Stars Out Of Season


Stuck tight between
The hard place
And the rock,
There is no way out.
What folly,
What naive faith,
Placed me here?
There is no water.
There is no warmth.
There are no trees,
No voices, no birds,
Just the rock,
And the hard place,
Rubbing away
My skin,
Crushing my ribs,
If I dare breathe,
Or speak.
I can roll my eyes,
And conjure
Bitter jokes.
I can look up
To see the stars.
So deeply wedged
Am I that the
Sky seems
Always night.
I see the stars
Out of season.
Though I weary,
And I close
My eyes,
I call myself
Blessed by this
Gifted view of
Daytime stars.

Bear 11/25/2018