COMPETITION — Music Themes

Johnny chose the theme of COMPETITION
 Newton’s Third Law of Physics  :   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Newton’s third Law of Physics exemplifies, in my opinion,  how COMPETITION works to retain equilibrium through the exquisitely balanced tension of opposition.
File:Yin and Yang.svg
In nature there is always COMPETITION that preserves a balance. There is also cooperation within species and between species. There are also symbiotic as well as parasitic relationships.  None of this can be called good or bad. All actions, reactions, and relationships affect all of us individually. There is no such stance as neutral in the natural world. All aspects of everything are interactive. Everything just is. We are all relatives.
AGUAS DA AMAZONIA — Uakti — Philip Glass
54min. 50sec.

AGUAS DA AMAZONIA (Spanish) = Waters of the Amazon

The legend of Uakti shows how perceived COMPETITION led to the jealous murder of a magical being. In the end, balance was achieved through Uakti sharing his gift with everyone.

Uakti is a Legend from a tribe Amazons (Uakti is from Brazil) Uakti had holes all over his body. When the wind went through the holes, an amazing sound could be heard, and it attracted every women. The men from the tribe killed Uakti and buried him. Where he was buried, palm trees grew, which wood was used by the tribe to make flutes that had the same sound as the wind passing through Uakti’s body.
It is an endless enigma that all of Creation consists of opposing forces held in eternal balance, a COMPETITIVE tension that cannot end.
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN PART II — The Quantum Enigma — Epica
11min. 55 sec.

Even Fate is a balanced COMPETITION.  Humans COMPETE with what is perceived as Fortune so that desired Earthly outcomes might be granted.
5min. 22sec.

Oh Good Luck — I Bemoan the Wounds of Fortune — Poems of Power
With the free will that we all possess we can decide which side of the balance we choose for our lives.  Should too many choose to engage in COMPETITION to the bitter end, there will be nothing left of this world but a field of broken swords.
We, ourselves decide what is good and what is evil, relative to our desires and how we interpret what is important.
We choose what is worth fighting for.
Will there be peace when all of the swords are broken?
Pole Złamanych Mieczy — Władca Wiatru
4min. 41sec.

Pole Złamanych Mieczy — Władca Wiatru (Polish) =
Can some deadly COMPETITIONS be avoided?
Are clashes of culture and ambition inevitable?
Can diplomacy overcome misunderstandings of etiquette  and protocol?
Does everyone want peaceful COMPETITION?
Were the old ritualized dominance COMPETITIONS socially helpful?
Are gladiator sports the modern version of ritualized dominance COMPETITIONS?
Must new ways of thinking and doing things always COMPETE with the old?
Can cultural COMPETITION and armed conflicts be avoided?
Is there ever a way out of COMPETITION for dominant status?
ZULU WAR CHANTS — Zulu (1964)
9min. 22sec.

Is there an instant past which war, the ultimate COMPETITION becomes inevitable?
Is conflict resolution always possible?
Are wars always or only about aggression and power?
Is the best, or only, resolution of war surrender?
Are currently living generations responsible for the actions generations now deceased?
Are there some wars that must be fought?
Is absolute surrender sometimes required?
Симфония номер 11 соль минор 1905 год – Шостакович — Гергиев
56min. 57sec.

Симфония номер 11 соль минор 1905 год – Шостакович — Гергиев (Russian) =
Symphony No 11 G minor The year 1905 – Shostakovich — Gergiev
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Of course, what fun is Chess without COMPETITION?
COMPETITION is what makes many strategy games fun  ….  as long as it is make believe.
WIZARD’S CHESS —  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — John Williams

Below is the OST without the dialogue
WIZARD’S CHESS — Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — John Williams
7min. 22sec.