At night,  
When all was quiet and still, 
I watched from the darkness.
I saw the glowing 
Red light of fire, 
As the forge roared 
And sparks were shooting,
Bursting, dazzling, 
The star magic 
Of metal transmuted.  
I heard the roaring forge,
The whoosh and quenching sizzle,
Then the Mighty Hammer 
Bang BANG  
Bang BANG, 
An ancient song
Of strength and steel, 
The heartbeat of creation,
Intent and work, 
Forged and quenched and hammered,
Bang BANG,
Bang BANG. 
The shadows flow
And retract,
Flow and retract.
I watched 
From the darkness,
The Night Gifted Magician, 
Immersed in creation,
Forging swords, 
And blades, and tools;
Each carrying its own 
Blessing of Power.

Flow To the Ocean

Why do I not swim?
Have I grown too old,
Too heavily burdened
With memory,
Memories of dancing
In these life waters?
I have become as flotsam,
Swept along by the beauty,
Flowing with words
That I swallow, choking.
Music fills my ears
So that I cannot hear
Your anguished cries.
The work, too constant,
Too strenuous has dragged
Me under in whirlpools
Of despairing fatigue,
While even love no
Longer sustains me.
Helpless, I am part
Of the rushing river,
I flow to the Ocean.
Bear … 06.13,2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014