Mountain Exits

Exits access
Plastic farms
Museums of death
Battlefield lunches
Bulldozed memory
Cut through
Mortally wounded
Her heart
Is bandaged
With gray cement
Corridors of progress
Bear … 04.16.2015

Saturday Morning Spring-Time Americana

ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

‘Twas a beautiful sunny morning that wasn’t too hot and the gnats weren’t even awake.  Biting gnats can make being a spectator or a player pure misery.  Many of us are allergic to gnat bites.  However gnats do have their niche in nature.  Without the larvae, the soil would be overrun with fungi, especially cultivated soils, like ball parks.  Yup.  We need ’em.

All of the coaches and umpires are volunteers, and parents run the concessions.  I think the pitcher was the only girl on either team.  She stole three bases, too.

The coaches invited me to stand close to the dugout…where they were most of the time, so I could  take photos without the protective fencing. The dugout for my grandson’s team is on the left, the dugout for the opposing team is behind the kid in a green shirt.  Both teams had red uniform shirts which was only slightly confusing for some of the children when deciding where to throw the ball when fielding and runners where running.

Grandson Ready At The Bat  …

Canon  At Bat   ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

Canon At Bat ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


And what is more Americana  than a slow-poke dump truck in front and a railroad crossing with Amtrak speeding by?  Here comes  the Amtrak AutoTrain heading south towards Jacksonville.  There are four tracks on two diverging curves at this crossing.   AutoTrain passed in an instant, it was the slow-poke dump truck that slowed me down, despite my caption.  I’ve been crossing these tracks fifteen years, to get to anywhere, and this is the first time I’ve been able to catch a picture of a locomotive as it became visible for a small moment.  Yay for dump trucks that put me in position and baseball games that called me out of the swamp.

AutoTrain slowed me down a little bit, this morning  ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

AutoTrain slowed me down a little bit, this morning ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


I also had a watermelon, but we ate it before I got a picture.



From my Inbox—-Walking to School

The language is Korean, I translated (poorly) with Bing Translator

중국 어린이들의 목숨을 건 등하교길

People’s Republic of China children’s school

우리나라 대부분의 부모와 아이들에게는 아이들의 등하교길에 가장 위험한 요소는 길건너 통학버스를 타기위해 길을 건널때 일것입니다. 그러나 여기 중국의 어느마을의 이 사진들을 보십시요. 아직도 중국의 곳곳에는 절벽을 깎아 만든 좁은 벼랑길을 따라 등하교를 하고, 아슬 아슬한 다리를 건너야 하고 심지어는 밧줄에 몸을 매달아 강을 건너야 하는 곳도 있다고 합니다.

Most of the parents and children in this country is the way most children’s school
Dangerous elements are across the street from the school bus would be when crossing the street to catch.
However, here are some pics of the town People’s Republic of China.
Still lined the cliffs of People’s Republic of China carved narrow cliff path
Depending on the school, and it’s a dicey, crossing the bridge and
Even on a rope strung across the river where the body should also.

크기변환_risking-lives-for-school-2[6].jpg ★아주 위험한 길이군요↑   

It’s a very dangerous way

크기변환_risking-lives-for-school-20[5].jpg ★특공훈련을 받고 있는 것 같군요↑

Sounds like being trained in commando

크기변환_risking-lives-for-school-34[2].jpg ★묘기진행중은 아닐텐데….↑
It would not be on the stunts

★중심을 잘 잡고 걸어야…. ↑
 Center hold walk ….

크기변환_risking-lives-for-school-37[3].jpg ★대단한 실력의 달인들이군요↑