PURPOSE – Music Themes

Maddie chose the music theme PURPOSE for this week
Must ones dreams be intact for there to be PURPOSE?
DREAM IS COLLAPSING —- Hans Zimmer — Inception
5min. 53sec.

How do you know if what you are doing has PURPOSE? Are your activities just filling time for the PURPOSE of keeping busy? Must a life of PURPOSE have meaning that is understandable to others, or even to one’s self, to be worthwhile? Can we live worthwhile lives and not be aware of PURPOSE?
6min. 23sec.

“In traditional Finnish culture, the “tenhi” is an old sage or shaman standing at the threshold between this world and the next” http://en.prophecy.de/tenhi
Can a life of good works be lived with love, and good intent, with PURPOSE, if all within is hopeless despair?
Hedningarna – Förtvivlans
2min. 14sec.

Förtvivlans = despair – Swedish
Can a misguided life still have good PURPOSE? Am I misguided if the dragons that I slay are not the same dragons that you want to be slayed?  Who’s PURPOSE is misguided? Must we slay our own personal dragons, ourselves? Does the blood of dragons have healing powers? If you slay your own dragons, does that process provide healing? Can we help each other with the slaying of dragons, or must we do it all alone. Must we give up if no one else understands which dragons need to be slayed in order for healing to take place? Is accepting help part of healing? Is it the healing that is actually the PURPOSE? Is it possible to live lives of love and service, even without being healed ourselves?
3min. 14sec.

Is it enough that people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds can meet together to happily play music?  Must everyone first come to a consensus of the PURPOSE of the Universe, the PURPOSE of life, the PURPOSE of each other, the PURPOSE of religion, in order to come together for no other PURPOSE than to make music? Is music enough reason to put such disagreements aside?
Ja ämmät ne itki (perinteistä kansanmusiikkia) & Tampsi-Jaakon jenkka
2min. 30sec.

Ja ämmät ne itki (perinteistä kansanmusiikkia) = And they Wept (traditional folk) – Finnish
Johnny has chosen as our next music theme: ‘Competition’. Can it be healthy? Is it necessary?
Maddie:  ♪Purpose – Music …
Johnnie:  Johnny

Eva:   Purpose? Who has one? …

Willow:  Music Themes : Purpose!
Has your PURPOSE in life been chosen for you? Has your PURPOSE in this life been pre-ordained? How much of your PURPOSE in this life is chosen by your self, how much by your circumstances? Are your circumstances created by fear? Is your PURPOSE guided by fear? What fears do you try to avoid? Are you afraid of hard work? Failure? Rejection? Loss of face? Truth? Not knowing enough? Pain? Success? Mediocrity? Loss of control? Do you fear surrender? Phobias? Illness? Getting old? Death?
FEAR — “Fear doesn’t shut you down.  Fear wakes you up.” —DIVERGENT — Hans Zimmer– Junkie XL
3min. 37sec.

Is it our PURPOSE in this life to live and remain as pleasant and comfortable as possible? Is the work of the learning and experiencing, as a PURPOSE for life, more like the work of moving mountains than relaxing comfortably, or perhaps even existing in misery, while waiting for someone else to move the mountains? Perhaps our PURPOSE is to learn to ask? Perhaps part of our Earthly lesson is that we are unable to move mountains alone.  A large portion of our PURPOSE is to learn that we cannot do it all on our own.  We all need help. Some of us must learn humility.
MOVING MOUNTAINS — Thomas Bergersen –Two Steps From Hell — Nemesis
3min. 02sec.