Valvran – Kelling

Valravn – Kelling

Valravn – Kelling
From the album Koder På Snor

Anna Katrin Egilstrød: (Faroe Islands) voice, percussion, hammered dulcimer, sansula, samples –
Martin Seeberg: (Denmark) viola, flutes, lyre, jews’harps, vocals –
Søren  Hammerlund: (Denmark) mandola, hurdy gurdies, nyckelharpa, samples –
Juan Pino: (Switzerland/Ecuador) davul, frame drums, cajon, hammered dulcimer, percussion, samples, vocals  – Christopher Juul: (Denmark) production, keys, beats and live electronics –
Technicians – Ask Kæreby (sound) –
Jacob Sorensen- lights


Valvran is a primarily Icelandic group with international members and influences and having an

international influence on folk metal themselves.   This is a fantastic Folk /Metal/ Electronica / Experimental band.

This band merges old Danish / Nordic/Icelandic/Pagan/ Medieval and more music with traditional and modern


Though the  lyrics sung in this recording are not the lyrics below, the essence is


These German lyrics were taken from the comments and the translation is Google

The song is having to do with the old and heartbreak and dancing or being unable

to dance for relief and death and the relationship of the phenomena.  It was all put

together a few years ago by these youthful musicians .


Starta ging zum Anfang und setzte den Schleifstein in gang

Unten grau und weiß der Schwanz

Etwas Gutes wird kommen

Die Mädchen setzten Töpfe auf

Die Jungs kommen mit Löffeln

hr Herz ist gebrochen, kann nicht tanzen

Umarme sie, nimm sie mit


Hag liegt auf der Türschwelle, tot

Kann nicht essen, weder Butter noch Brot

Trägt Liebe in ihrer Brust

Kann aus lauter Leid nicht essen

Steh auf und tanze

Mit wem soll ich tanzen ?

Mit dem Schwanz und der Herde der Schafe ?

Mit der Hüfte und dem Idioten ?

“Starta, hast du jemals ein rastlosen Fischschwanz gesehen ?”


Hag is on the doorstep, dead

Can not eat neither bread nor butter

Bears love in her breast

Can not eat out of sheer sorrow

Get up and dance

Who should I dance?

With the tail, and the flock of sheep?

With the hip and the idiot?

“Starta, have you ever seen a restless fish tail?”