Our Heavenly Father — Music Themes

MADDIE  chose the Music Theme OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for this week.

Behind the idea of all myths is the original void.  The parent seed of all else is always the VOID, which is at once the potential for everything and is also nothing.  It is the Word, and it’s absence, the creator and the created, encompassing all that will ever be.  All original Heavenly and earthly FATHERS and all mothers and time beyond time, all substance and the infinite universes have the same original source.
It is JOHNNY’S turn to choose the Music Theme for next week.
Ψαραντώνης: Ο Δίας 
5min. 17sec.
Tzortz O Lyraris
Ο Δίας = Zeus

Archaeology of the ancient Mayan civilization of Mesoamerica – The Maya Gods – 1
3min. 33sec.
Enlazador de Caminos


ONLY TIME — Music Themes

LISA OF THE LIGHT chose the Music Theme ONLY TIME for this week
The next Music Theme is Shifting Winds
Are we travelers in TIME, here ONLY to love one another?
1min. 26min.

There is more than ONLY TIME in this song. It is the Book of Job and David Edwards’ slipping out of the present Time that convey a TIMELESS message.
KINGDOM OF ICE — Wovenhand — David Eugene Edwards
3min. 25sec.

Do we think of TIME ONLY as an absence of itself, before there is TIME?
BEFORE TIME — Thomas Bergersen
2min.  20 sec.

Is TIME the ONLY means of measuring life in it’s passing?
UNDA — Faun
5min. 09sec.

Unda attingit
Te et abducit
Te in profunda
Sicut es unda.
The wave reaches you
And withdraws
You pass into the depths
You also are the waves
Can awarenwess of the TIMELESS be maintained ONLY in a state of Grace??
CUNCTI SIMUS — Arcana Obscura
6min. 29sec.

It takes more than TIME, ONLY, to relieve broken hearted sorrow.
Pretty Saro — Jay Munly
2min. 49sec.

“… Wish I were a poet, could write a fine hand …”
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Lisa  Music Theme – …

JONATHAN WHO REMEMBERS: Johnny Ojanpera  Music Theme – …
MAGICAL MADDIE:  1EarthUnited  ♪Only Time – …
ANTANYA IN THE FOG: Antanya In The Fog  Music Theme- Only Time …
Does the Blue Hour happen ONLY outside of TIME ?
BLAUE STUNDE — Faun — Luna
4min. 36sec.