William Commanda and the Seven Fires Prophecy

Masqua's Art


William Commanda – November 11, 1913 to August 3, 2011.


No person ever has, nor likely ever will, have a greater impact on the way I look at life and act in it than this wonderful man. His journey is notable in so many ways, I’m not going to mention all of his accomplishments since a few clicks of the mouse will give credence to that. I hope a few of those who read this will take the little time needed. He is ALL OVER the internet and I was lucky enough to have known him in his sunset days.

Presenting a painting and speech.

I first met Grandfather Commanda after hearing about the Seven Prophets of the Seven Fires Prophecy Belt of which, in 2006, he was the holder.

Willam Commanda

Here is the link to the prophecy itself:

So what was it about the prophecy belt which interested…

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