Waiting Voice

As you are
So empty
Fill your self
Difficult tasks
As you do not
Worn out
Have anything
No love
Nothing to do
Do that which
No one wants to do
Ugly broken
I know that
You will not
Mind to do these
But bothersome
Awkward dangerous
Time consuming
Wearying thankless
Patched together
You don’t mind
Because you
After all should
Space clouds cosmos
Be grateful
To breathe
I provide you
With something
All around beauty
Lost where
To do with your
Time Useless
Everywhere pain
I do not care
For your mystery
I too
Am waiting
For your
True voice
To stop this
Bear … 07.14.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


Debating With Bad-Guys — That Boat Won’t Float

The Bad-Guys
Are more numerous
Better armed
Better organized
Meaner and more
Rotten than ever
They also have
Arguments against
Which there can be
No winning debate
They are also
So ugly
They want to
Make everyone
As ugly as they are
And they ALL
Have indigestion
All of the time
Always with the farts
So much farts
They begin to believe
It is language and
Use it as argument
Please be careful
With fire and matches
Methane is a
Greenhouse gas
CH4 is known to alter
Buoyancy when
Encountered under
Ocean going vessels
That boat
Won’t float
Bear … 06.09.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014




In a fit of pique,
That lasted
From her birth
Until her death,
My mother destroyed
All of the affection,
All of the care,
All of the reminders,
Of her despair, 
That she could find.
She destroyed much else.
Those few bits of herself
And her love
That survived,
Did so by being
And so,
Lost to her grasp.
I was not real,
Only a representation
Of failed dreams.
I was not real,
Only an unredeemable
Wasted effort.   
When I have
Seen the odd surviving
Image of myself,
I am amazed. 
I was not ugly
As I remember myself, 
Long ago.
As I danced
I could dance
Beauty into being.
I would generate an
Aura of Beauty
That deceived everyone.
Anyone who saw this
Dancing illusion 
Would believe that Beauty
Existed and I could
Hide my essential
Inescapable ugliness
Within that beautiful illusion.
I danced a magic spell
To mesmerize all judgment.
I did not recognize
My Self
As my own illusion.
Bear  01.01.2014