One Word Song

Her Wind comes from nowhere
Neither north nor south,
Neither east nor west,
Yet it blows, howling and wild.
Harmony of her sleepless sorrow Wind,
Is a calibered whistle with a lashing tail of ice,
Screaming, screaming as ripping silk,
An obi unwinding forever, her body spinning.
Death and red hair, evidence embedded,
Music, prayers, dreams, children, fly free.
Burned lips carefully placed in an O,
She sings her one word death song, Wind.
Bear … 09.18.2015

Red Hair

Obi = 帯


Small Prilgrimage

Misty paths
Newly revealed
Receding floods
Ancient bedded
Found roads
Some small trace
A hint
You had been
A gracefully
Curved stem
Sinuous in
Falling rain
Flowers early
Washed away
Tiny seeds nuts
Fruits children
Fallen petals
A mosaic of memory
Shuffled stirred
Forest creatures
Or lingering
As do we all
Feathers one
Kind and another
Tell stories
Of care
Work of love
Turning of cycles
In all directions
Beloved and lover
Acolyte and wisdom
The nomad migrant
Lives always
Home is shelter
Punishing instruction
Drifting as a
Lost peregrination
Guiding wind touches
Her unseen beauty
Whispering silence
Creating direction
Dispersing time
Covered concealed
By itself
By the fallen
Eons written
In all colors
Morning sky
Among roots
Trees lend voice
To the voiceless
Sharing rain’s song
The language of wind
The silence of knowing
The stillness
Waiting within
Spiraling season’s
Small pilgrimage
Bear … 02.28.2015

Laughter of Winter Wind


Wind's Hair  ⓒBearspawprint2015  01.26.2015

Wind’s Hair ⓒBearspawprint2015 01.26.2015

Beautiful Winter Wind
Blows, blows cold
She whirls here,
Gusts there
She sweeps winter trees
Clean of their dead
Wind’s wild hair
Streaming blue, silver,
A rainbow that whips clouds
Into frothing mad chaos
Black swirling skirts
Black flying cloak
Block sunlight
Now here, now miles away,
Strobe erratic light,
Days and nights
Flicker in a moment.
Wind sings,
Wailing and free
Whistling gales,
Exulting in her own freedom,
She ignores the frantic
Small beings,
Craving warmth and comfort,
Hiding beneath roofs,
And tented arms,
Or Cowering away in nests
And dug out burrows.
Her wild flailing hair
The drumming trees,
And staccato small trash
The stabbing icy wetness
The biting harsh cold
Invokes the laughter of
Winter Wind,
As she sings and dances.
Bear … 01.25.2015

Strobe Light Clouids ⓒBearspawprint2015  01.26.2015

Strobe Light Clouids ⓒBearspawprint2015 01.26.2015

Angel’s Tears

Whose song shall I sing
When the voices of trees
Loose language?
Shall there be a song
Of wild winds howling through
Dead branches and empty sky?

May I sing of star memories,
Those eons of lonesome brightness,
Uncountable in their vastness?

Are there ballads recounting
Tales when there was nothing,
Before the birth of time?

Can I sing about tomorrow
Before our own wane sun rises
Coldly burning away all hope?
Will you allow that I
May sing a lullaby of nonsense,
To sooth our sleepless dreams?
Oh My Love, I foolishly cry
My song through my unspoken words.
Who listens to hear silent music?
The chorused pain of Angels sings,
In roaring silence, resonance
Periods too long for corporal ears.
But I do see in the darkness,
Sparkling and dazzling rainbows
Of whirling Angel’s tears.

Dancing With Ghosts

Where is this place, so bitter cold, cold,
So burning hot, hot, this salty wasteland of empty, empty?
Where the greatest joy is found dancing with ghosts,
Dancing with ghosts, dancing with ghosts, wind, ghosts, ghosts…
Exiled to this nowhere of wailing free winds,
Questing winds, ghosts, wind, wind asking for new words,
Singing the same ancient song, always the same, not new,
Not new, not new, not new, lowing not new, not new, not new …
Oh home, I want to go home, to the welcome,
The love, the comfort, the harmony, to Mama, Mama,
I want to go home to the home, the home that cannot be,
Never was, never was, never come with me, come with me, with me…
Where is this place, so bitter cold,
So burning hot, this salty wasteland of empty?
Where the greatest joy is found dancing with wind,
Dancing with ghosts, dancing with ghosts, with ghosts, with wind, alone…
Oh joy! Oh happy! Dancing not new, not new, not new,
Dancing not new, dancing, dancing, flying with ghosts,
Blown on the salt watered free to a never was, never will be,
The empty never, only wind, wind, happy wild dancing, flying, dancing…
Bear … 05.28.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014