my grandma showed me how to gather them to make tea, I see them everywhere (upstate NY) during late fall. If you don’t mind the bitter, earthy floral flavor, add the dandelion greens and flowers to your evening salad. It acts as a relaxant & demulcent and helps with digestion, plus detoxes the liver as we sleep.
    Bear, you sure are lucky to have them this time of year! Wildcraft them and make tea, they’re loaded with minerals and supports your immune system over the winter. I never get colds or flus – not bragging – just stating the facts!
    Miraculous, bright cheery flowers indeed. 😀


    • These are different flower from the post to which you first replied. The others were more similar to wild yellow primrose, but not primrose, either. These are as the article you linked described (and Wiki)

      They were next to a dumpster at the filling station, behind which were the birds. In a seven or eight hours of sun, sunny spot micro-environment between a south facing wall an the large dumpster. Such places tend to have pesticides or people spit (tuberculosis and other nasties can live in dried spit quite a while, and for sure in fresh), or road run-off or ??. I would not eat anything from that ground unless I were VERY much hungrier than I am. In such mini environments it is possible to cultivate things that would not ordinarily grow — like the little yellow volunteers.

      I took the picture by putting camera close 😉 I held myself a little to the side so as to not make a shadow. And I removed cigarette buts (two or one t?)

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      • 1EarthUnited says:

        A lovely picture indeed! I was referring to your first picture, it seems very tall for a standard 35mm telephoto lens. Well done!
        Yuck, i wouldn’t eat anything inside or out of a gas station. Blehk!


        • I don’t have a telephoto lens, just now. I have found that cropping can effectively enlarge, or zoom in on a detail. But too much and all that is left in pixels. Cropping also can change the frame shape.

          Yes, blehk. But I like chewing gum, and occasionally beverages purchased inside the station, and local newspapers. Often they sell things like eggs and dairy, too, which is sometimes for some folk.


  2. dodgysurfer says:

    I see herons every week and they nearly always manage to fly off before I get anywhere close.

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