Matriarch —- songs of the Haudenosaunee

Music by Joann Shenandoah from her album Matriarch

Rachel Wood  & Kalunyaha wi – She Carries the Sky

from the cd “matriarch iroquois women’s songs” by joanne shenandoah

the music you are about to hear are meoldies and chants rooted in the history
of the “haudenosaunee” (the people of the longhouse). they were created in a time beyond memory. they were composed to honor all women since we are the lifegivers of our mother earth. recorded at the ancient village sites in oneida territory, i trust you will be moved by these songs as much as i can. -joanne shenandoah-

Tsyakow^Niyo (Her Words Are Good Again) by Joanne Shenandoah

Jakolihuny^Hi (She teaches)  by  Joanne Shenandoah