Legal Florida Schooling Definitions

Florida Definitions and links to relevant statutes below: 


If parents want to provide an education for their children, they first have to

provide some knowledge to themselves.  With that knowledge decisions which

will have lifetime consequences have to be made.


Parents need to know what is available for their children  and what they

want for their children.   Then they have to figure out how to achieve their

desired goals within the  legal framework.   Parents of school-age children

have to constantly be aware and on guard to protect not only one’s own

parental rights, but the also the well being of all children.  Personally I don’t

think this responsibility stops merely because one’s children are older than 18.



The Florida Home Education Law Group does not say that one style or method of

learning is any better than any other, it merely is an information exchange

network.  In order to make informed decisions one needs real information, not



These links are from the   Florida Home Education Law Group
The “Florida HomeEducation Law list” exists to network ALL homeschoolers interested
in legislative issues in Florida regardless of any group affiliation.
Those homeschooling via a private school or the home education statutes are welcome
to discuss issues here.
  which is an outstanding resource for anyone who is trying

to negotiate through  the legal  (maze) necessary to provide your children with the

education that you want for them.  There are plenty of hoops to jump through!!  And

plenty of pit-falls to avoid at the same time.



HEP student – home education program using these statutes – http://www.flsenate

.gov/statutes/ index.cfm? App_mode=Display_ Statute&Search_ String=&URL= Ch

1002/SEC41. HTM&Title= – >2003-> Ch1002-> Section%2041# 1002.41


Private school student – using these statutes – http://www.flsenate .gov/statutes/

index.cfm? App_mode=Display_ Statute&Search_ String=&URL= Ch1002/SEC42. H

TM&Title= – >2003-> Ch1002-> Section%2042# 1002.42


Tutoring program students – using these statutes http://www.flsenate .gov/statutes/

index.cfm? App_mode=Display_ Statute&Search_ String=&URL= Ch1002/SEC43. HTM

&Title= – >2003-> Ch1002-> Section%2043# 1002.43


Public school student – enrolled in some incarnation of the government schooling system

which includes traditional public schools, home bound students, charter school students,

etc. One commonality is that these students would be required to take the FCAT no matter

what incarnation of public school they are using.



Homeschooler – colloquial term that could refer to a student using any of the above methods

with the exception of public schooled students, but is without legal meaning in this state and

therefore useless in a discussion on legal issues. It is however what most, if not all, people on

this list engage in on a daily basis despite what legal definition and hoops we have chosen to

jump through.