Maddie has chosen OUR HEAVENLY FATHER as the next Music Theme.
MAKE THEE AN ARK  — Noah OST — Clint Mansell –Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet
5min. 09sec.
WHAT’CHA GONNA DO? — Abigale Wahburn — Bela Fleck
3min. 48sec.
MARCO POLO — Loreena McKennitt
5min. 20sec.
I BURIED THEM IN WATER — Agnostic Mountain Gospel Chior
2min. 19sec.
Requiem in D Minor, K 626: Introitus: Requiem Aeternam” — Rachel Porter — French Lighthouses In Very Big Waves During Stormy Weather
3min. o1sec.
3min. 06sec.
4min. 50sec.
NORWEGIAN PIRATE — Two Steps From Hell — Thomas Bergersen
3min. 04sec.
MUDDY WATER — Seldom Scene
3min. 01sec.
fkazz duffey
DIALOGUE DU VENT ET DE LA MER —  Claude Debussy — Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Georg Solti — video by Gilda Tabarez
8min. 35sec.
Paul Mauffray
MERMAIDS — On Stranger Tides OST — Hans Zimmer
8min. 05sec.
JOURNEY AWAY — Whale Rider — Lisa Gerrard
3min. 36sec.
Clapham Junction
LISA:  Music Theme – Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink
NOTHING BUT WATER  — Unbroken OST  — music byAlexandre Desplat
45 days in the open ocean in a life raft, only to be take prisoner of war by the Japneses WWII
Unbroken is movie worth seeing, directd by Angelina Joilie, adapted from a book worth reading UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand is the Louis Zamperini story.  Louis Zamperini died in 2014 shortly after viewing the movie at age 97, on a laptop, with Angelina Jolie.
Louis Zamperini – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1min. 27sec.
NIGHT FLIGHT OVER WATER Quintet For Banjo And String Quartet — The Escape — Béla Fleck
9MIN. 44SEC.


CONFIDENCE — Music Themes

The Music Theme for next week is HONOR
What courage and CONFIDENCE is required to tread in ever wider circles ?  What CONFIDENCE is required to take a traditional song and perform with your own personal and unique flavor?
WIDER CIRCLES — Rising Appalachia
4min. 52sec.
How much CONFIDENCE and self assurance is required to allow oneself to be vulnerable enough to ask for tenderness?
COME TENDERNESS — The Silver Tree — Lisa Gerrard
3min. 35sec.
snowboard7201’s channel
A CONFIDENCE can also be a secret.
Prologue — The Book Of Secrets — Loreena McKinnett
4min. 25sec.
What sort of CONFIDENCE, what special knowledge is required to be able to be at home in the sky?
Égnyitó — The Moon And The Nightspirit
5min. 33sec.
Prophecy Productions BroadCast
What CONFIDENCE is required to be, just as you are?
CHILDREN OF THE SUN — Two Steps From Hell — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 43sec.
Two Steps From Hell
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Music Theme – Confidence
MAGICAL MADDIE: ♪Confidence – Music Theme
JOHNNY: Music Theme – Confidence
The secret to peaceful CONFIDENT sleep is trust.
Sleep Song —  Suantrai  — The Secret Garden —  Brendan Graham —  Saoirse
4min. 46 seconds
S xo

HIDDEN – Music Themes

The Music Theme for this week is HIDDEN.
MARVELOUS MADELINE has chosen next week’s theme: SHADOWSIDE
Are some answers hidden by a protective  labyrinth, waiting for knowledge of the way to be remembered? Are the answers just part of the puzzel?  Can hidden knowledge be learned by study and research,  or must such knowledge be achieved by living experience?  Is being alive, itself, a journey through a layrinth?
LABYRINTH — Frigga’s Web —  Hagalaz’ Runedance
4mon. 02sec.
Ephesius wicca
What is not hidden, at all, though most do not or cannot see?
THE HIDDEN RAINFOREST — The Human Experience OST — Thomas Bergersen
2min. 57sec.
Are silent prayers hidden ? Can secret gardens within the heart be known?  Is finding hidden love actually the art of opening and revealing rather than keeping the true self hidden?
DREAMCATCHER — Secret Garden — Fionnuala Sherry
4min. 35sec.
What cycles and magic are hidden from knowing?  From what hidden and unknown means is the beauty and rebirth of Spring created? How can Spring be separated from anything else? Is Spring an isolated season?Is Spring visible part of the year and hidden at other times?
Tavaszhozó (Spring Creator) — Holdrejtek —  The Moon And The Night Spirit
6min. 02sec.
Barbara Waluś
What is hidden behind the masks people wear? What can be perceived, through closed eyes, that is hidden from ordinary sight? Does the hidden  meaning of language gain power with intent?  How does hidden intent affect the form of prayer?
MASKED BALL — Flood — Eyes Wide Shut OST — Jocelyn Pook
3min. 42sec.
dts corsair
“Translation from … Romanian to English:
“And God told to his apprentices…I gave you a command…to pray to the Lord for the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God’s children. The ones that pray, they have mercy and they take good care of this holy place”. Blueskywatcher
What skills, what practice, what hidden discipline and sacrifice, does mastery of the term Hidden Dragon represent?
NIGHT FIGHT — Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon OST  – Tan dun — Yo Yo Ma
3min. 04sec.
Videos About Art & Music
“Lying Tiger and Hidden Dragon) a movement consisting of an openhanded block
thrusting downwards Fuhk FuKyuhn (C) [Ying Jaau] (lit. Subduing the Tiger)a
hand form fuhk fu lihn jyu (C) [Huhng Ga] (lit. Lying Tiger Joining Pearl)a
downward …”  Tuttle Dictionary of the Martial Arts of Korea, China, & Japan
What occurs as a metamorphosis that is hidden?  Can we see within the changes of nature without irrevocably altering the process?  Do Human Beings experience metamorphosis?  Are people always able to understand what is happening within themselves as they change and grow and live and die?
Μεταμόρφωση της Φύσης ( Nature’s Metamorphosis — Psychostasia  — Daemonia Nymphe
5min. 14sec.
Ὀρφεύς Kερασφόρος
MARVELOUS MADELINE:  ♪Hidden – Music Theme
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Music Theme – Hidden
Sometimes nothing is hidden at all.  There are no hidden meanings. It’s just for fun.  It is all available.
Deva & Punagra — Faun with Omnia at Paganfol-Special 2006
Is it wished that some events would remain hidden by ignoring them or pretending they did not happen? Does ignorance of history make the past different?

In 1941 the largest single massacre of the Holocaust took place at Babi Yar, a ravine in Kiev.
In just 2 days almost 34 thousand Jews were murdered by a team of German SS troops, other German units, and local collaborators.

Are such massacres a thing only of the past? What horrors are secretly being perpetrated and hidden now? Yesterday? A month ago? Last year?   … Tonight?  … Tomorrow?

Бабий яр – Babi Yar  by Yevgeny Yevtushenko —Reading: Boris Vetrov —   Music:John Williams
3min. 59sec.
waclaw schreyer
English translation by Paul Celan  can be found here:


OVERCOMING — Music Themes

LISA OF THE LIGHT chose OVERCOMING as the Music Theme for this Week.
The Music Theme for next week is  HIDDEN.
Is it always right to overcome  perceived obstacles by permanently moving or destroying them?  What if the obstacles are put in place by Creator and are aspects of our Mother’s Beauty? What if the obstacles to progress are nature itself?  What if such obstacles are, for example, mountain tops?  What if choosing the wrong obstacles to overcome equals the death of joy?  Can People live without joy? Does not the beauty of Earth protect us from despair? How will future generations overcome despair if the beauty of nature is destroyed? Why do we toil and labor to create ruin?
MOVING MOUNTAINS — Two Steps From Hell – Thomas Bergersen
3min. 04sec.
Nevlamas . s
Wherein shall future children dwell if People fail to learn how to overcome the corruption that may yet be the undoing of humans?
11min. 55sec.
Is overcoming evil a constant process against something formless and insidious, seductive?  Is evil only recognizable in overt violence? Can evil overcome the natural reticence of good people disguising itself in something as basic as learned attitudes and religion and traditions or perhaps as complicated as misinformation and the hidden meanings of language and myth or even a desire for revolution and change for the sake of ideology? What is required for people to overcome the desire to see only what is wished?
MERMAIDS — Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides — Hans Zimmer
8min. 04sec.
What broken hearts and hidden fears, what guilt and bitterness, what infirmities and pain, must People  overcome in order live? Is such courage always  discernible  by others? Are courage, spiritual strength,  fearlessness , and confidence, all the same qualities?  Can private grief ever be fully overcome? Is every act of care, every expression of love, every touch, an act of willful overcoming?
OF LOVE UNDONE — Twilight Kingdom — Lisa Gerrard — Marcello De Francisci
3min. 44sec.
All People wrestle to overcome daemons  whatever forms they may manifest. And sometimes daemons must be fed to keep them quiet.
DAEMONOS —  ΔΑΊΜΟΝΟΣ  — Daemonia Nymphe
2min. 44sec
Raynevious Channel
LISA OF THE LIGHT: Music Theme – Overcoming
JOHNNY:  Johnny
MADELINE: ♪Overcome – Music Themes
The applause at the end of this 2 Cellos video clip never fails to help me overcome a disgruntled mood by putting everything back in perspective.
One of my Little Brothers once told me  “If you want your message to be heard, you must speak to your audience’s listening.” He explained to me that I needed to say what I wanted heard, in such a way that it could be perceived from the point of view of the listener whose hearing was obstructed by their own prejudiced personal understanding.
THUNDERSTRUCK – by AC/DC  — Arranged & perfprmed by 2Cellos — Luka Sulic – Stjepan Hauser
4min. 58sec.



Maddie chose DEATH AND REBIRTH as the Music Theme for this week.
Johnny has chosen for the next music  theme: “All Guitar”, music centered around guitars.
SHE’S ALIVE … BEAUTIFUL … FINITE … HURTING … WORTH DYING FOR —  music by Armand Amar —  film footage from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s  HOME http://www.homethemovie.org/ , also  Greenpeace and http://timescapes.org/  compiled by  Bittu Sahgal at  http://www.sanctuaryasia.com/
4min. 58sec.
Bittu Sahgal

Can light be born from darkness? Is it possible that we not will not be reborn in our present form?  Will life always be born again? Can spirit live without the familiar home?  Will death and rebirth always follow, one after the other?  Are there beings  who consider what the universe would be like without themselves in it? Would Earth be peaceful without human beings? Would the cycles of birth, death, rebirth continue, both violent and peaceful, without humans? Are predators innocent in their hunger?  Are there other being who feel guilt for living? Is there rebirth in being food? Are bodies and spirits returned to their component parts, reverberating with creation, to be reformed in infinite oscillating cycles?
LIGHT — Thin Red Line — Hans Zimmer — additional music by Klaus Badelt & John Powell, conducted and compiled by Gavin Greenaway and orchestrated by Bruce Fowler & Yvonne S. Moriarty.
7min. 17sec.
MAGICAL MADDIE♪Death & Rebirth – Music Theme
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Music Theme – Death and Rebirth
JOHNNY WHO REMEMBERSMusic Theme – Death and Rebirth
Does love, in all it’s myriad aspects, change our perceptions of death and rebirth?
“Is it a mystery to live, or is it a mystery to die?”
SPANISH MARY –The New Basement Tapes — Rhiannon Giddens Live At Ricardo Montalban Theater — Lyrics by Bob Dylan
6min. 21sec.
Is it necessary to die in order to be reborn? Is it possible to be reborn within one lifetime? Is it possible to avoid death? Can death be postponed?  What reasons are there to postpone death?
DUEL WITH DEATH — Caótica Ana — Jocelyn Pook
2min. 34sec.
Can death be a comfort? Can death, itself, be an escape from intolerable circumstances? Can the thought of total annihilation be  soothing?  Is it more desirable to think of nothing, no after life, no rebirth, no enlightenment, no responsiblity, no existence, to be the void, without awareness forever? Is death complete and absolute, with nothing more?  Do sentient beings have a choice?
LONG BLACK DRESS — O Death – http://www.hauskonzerte.com
3min. 47sec.
What does it mean to be reborn? Do death and rebirth have the same meaning for everyone? Is there an endless cycle of death and life? Or does to be reborn mean to be spiritually cleansed? Is rebirth the same experience for everyone? Does rebirth happen in the same context for everyone?  Is spiritual purification possible for everyone? Does spiritual growth take place in one lifetime or many?  Have there been beings who have achieved perfect enlightenment, already? Have these Beings been reborn, over and over, by choice? Will they continue to be reborn yet again? Is it not possible for people to travel different life paths with different beliefs, and arrive at the same destination, merely having different descriptive words and rituals? Can anyone decide for another what is the best path to follow?
HALLELUJAH CHORUS — Georg Friedrich Händel, Messia —  Extra-Chor des Staatstheaters Wiesbaden –Projekt-Chor Johann-Strauss–Orchester — Johann-Strauss-Orchester Wiesbaden — Leitung: Herbert Siebert  http://www.johann-strauss-orchester-w…  — Weihnachtskonzert 19. Dezember 2010 — Wiesbaden, Kurhaus
4min. 05sec.
Have there been countless times of darkness with no life? Have these empty formless expanses already continued into the vastness beyond our awareness that ever will be and already existing before the conception of emptiness?
The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
The Creation
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
DAY ONE, DARK— Intersteller OST — Hans Zimmer
4min. 24sec.
Has there been already, in the time before our knowing, an infinity of rebirth through light and life from out of the void?
The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
3 ¶ And God said, Let there be light: 2 Cor. 4.6 and there was light.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
CHASE THE LIGHT – Amaria (Industry album) — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 24 sec.
Two Steps From Hell
Is it the Human Condition to never know anything for sure within the time of life on Earth? Must there always be an aspect of faith that we are even here together at all?

THE HUMAN CONDITION — Ամեն Հայր Սուրբ  — AMEN HAYR SOURP — Canticle of the Trinity – Songs From a World Apart –Lévon Minassian & Armand Amar — The Human Condition images created by Steve McCurry, video clip by Dijo Saochian
7min. 36sec.
Dijo Saochian

Is death always a tragedy? Can transcendent beauty be created from the death and suffering, to be enjoyed by others in this life? Are the arts an aspect of rebirth, every time work is created and enjoyed, over an over? Lies Renewed
REQUIEM — Mozart KV 626– Gregory Carreño — Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela
1hr. 17min. 12sec.
Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela
Simon Bolivar National Youth Choir of Venezuela
Samia Ibrahim, Soprano
Katiuska Rodriguez, Mezzo-Soprano
Robert Giron, Tenor
Alvaro Carrillo, Bass-Baritone
Gregory Carreño, Conductor
Sala Simón Bolívar, Centro de Acción Social por la Música

BALANCE — Music Themes

The Music Theme for this week is BALANCE.
Magical Maddie has chosen DEATH AND REBIRTH for the next theme.

How to watch total solar eclipse on Friday
Astronomers to shed light on space discoveries to mark solar eclipse
A BALANCED life flows from the heart.
SHE CARRIES THE SKY —  Matriarch  Iroquois  Women’s Songs — Joanne Shenandoah — Rachel Wood — Kalunyaha wi
4min. 58sec.

The Vernal Equinox is that moment Balanced between sleeping and waking, between winter and spring, between chaos and creation.
Gaia — Faun
6min. 34sec.
Is a life lived BALANCED on the precipice only an illusion of achievement and security?
PRECIPICE — Battlestar Galactica Season 3 – OST —  Bear McCreary – Battlestar Galactica Orchestra
4min. 55sec.
Galactica Turk
13min.  36sec.
Leandro Da Silva
According to Hopi Dictionary: Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni, the Hopi word koyaanisqatsi (Hopi pronunciation: [kojɑːnisˈkɑtsi])[22] is defined as “life of moral corruption and turmoil” or “life out of BALANCE”. The prefix koyaanis– means “corrupted” or “chaotic”, and the word qatsi means “life” or “existence”, literally translating koyaanisqatsi as “chaotic life”.
Three Teachings:
“If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster.”
“Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky.”
“A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans.”
Hopi Mythology  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopi_mythology
THE BOOK OF THE HOPI  by Frank WatersOswald White Bear Frederick (Illustrator), Frederica H. Howell (Foreword)
Can BALANCE ever be restored to indigenous populations and lands over run by others?  Should religions, ideologies, dominance, slavery be imposed on others?
ESCAPE TO INDIA — Kundun — Philip Glass
3min. 02 sec.
theshrivasta さんのチャンネル
Is there a BALANCE between opposing estates in our shared universe? Would there be BALANCE in a universe composed only of light, or would that be balanced by a universe of darkness?  Can such a BALANCE exist beyond our human perceptions?
File:Yin and Yang.svg
According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass–energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy.
Dark Energy, Dark Matter – NASA Science – Science@NASA
Dark matter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DARK MATTER  OST — Andries de Haan
3min. 48sec.
    Andries de Haan
Mimas and Pandora   NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Mimas and Pandora NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Did darkness exist alone before there was light?  Has there always been a  BALANCED chaos of waiting?
DAY ONE DARK –Interstellar OST– Hans Zimmer
6min. 57sec.

Must we purposefully seek light? Or is it possible for humans to find,  within our human hearts, a BALANCE of darkness and light?
CHASE THE LIGHT – Amaria — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 24sec.
Two Steps From Hell
MAGICAL MADDIE:  ♪Balance – Music theme
WONDERFUL WILLOW:  music-theme-balance -willowdot

ONLY TIME — Music Themes

LISA OF THE LIGHT chose the Music Theme ONLY TIME for this week
The next Music Theme is Shifting Winds
Are we travelers in TIME, here ONLY to love one another?
1min. 26min.

There is more than ONLY TIME in this song. It is the Book of Job and David Edwards’ slipping out of the present Time that convey a TIMELESS message.
KINGDOM OF ICE — Wovenhand — David Eugene Edwards
3min. 25sec.

Do we think of TIME ONLY as an absence of itself, before there is TIME?
BEFORE TIME — Thomas Bergersen
2min.  20 sec.

Is TIME the ONLY means of measuring life in it’s passing?
UNDA — Faun
5min. 09sec.

Unda attingit
Te et abducit
Te in profunda
Sicut es unda.
The wave reaches you
And withdraws
You pass into the depths
You also are the waves
Can awarenwess of the TIMELESS be maintained ONLY in a state of Grace??
CUNCTI SIMUS — Arcana Obscura
6min. 29sec.

It takes more than TIME, ONLY, to relieve broken hearted sorrow.
Pretty Saro — Jay Munly
2min. 49sec.

“… Wish I were a poet, could write a fine hand …”
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Lisa  Music Theme – …

JONATHAN WHO REMEMBERS: Johnny Ojanpera  Music Theme – …
MAGICAL MADDIE:  1EarthUnited  ♪Only Time – …
ANTANYA IN THE FOG: Antanya In The Fog  Music Theme- Only Time …
Does the Blue Hour happen ONLY outside of TIME ?
BLAUE STUNDE — Faun — Luna
4min. 36sec.



December Solstice in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. is on
Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 6:03 PM EST
December Solstice in Universal Coordinated Time is on
Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 23:03 UTC

SOLSTICE SONG — Denise Jordan Finley
2min. 52sec.

VIIMA  = COLD WIND  —-   Hedningarna
5min. 01sec.

Faun – Unda
5min. 09sec.


Mohalepte   ⓒBearspawprint2014

Mohalepte ⓒBearspawprint2014

Vuoi Vuoi Mu, Idjagiedas — Mari Boine
4min. 42sec.

Sava – Winter`s Eve
4min. 7sec.

Lullaby (The Final Gyre of Suns) –The Moon And The Night Spirit
3min. 54sec.

SOLSTICE SPIRITS — Winter’s Majesty — Nox Arcana
3min. o7sec.



Maddie:   ♪Winter Solstice – Music Themes | 1EarthUnited
Lisa:   Music Theme – Winter Solstice | Underground Energy
Johnny:  Music Theme – The Winter Solstice | johnny ojanpera
Antanya is the newest participant:  Antanya           http://throughthefogpoetry.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/music-theme-winter-solstice/
8min. 13sec.

BLANKET OF SNOW — Amarie — Thomas Bergersen
2min. 50sec.

Lisa Thiel – Winter Solstice Song (Yule)
5min. 40sec.

Faun- Nechein Man
6min. 54sec.


TIME — Music Themes

Fairy Tale — Secret Garden
How is TIME measured in the realm of dreams and wishes  and  Once Upon a TIME?
3min. 30sec.

Lisa chose the music theme TIME for this week, which she posted in a TIMELY manner on her blog, giving us all plenty of TIME to prepare.
What TIME existed in the TIME before TIME?
BEFORE TIME — Sun — Thomas Bergersen
2min. 20sec.

DREAMTIME — Makara Seven Sisters
TIME is a cone spreading infinitely outward from any chosen starting point until it folds back outward onto its self, encompassing all other times and the time within the cone all simultaniosly.

MOTHER OF TIMES — Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
All TIMES have their source. The source is Mother.
4min. 25 sec.

AFRAID OF TIME — Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
2min. 32sec.

KORPPI — Suden AIKA  — Katariina Airas,  Liisa Matveinen,  Tellu Turkka, Nora Vaura
In the TIME of the wolf, the TIME of the raven, the TIME of all creatures not taught to measure TIME, is TIME perceived differently? If perceived differently is TIME’S essence the same? Does TIME become a dimension?
Suden AIKA = TIME of The Wolf   Korppi = raven
3min. 55sec.

ONCE UPON A TIME — Dreams And Imagination — Two Steps From Hell
Can there be a TIME without measurement? Does measuring TIME change the nature of its passing?  Does TIME even pass, at all, without measurement?
5min. 54 sec.

THE HOME THAT I WILL NEVER SEE  —  Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
NEVER is a A TIME that cannot be.
4min. 22sec.

Vast forests with evergreen trees
Foggy hills the eye can see
The wind sweeps through a valley
That lies by the deep blue sea

A village from another TIME
Awakens with the misty dawn
This is my home my mind shows me
The home that I will never see

Small houses, carved in dragonheads and runes
The smell of tar and burning wood
Men and women breathe their souls to their craft
Some dancing to the lyre’s tunes

A young man wraps his arms round me
One dancing flame we came to be
The only vows I chose to know
This is the place I call my home

Oh, the vision tortures me
I will never really see
I will never smell its smell
Nor touch the face of my loved one

My village by the deep blue sea
Today an ugly factory
Oh, why has it become my fate?
That I am here one thousand years too late
THE WORMHOLE — Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
1min. 30sec.

Wormhole Time Travel – The Anderson Institute
“Since the 1930’s, physicists have speculated about the existence of “wormholes” in the fabric of space. Wormholes are hypothetical areas of warped spaceTIME … ”
Johnny: Music Theme – Time | johnny ojanpera

Willow:     Willow

Kate:   Kate
The Music Theme for next week is  WINTER SOLSTICE.
Winter solstice – northern and southern – Time and Date
http://www.timeanddate.com › Sun & Moon
“Northern Hemisphere winter solstice. (North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa). December solstice 2014: December 21, at 23:03 UTC. …”
LABYRINTH — Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
Den Pfad, begraben von der ZEIT  = The path, buried by TIME
4min. 02sec.

Ein heimlich Ort hab ich geseh’n
Im Walde schlafend die Steine steh’n
Der Nachtgesang hat mich hingeführt

Verwunschner Baum den Blicke fängt
Ein Raunen im verwachs’nem Geäst
Unterm Stamm, such unterm Stamm

Grabe mit den Händen aus
Der Erdmann klettert selbst heraus
Er weiß den Weg zum Labyrinth

Ei, da siehst du staunend an
Die Geister des Waldes erwachen dann
Kennst du’s Rätsel? Frag’n sie an

Dort der Pfad zur steinernen Tür
Die uralte Weisheit liegt vor dir
Dein Geiste ist der Schlüssel zu ihr

Im Traume, du erinnerst Dich
Kehrt zurück dein wahres ich
Verloren einst im Labyrinth

Verschlossen hab’n sie die steinerne Tür
Den Pfad, begraben von der ZEIT
Such in dir, mach frei die Tür

WORK — Music Themes

Johnny chose the music theme WORK for this week.
Lisa has chosen THE FINE PRINT for next week.

Have you ever been in a WORK situation, so awful, so miserable, you felt as if you must have been cursed, so that all WORK became odious and bitter toil? How did you get there? How did you escape?
WYTCHES’ BREW — Omnia — Alive!
4min. 12sec.

“Double, double, TOIL and trouble…”
Even in now, in the Age of Aquarius, there are human beings in bondage. Slavery is wrong and the potential for evil in a system that allows slavery is as bad as it can get. Some misguided people even believe they are supposed to own other people. They are deluded.
LET MY PEOPLE GO — Paul Robeson

Dolly Parton wrote and sang 9 to 5 as part of the sound track for the movie 9 TO 5. She is singing about a WORK situation that has changed only superficially in the years since she wrote her song that seems fun, but is about a serious topic.
NINE TO FIVE — Dolly Parton
2min. 33sec.

The Communist Manifesto – Bourgeoisie and Proletariat  The rule of the Proletariat was supposed to be a WORKER’S paradise  It didn’t turn out that way.  Fortunately Russians are strong and resilient and know how to WORK or they could not have survived the harsh and beautiful land, itself, nor the Tsars, and Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, Georgy Malenkov, Nikita Khrushchev, and Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Konstantin Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev. The day after Gorbachev resigned the USSR dissolved. But the Russian people survived and thrive through hard WORK.
Песня о Волге Бурлаков – Красной Армии хор – Леонид Харитонов — Leonid Kharitonov & the Red Army Choir
4min. 13sec.

Most attitudes about WORK are learned in childhood.
Kibbutz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
עבודה היא לעוב
העובד לעבודה
שלום לעובד

ZUM GALI GALI — Pioneer Song of Israel
2min. 11sec.

Do some groups of people have more WORK than others? Is there WORK that is more difficult? What qualities make WORK worthwhile?Hutterite – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
HUTTERITE MILE — Sixteen Horsepower
4min. 37sec.

Everyone has WORK to accomplish in their lives. Each person’s WORK is unique. The words “…Ain’t nobody gonna carry your load…” apply to all of us. Dharma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .  Doc Watson probably did not think about Dharma WORK, as such, but he accomplished much in his chosen field.  He was loving and beloved though out his life. Doc Watson is one of my Dharma WORK heroes.
WALK ON BOY — Doc Watson And Richard Watson
3min.. 08sec.

“An eye infection caused Doc Watson to lose his vision before his first birthday. Despite this, he was taught by his parents to work hard and care for himself. ”
Doc Watson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Does WORK sometimes seem to be too difficult or painful? The Blues will help.
RAINSTORMS IN MY KNEES — Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
4min.  26sec.

Is the WORK required of Job, dʒoʊb, אִיּוֹב, ʾIyyôḇ, أيّوب, Ayyūb, a Prophet of the Gentiles, still required of us today?  Is the WORK required of Job’s family similar to ours?  What do you do next when your life’s WORK is taken and everything is gone?
MUDDY WATER — Seldom Scene
3min. 03sec.

Book of Job – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SPLINTERS — 16 Horsepower
5min. 19sec.


Gandy dancer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gandy Dancers used chants to facilitate work that required coordinated timing.

Berta Berta is a Parchman Prison WORK chant

BERTA BERTA — The Piano Lesson — August Wilson — Charlie Sanburg
4min. 42sec.


O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well

Go ‘head marry don’t you wait on me oh-ah
Go ‘head marry don’t you wait on me well now
Might not want you when I go free oh-ah
Might not want you when I go free well now

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well now

Raise them up higher, let them drop on down oh-ah
Raise them up higher, let them drop on down well now
Don’t know the difference when the sun go down oh-ah
Don’t know the difference when the sun go down well now

Berta in Meridian and she living at ease oh-ah
Berta in Meridian and she living at ease well now
I’m on old Parchman, got to work or leave oh-ah
I’m on old Parchman, got to work or leave well now

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well now

When you marry, don’t marry no farming man oh-ah
When you marry, don’t marry no farming man well now
Everyday Monday, hoe handle in your hand oh-ah
Everyday Monday, hoe handle in your hand well now

When you marry, marry a railroad man oh-ah
When you marry, marry a railroad man well now
Everyday Sunday, dollar in your hand oh-ah
Everyday Sunday, dollar in your hand well now

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well
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Does WORK that needs doing seem to require the strength of a thousand strong men? One person, alone, is not enough to accomplish what is required?
If you do GOOD WORKS, and follow a righteous path with compassion, kindness, and love, you will, most likely, find that you have the strength you need.
Strength of a Thousand Men — Two Steps From Hell — Thomas Bergersen
6min. 39sec.